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Hisense 65M5500

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Hisense 65M5500

This second-generation 4K UHD produced from Hisense is one of the first from the brand to support HDR (excessive dynamic range). HDR will be a movable feast, with all sets performing in another way, however, whichever way you take a look at it, £899 for a 65-inch 2160p TV is a gorgeous proposition.

Design and Build

Hisense 65M5500

With its silver-grey end, the 65M5500 is a chic-looking TV. It’s also available in black, under the model identify 65K5510.

Weighing one for the Best sections of 30kg, the screen is a substantial affair, and you will want expensive TV furniture to adjust the set’s widely spaced feet.

Rear-side connections include four HDMIs, three USBs, a full legacy SCART, plus element with phono AV, Ethernet, and an optical digital audio output. The re’s also a CI slot for many who covet such things.

It should be famous that only two HDMI inputs, support 4K 60Hz sources with HDCP 2.2, designated 3 and 4. Only these can be utilized for Sky Q, UHD games consoles and UHD Blu-ray and similar. The tuner is Freeview HD, with a failure satellite alternative. Wi-Fi is built in.

Fantastically detailed 4K UHD on the large screen

Hisense 65M5500

The larger the screen the greater the difference 4K UHD makes, so on this Hisense 65 inch TV stunner, it’s a large difference. Even without a native 4K UHD signal, UHD upscaling indicates you can scale up an ordinary HD signal to make The Best of the screen. Get Netflix 4K or different 4K content and the picture just retains getting better.


Hisense 65M5500

Park your preconceptions; this set’s footage are impressive. Detail is superb, colors vibrant and HDR dynamics are often surprisingly wide.

The re’s the usual choice of image modes – Standard, Cinema, Dynamic, PC/Game, HDR – plus a wide choice of deeper control. Beyond the usual brightness, contrast and color saturation tweaks, the re’s Adaptive Contrast, Dynamic Backlight Control, and color adjustment (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Magenta and flesh tones).

With HD content, the Normal setting is a dependable preset. However, I regularly found myself drawn to the set’s Dynamic setting. beneficial. However, this isn’t evident on the 65M5500. Simply tone down the color saturation a little, set the color temperature to Cool, and it may be extremely impactful.


Hisense 65M5500

This sizeable Hisense TV is impressively named. With 2160p resolution and HDR 10 compatibility, not to consider a full hand of 4K-enabled streaming services, it’s on-point if you wish to watch 4K films or game with an HDR-enabled PS4 or Xbox One Slim. Usability is nice. A quad-core processor makes navigation smooth and quick. The UI is unfussy and clean.

The 65M5500 is tied to the Foxxum app store portal, which features apps for a wide continental public – the Hisense/Foxxum license covers 15 nations. A bit scattergun maybe, however, you’ll be able to uncheck territories where language renders the app unusable.

The Netflix app supports 4K streams, however not HDR; Amazon Video is also 2160p capable. Different OTT providers include Wuaki.Tv, YouTube, BBC iPlayer, BBC News and Deezer, YuppTV, movie rental streaming service Chili, Sport, Red Bull TV, Dailymotion, and Viewster. You’ll retire those 3D Blu-rays, however; the Hisense 65M5500 doesn’t provide support for 3D.

Fantastic Freeview HD

Hisense 65M5500

It may be some way behind 4K. However, Freeview HD remains to be a huge step-up on common Freeview TV. When you’re not using Sky, Virgin, BT or another digital TV supplier, Freeview HD is the way to go for free-to-access digital TV via your present aerial. Compared to normal Freeview, pictures are far more detailed, with rich color and enhanced realism.

Should I Buy The HISENSE 65M5500?

Hisense 65M5500

When you’re looking for the most important 4K bang for your buck, this 65-incher takes some beating. It’s nicely built and features a forward-looking specification. HDR compatibility and wonderful detail are a massive draw, and the snappy UI and 4K-centric streaming providers add to the fun.

The caveat is that it isn’t nice with movement, and the viewing angle is limited – this TV appears greatest when viewed head-on.

Nevertheless, in my opinion, the 65M5500 provides a massive step up from the brand’s 2015 models. When you accept its understandable limitations (given the price), you won’t be dissatisfied.

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