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The Hidden Google Chrome Tricks And Features

Google Chrome And Internet Explorer is the most used browsers in the world. If I have to choose one of them, then I will select Google Chrome Undoubtedly. The excellent features that Chrome has dominated every other browser on the web. People like to perform their day to day web task on chrome browser because it provides quick surfing speed and offers instant and precise results.

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I mean it is the product of Google, the number 1 website in the world. This browser is greatest for all. There are so many hidden features of Google Chrome. So that’s today I am going to tell you about The Hidden Chrome Tricks And Features. These features are excellent, so should try them. We will do a lot of issues with our Chrome browser. We will make our work easier and do a lot more things. Let’s have a looks at unusual of these tips and tips which may be helpful to you.

The Google Chrome Tricks And Features

1. Bookmark All Tabs From One Click

Google Chrome Google Chrome

We all know that clicking on the star symbol on the browser’s taskbar can bookmark a page. However usually when we perform it, the pages are bookmarked and represent with text. To create the bookmarks more useful by saving the space, we will bookmark it by a favicon as an alternative of the textual content. When you have opened so many tabs and desires to bookmark all of them at a single time, then Chrome browser would be the only browser allow you to do this. With one click on you can bookmark all the tabs quickly.

2. Mute Tabs With Unwanted Audio

Just Copy And Paste, the below link on your browser to allow that feature.


3. Viewing The Browsing History

Google Chrome

If you want to see the recently opened pages in the browser, you’ll be able to go to the history page. However, we’ve got a simpler access to the current history. Just click and hold the back button. This can show you the recent pages and the option to view the whole history.

4. Keep Google

By website, you can write down your temporary concepts that you found quickly on the web and save it in your Chrome browser with only one click. Make a list and browse them anytime.

5. Managing Multiple Tabs

Google Chrome

If we have opened a lot of tabs on our browser, it can be confusing to see them all together and manage them. To resolve this issue we’ve got an option to pin the tabs. Then the tab size can be reduced and can display just a favicon.

*Right click on on the tab that you have to pin and select the option ‘Pin Tab’.

6. See Saved Passwords In Google Chrome

If you’ll see your saved passwords in case you forgot them Only Copy and Paste the below link into your browser bar.


7. Get a New The me

Simple Copy the link below, paste it into your browser bar to check the latest and fresh themes on your Chrome browser. Download any one of them, allow it and provides your browser a whole new look.

8.  Looking out Chosen Textual content

While browsing a page if you wish to search a particular text in it, then there may be an easy means to do that. Simply choose the text you need to search drag and drop it to the search bar. Also, you can good click on it after which select ‘Search Google for..’ option.

9. A Chrome game when the web is down

Google Chrome

Google Chrome isn’t just for browsing the net or download things. If you don’t have the web, still you should utilize it to play a cool T-Rex game. If your internet is not working and the screen in the image below will seem, if you think how to start the game. You can just tap the Space button to start the game.

10. Restore Your incidentally Closed Tabs

Sometimes we by accident shut all of the tabs in the browser. And should you don’t remember which of the websites were opened in the tabs, when who will you access them again. However, if you are using Chrome Browser, then you can easily restore all the tabs.

That’s it! These are The hidden Google Chrome tricks and features.

We hope you enjoy the article ‘The Hidden Google Chrome Tricks And Features.’ Stay tuned for more updates.

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