About Intel

about intel

A chip which we can see inside our PC or laptops a small chip with bigger work. Intel is a processor though which are electronics gadget like PC, laptops, etc. are working in a proper way. All the computer system such as Apple, Samsung, HP, Dell have Intel processor inside it. All the devices related to technology are made by Intel such as Motherboard, Flash memory, Graphics chips, Network interface. An American technology company which was founded on 1968,18 July by Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore named Intel doing very well for the whole world they are giving a new face to the world with full of technology. The first chip Intel 4004 released in 1971 and designed by Federico, Masatoshi Shima. The beginning of the new generation in Intel family was in 1982 when Intel introduced 286 a 16-bit microprocessor chip. In a very short time, it becomes popular in PC and can be found in the machines of 1990s


Intel first microprocessor that is based on 64-bit is called Itanium. In this 64-bit is a large memory for using all things which require a large memory to complete they can be completed easily if we have 64-bit Itanium.

Intel Core

We have a brand name of Intel, core in these days the core family upgrading very fast the core family is doing very well that can make a technology much better form this time condition.

Intel core names

Core Solo

Core Duo

Core Duo

Core 2 Solo

Core 2 Duo

Core 2 Quad

Core 2 Extreme

Core M

Core i3

Core i5

Core i7

Core i7 better edition

We can easily say that in nowadays in a maximum number of laptops or PC we mainly find three type of Intel core everywhere such as Intel Core i3, i5, or i7.These processors are doing all the regarding technology work which is good for us. The higher technology the easy way we can work if we have an i7 processor than our laptop will perform smoothly and no chances of hang.