Audeze iSine 10 Review

Every time a company comes out with the world’s first headphone, which is changing into a bit uncommon these days, it appears to innovate with the experience that’s already the re, as a substitute for inventing an all-new product. Audeze has taken a unique path, by introducing the Audeze iSine 10 in-ear headphones. So what’s so particular about the iSine 10? Well, they’re planar-magnetic – and in-ear style headphones. The iSine line is even the first flat magnetic earphone on the earth. But are they worth it? This is our Audeze iSine 10 Review.

Audeze iSine 10 Review Design

Last updated on May 17, 2021 10:13 am

The very first thing you discover about these headphones is their design, and the boy is attention-grabbing. The world’s first label is complimented by an extraterrestrial design that makes typical in-ear designs redundant through the years. That will not necessarily be a foul factor, however one thing else. Of course, the re’s a purpose why they have the design that they’ve. Because of how flat magnetic earphones work, shrinking experience to super-thin 30 mm drivers is already a technical feat, and on condition that they need to be not less than a bit giant, these in-ears genuinely look good.

You can see that the more significant exterior indeed sounds funnels in one thing that matches in your ear. However, that’s not necessarily a foul factor – the funnel design matches reasonably effectively with the remainder of the in-ear. In the box, you get the earphones themselves, a carrying case, two removable cables (a 3.5 mm cable and a Lightning cable), several different ear hook kinds, and some various ear suggestions. You additionally get a slim-looking USB with the person handbook – a superior manner to ship the bundle.

The complete bundle is fantastically put collectively, and it’s clear that the folks at Audeze need the iSine 10’s to be a seamless experience from beginning to end. The field is fantastically packaged, the whole lot is simple to perceive, and the case is clearly for the Best high quality – though it isn’t a tough case, so don’t weigh it an excessive amount of along with your treasured headphones in it. Overall though, we wished a considerably smaller in-ear, we didn’t perceive this but realizing that the Audeze iSine 10 seems utterly superb.


You may assume that the Audeze iSine 10 is a bit uncomfortable due to their dimension. However, they’re lots comfier than many different in-ear earphones that we have tried to date. First, the headphones are indeed a bit heavy for in-ears; however, that’s to be expected. You will undoubtedly need to use the ear hooks with the iSine 10’s; in any other case, you’ll most likely fall out frequently. When it comes to quality, the earbuds aren’t that delicate. However, they are big, which might change into considerably uncomfortable after an extended listening time.

Audeze iSine 10 Review


Audeze iSine 10 Review Sound

The Audeze iSine 10 earphones are open-back, which signifies that they let in plenty of outdoors noise and go away lots that you hear to. Now we’re a bit in a shock about this. The open design helps enhance the sound a bit; however, the level of in-ears and earplugs is portability – to take with you on the go. You will hear the sound of the bus or a car while your way to the work. If you purchase headphones for home use (which we recommend), you must purchase the full-size Audeze Sine headphones that we’ve reviewed and completely love.

In any case, it’s an undeniable fact that the Audeze iSine 10 is open-back, one thing to remember. The bass on the Audeze iSine 10 is fairly stable, though we felt a single tremendous low bass was lacking – which may very well be due to their smaller dimension. Nevertheless, most will likely be pleased with the bass provide, however those that like an extremely amplified bass might want to look elsewhere – they sound slightly more pure.

When it comes to the mid-tones, it appears that the decrease mid-tones have a slight enhance, which provides the Audeze iSine 10 slightly warm – which is good. The high-ends appear to have taken one low hit due to the decrease mid-tones enhance; however, there are nonetheless many high-end mid-tones to go round.

Audeze iSine 10 Review

Frequency ranges are vital, however, on the Audeze iSine 10, it’s near as if they aren’t. The first time we received them was an odd experience – they sound like over-ear headphones. They sound flat and open – which might be due to the open-back design. It’s an attention-grabbing feeling, and though we discover it a bit troublesome to find a use case for the iSine 10, we expect it’s nice that expertise makes this potential – and it’s thrilling to suppose about the way forward for flat magnetic headphones.

Audeze iSine 10 Review Conclusion

The Audeze iSine 10s are a home run for Audeze – however, they aren’t for everybody. We love what they look like, and they’re typically comfy regardless of their size. Not only that, but they also sound nice irrespective of several frequency humps alongside how. Although the distinctive strategy of the Audeze iSine 10 makes them troublesome to choose as a result of there are not any many flat magnetic earphones to compare them with.

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Last updated on May 17, 2021 10:13 am
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Our Verdict

The iSine 10 sounds very impressive for the money. Don't forget that it's an open headphone with a different form factor and you'll be fine.

  • Great mid-range resolution
  • Spacious out-of-head sound
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Unique looks
  • Only really suitable for home listening
  • Treble can be harsh
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