DingTone review

April 7, 2017
Update - 2020.04.04
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Final words

DingTone gives the free Phone Calls, Walkie Talkie Messenger and SMS Text Messages with Cheap Calls or Free International Calling, so that receives a hearty recommendation from me.

What’s DingTone

DingTone review: This app is assured to become your new means of communicating with the world. It provides free calls and free text messaging between you and your Facebook friends and allows you instantly transform your iPhone into a walkie-talkie so that you can merely tap a button to talk. Read More: Alternative to google voice

There are relatively a few apps accessible which provide free or low-cost calls, and Whatsapp has somewhat cornered the market on iPhone walkie-talkie action, so the real question when reviewing a development of this type is whether or not it provides something above and beyond the competition. Read More: How to get google voice number

DingTone review

I would say that DingTone can hold its own in the larger context of social networking and communications apps, and being capable of making calls to your Facebook friends free of charge is a bonus worth thinking about.

Here the features of DingTone

Free Calling & Free Texting

DingTone enables you to make unlimited free phone calls to anybody over WiFi, 3G/4G data network without utilizing any cell minutes. Stop wasting cash on calling cards for international calls and also stop paying for cell minutes and text messages. Simply Invite you family members and friends to use Dingtone, and start saving cash now.

Excellent Call Quality

Voice calls are given on DingTone’s high-quality dedicated VoIP network. Including HD voice technologies, significant free calls between DingTone users have superior clarity to existing regular phone service. Free calls and low-cost calls are no longer cheap quality! Free SMS is lightning quick on our network.

The Best Social Communicator

DingTone contains seamless facebook integration that merges facebook friends lists into your phone books. You may make unlimited free phone calls to your facebook friends without revealing you private phone quantity.

Easy, Quick and Lovely

DingTone is super easy and quick. No annoying registration process, and no friend listing to create, and no username or password to remember. Simply download DingTone, and you’re ready to go.

Speak After the Tone

Merely being able to handle group calls free of charge makes this app a winner in my books, and the bonus of being able to record calls and then forward the recordings via e-mail is simply the icing on the cake.

Wherever you ask me, typing messages to your friends is, like, so 20th Century, then DingTone benefits you to get a few more with the times by using push-to-talk walkie-talkie performance therefore because you can shoot messages back and forth with your friends without having to type a word.

I would say that these features, linked with the very smooth interface design, perform for an incredible set of tools which is sure to at least somewhat change the way you communicate with your family and friends.

Why use DingTone

  • DingTone is completely free with no Ads
  • Free SMS text
  • Free international texting
  • Free group conference calls as much as 8 people
  • Share photos & videos with your contacts
  • Link multiple phone numbers to DingTone
  • Free VoIP calls, free International calls
  • Simply integrate your Facebook friends list
  • Great call high quality, HD voice over 3G, WiFi

Note: In DingTone app, Free SMS, free text, and free international calls are between DingTone users only.

New User Tips

Once you download an offer app, don’t only look at how many credits you can win however also notice its position on the list. The higher the position on the provides the list, the easier the tasks are to finish, the higher your chances of winning Dingtone credits. These rankings were not randomly derived, however, had been calculated by Dingtone through advanced data analysis.

The simplest way to earn credits

When you remember to open the Dingtone app every day, tap on “Get Credits” after which tap on “Daily Check-in,” you’ll earn at least two credits every day. After you have reached the level of star user, you’ll earn even more credits from each day check-in.

Invite friends and earn credits

Add your friends to Dingtone and earn 20 Dingtone credits for every new user. Whenever your friends become the Dingtone users, you can get unlimited free calls and texts to each other. What an easy way to save money!

Notice: Your invitation has to be sent through More->Credits->Earn 20 credits issued for every invited friend.


DingTone the entire free calls & free texting app ever. It has been producing to change the way you communicate with others and start utilizing. DingTone also gives the free Phone Calls, Walkie Talkie Messenger and SMS Text Messages with Cheap Calls or Free International Calling, so that receives a hearty recommendation from me.

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