The Denon HEOS 1 is the smallest speaker within the line of Denon. The speaker works similar to another HEOS speakers through the special HEOS app, which permits you all Denon speakers of individual (or group) can control. Behind the Denon HEOS 1 you will find a USB input, electric auxiliary input, network connection, reset button and connect button.

The Denon HEOS 1 is sublime when it comes to user experience. In no time you will Denon HEOS 1 and operating through the app. Do you wish to connect wirelessly to the HEOS 1, that occurred within literally 10 seconds. You clicks the Denon HEOS 1 Go Pack under the Denon HEOS 1 and you are able to go. Very much simpler than this can hardly, here Denon scores plus points.

Connecting through the app is very simple and without any issues. Did you connect as no WiFi, you can via bluetooth. Sadly, this sometimes creates some issues. The Bluetooth connection often faltered and fell occasionally still gone. Put your phone in closer to the Denon HEOS 1 and the issue isn’t resolved yet. Via bluetooth music playback isn’t all the time a hit.

Denon HEOS 1: Sound

Denon HEOS 1

Denon HEOS 1 Sound

You can use the Denon HEOS 1 similar to regular speaker for the home, but you can even use the wireless speaker. For this you want the Denon HEOS 1 Go Pack required. The Go Pack offers 6 hours of battery causing the Denon HEOS 1 with out power to operate. The speaker is more than worth it.

Where it all naturally to speakers about, is the quality of the audio. The sound it produces relatively small speaker is phenomenal. Both high and low tones come without problems from the speaker, and there is loads of bass present. What kind of music you listen to, it all sounds very clear from the HEOS 1.

The volume which produces this speaker is also impressive. You may simply an entire room of pure sound supplied through the Denon HEOS 1. Do you entertain outdoors for a group of individuals, then you can provide this speaker without issues. Discard the volume up and the 1st HEOS has no qualms, the sound distorts barely.

Denon HEOS 1: Performance

Denon HEOS 1

Denon HEOS 1 Performance

Since the Denon HEOS 1 via WiFi works, it’s essential to have an excellent internet speed, because if you should not have this it could affect the audio quality. The good advantage of the HEOS line is that it helps all formats, from MP3 to FLAC.

HEOS supports many different formats along with services such as Spotify and Tidal. So you should use without any problem your favorite streaming service with the Denon HEOS 1. However, the re’s a but, the re’s not (yet) support for Apple Music. Denon has indicated not to be engaged with Apple Music support, this has to be a shortcoming.

To keep away from any confusion, this isn’t a speaker that you just like that takes you to the beach. See HEOS one as a speaker which is intended for home, but additionally into the garden can be taken. The speaker is in truth just too big and too heavy to be called ‘portable’. This isn’t a speaker that can simply take you anywhere to go, what respect is a shame for the price you pay.