5 Tips To Make Facebook Messenger Better For You

April 12, 2021

Tips To Make Facebook Messenger Better For You – Facebook recently introduced that it had passed 800 million ACTIVE users per month on Facebook Messenger. You may remember once they pulled Messenger out of Facebook and made it a stand-alone app. That prompted such a stink on the front side. Nobody wants change, and Facebook is taken of them grin. The exciting part, at least in part, is that the way to their insanity was to encourage non-Facebook users to make use of the app.

You don’t have to have a Facebook account to use Facebook Messenger! That is merely another way for Facebook to capture users that may not love Facebook correct. Here we’re going to tell you top 5 Facebook Messenger tips and tricks you may not know.

Tips To Make Facebook Messenger Better For You

1. Make voice and video calls for free

Facebook Messenger

Sure, you can use Facebook Messenger for voice or video calls! Oh, and by The Best way, it’s completely free to make so! Many times have you gotten frustrated with becoming to type out what you wish to say. Now you don’t! Just click on the video in the top right corner of the screen and start a call right from with the Messenger conversation.

2. Mute Notifications

Facebook Messenger

There could also be a time if you don’t wish to receive messages notifications from one of your Facebook friends, possibly when in the office or house. Effectively, you’ve got the option of muting notifications from any of your friends, and also you won’t be informed of their messages unless you unmute them. Would you want to show off notifications for a particular person on Facebook Messenger? From the mobile app, just tap their name and go to the notifications section.

3. Share your location

Facebook Messenger

Let’s assume you are meeting friends or family at a new restaurant for dinner, and also you arrive first. Everybody else is relying on you to send them the location of the restaurant. Often, we would hit the Google machine and find the address, copy and paste it and send it via text or messenger, right? This capability makes it a lot easier! Only open up a conversation with whomever you wish to share your physical location, tap the button below the conversation, click on the location, and you will see a blue circle with your current location. Tap send. You may also share a location other than where you might be physically by utilizing the search bar under the map to search for the location you wish to send. If you find the location, tap it and hit send.

4.  Pin a group dialog

Do you talk with the same group the entire time? You may create a Facebook Messenger Group and pin this dialog to the highest. This way it’s all the time accessible. To do that, tap the group’s button and choose a current conversation or create a new group in Messenger. After that, select the pin option. Then choose the chat you want to use, assign it a title, and add a unique photo for the group’s avatar by tapping the camera button.

5. Send or receive money

You may send and request MONEY utilizing Facebook Messenger. Really! You have to add a debit card issued by a U.S. bank however then you might be in business. You cannot only send cash however you’ll be able also to receive money, just like Paypal. The only exception is that Facebook does not require to send or receive funds. That feature is intended for friends and family and never for commerce, so please keep that in mind.

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