Reviews » AOC AGM600 review 2023: great gaming mouse

AOC AGM600 review 2023: great gaming mouse

Assessing the AOC AGM600's potential to rival established gaming mouse brands.

by Edmund Blake & Clinton Harding
4 minutes read
AOC AGM600 review

The AOC AGM600 is made by AOC’s game division, AGON. AOC is probably best known for making high-performance, accurate monitors for the gaming and creative industries. Their selection of accessories is growing quickly. They now have laptops, mouse pads, headsets, and gaming arms to go with their growing number of fast and accurate gaming mice.

If you want to take your gaming to the next level, you need a good gaming mouse, whether you play first-person shooters, sims, or, more recently, e-sports. This mouse works well for those kinds of games. When looking for a good gaming mouse, durability and speed of use are important. Gaming mice often have a higher sensitivity and DPI range, as well as more features and buttons that can be put into games and software to access features quickly.

AOC AGM600 Specifications

SensorHigh-precision optical sensor
DPI SettingsAdjustable DPI up to 6000
Polling RateResponsive polling rate
Programmable ButtonsSix customizable buttons
CompatibilityWindows, macOS, Linux
RGB LightingCustomizable RGB lighting
Cable LengthApproximately 1.8 meters
SoftwareAOC software for customization
WeightNon-adjustable weight

Design and Build

AOC AGM600 review

First impressions of the AOC AGM600’s design and build are not surprising. The device itself is black, which is a common color for game peripherals, and it has nice colored RGB highlights, which are also common. We liked the long, braided black wire, which gives it a sense of sturdiness, and how light it felt. However, we expected it to feel a little heavier on first use, and after using battery-powered wireless devices for a long time, it took a little getting used to.

If you want to use the mouse for high-precision creative work as well as games, you might want to try it out before buying what seems like a very light and sensitive device. Overall, though, using the mouse for the first time was a very pleasant experience. The silicon pads on the sides make it easy to get a good grip, and the teflon feet mats at the bottom of the device meant that it worked well on both clear wooden surfaces and a variety of mouse pads when we tested it. You can buy this mouse from its official website

AOC AGM600: Software

The AOC AGM600 is a gaming mouse that may be used in its default configuration without the need for any additional software. If you want to modify the illumination, sensitivity, or buttons on your mouse, you can do so using the AOC G-Tools software, which can be downloaded from the AOC website.

After downloading and installing the software, you will be able to use it to change the DPI levels, assign new purposes to the mouse buttons, and modify the way the RGB lighting operates. The program is simple to comprehend and use, and it allows you to save numerous configurations for the many games and activities that you use it for.

AOC AGM600: Performance

AOC AGM600 review

The precision and advanced features of the AOC AGM600 game mouse make it very good. It comes with a high-precision optical tracker that makes it easy to track and move the cursor. Users can change the DPI settings to make the mouse more sensitive or less sensitive in different game situations. With a sensitive polling rate, the mouse makes sure that there isn’t much time between inputs and that it responds quickly. Also, its ergonomic form and the fact that you can change the buttons make it easy and comfortable to play. Whether you’re in a fast-paced first-person shooter (FPS) fight or playing a complicated strategy game, the AOC AGM600 gives you reliable and high-performance gaming, making your overall gaming experience better.

Final Words

The AGM600 is another well-made accessory from AOC. It can be customized in a lot of ways, from exact RGB to button programming and creating macros. The build quality is solid, which means it should last a long time. With 80 million clicks, the buttons won’t be the first to break.

When we went back to my favorite games, the AGM600 didn’t let me down. It was accurate and easy to move. Even though it was heavier than most, flick shots were no problem. In fact, the way the weight was distributed helped keep aim steady. In Enlisted, 800DPI accuracy was enough to get those important headshots on roof/window camps without using the sniper button.

AOC AGM600 review: The good and The bad

The Good

  1. Braided cable for durability.
  2. On-board memory to save settings.

The Bad

  1. Non-adjustable weight may not fit all users.


Is the AOC AGM600 compatible with all operating systems?

Operating systems like as Windows, macOS, and Linux can all be utilized with the AOC AGM600 without issue.

Does the AOC AGM600 have RGB lighting?

Yes, the AOC AGM600 is equipped with RGB lighting that allows for a variety of color and effect combinations to be selected by the user.

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