Yamaha YAS-203 Review

Yamaha YAS-203

You aren’t going to get surround effects to rival a separates system and the lack of a wider front sound stage could also be seen as a negative by some. But as an enchancment over existing tiny TV speakers, with hardly any wiring and a sub you may place anywhere, it’s a compelling package that will suit many. If you wish to add some better sound in the living room or to a 2nd screen in one other room without breaking the bank, the Yamaha YAS-203 makes a really strong case and comes recommended.

Yamaha YAS-203: Design and Features

Yamaha YAS-203
Yamaha YAS-203 Design

The Yamaha YAS-203 soundbars that is designed to be placed under or above your TV. The Soundbar is created from plastic and is extruded to form a properly designed, slightly curved, main physique that measures 886 x 79 x 121mm (W x H x D) and weighs 2.9 Kg. A front-firing, wireless subwoofer is also included. As a result of it only wants a power connection it means that the sub can be positioned wherever within the room, and out of sight if required.

Yamaha YAS-203 guarantees single-cable connection to your entertainment system, actually making that connection might not be what you are anticipating. The 3 ports are each given curious labels, that are additionally used on the distant: optical digital, coaxial digital (labeled BD/DVD) and analog RCA stereo.  It additionally includes Bluetooth for streaming music from a computer or mobile. Additionally Yamaha YAS-203 has the free Home The atre Controller App which is out there for iOS and Android devices.

A row of 9 LED indicators on the front panel notes the modes of operation, as there isn’t a visual menus. “Clear Voice” stands out due its ability to enhance voices. Additionally built-in, and similar to these present in other sound bars, is being able to maintain a constant volume level and bass boost.

Yamaha YAS-203: Remote

Yamaha YAS-203
Yamaha YAS-203 Remote

The remote control supplied with the Yamaha YAS-203 is a small credit card sized effort, which is a bit thicker than a card. Here the buttons you’d require for operating the unit, and it can additionally learn your TV remote commands to cut down on how many you use. On the top Bluetooth and subwoofer pairing buttons are present. Next surround and stereo buttons and below these Bass extension, Clear Voice, Uni-volume and Audio Delay buttons. Finally there are the volume keys for the subwoofer and Soundbar, a mute button and learn and repeater buttons.

Yamaha YAS-203: Performance

Yamaha YAS-203
Yamaha YAS-203 Performance

The big question is sound quality. For a relatively small soundbar, the Yamaha YAS-203 produces an enormous sound. Not only does it get plenty loud sufficient to fill a medium-to-large room. This system offered a quality audio experience, one in which the sound was clear and had a wide dynamic range. The Bluetooth transmitted audio sounded equally good as well. But most interesting was the “Surround” function because the enhanced surround effect appeared to bring in audio from either side of the room, although the “behind-the-viewer” audio cues were usually weak. This increase within the sound field definitely enhanced the viewing experience by making surround results “sound” more realistic as to their position in space — in lots of cases the ear was being completely fooled into thinking that there was other speakers within the room. Considering that the sound bar has only 2 drivers (2 1/8” in size), it is all the more surprising that it lives up to Yamaha’s claim of providing a digital surround audio experience.

Yamaha YAS-203: Verdict

Yamaha YAS-203
Yamaha YAS-203 Verdict

If you wish to add some better sound in the living room or to a 2nd screen in another room without breaking the bank, the Yamaha YAS-203 makes a really strong case and comes recommended.


  • Wide field of sound
  • Rich bass
  • Clear dialogue and vocals


  • No HDMI

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