4 Best Left Handed Gaming Mouse 2017

4 Best Left Handed Gaming Mouse of 2022

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4 Best Left Handed Gaming Mouse 2017: A couple of years in the past, being left-handed meant having a limited option on the subject of the top quality gaming mouse. As a matter of truth, The Best you can usually get your fingers on was simply an ambidextrous mouse just like the Razer Diamondback, which was first introduced to audience late in 2004. In the present day, there are various options for left-handed people. However, few of them are good for gaming. There are 730 million are left-handed people, roughly 10% of the world’s population. So reviewing finest left-handed gaming mouse is essential, if we need to deliver finest gaming experience for all of us.

These are the 4 Best Left Handed Gaming Mouse


Zowie ZA13

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As far as cheap optical mice go, the premium material is not precisely a priority. At a price point, we’re typically left with lame devices that start wearing as quickly it leaves the shelves. I’ve spent the good two weeks with the Zowie ZA13 and it appears durable to me, so finger up crossed the re. I’m not a follower of its small size, and if I had the option, I’d have gone for the ZA11 or 12 as a substitute, for its larger exterior.

I just like the Huano buttons at the ZA13, a Zowie hallmark feature. The clicks are so audible and sensually delightful. The re’s a lot of depth to the click. However, it’s still soft and not tight like on many different mice. The mouse is completely symmetrical (or ‘ambidextrous’ as advertising groups wish to call it) so it’s all set for left and right-handed gamers. The mouse appears fairly good for all kind of gaming. It doesn’t have a ridiculous variety of buttons for a gazillion macros. However, it is sufficient to provide you an edge.

Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum

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You look the previous wireless mice was only out there with limited features, but now the whole lot has modified. To be sincere with you, I by no means did imagine that in the future I would see a product just like the Logitech G900 come out. The primary features why I love this product are; extremely optimized wi-fi connection, most correct optical sensor, energy efficient battery and most importantly the symmetrical design.The Logitech gaming software is another nice feature that brings customization choice to a different level. It gives you an option to store five totally different profiles utilizing onboard memory; that means all of your settings might be saved permitting you to apply it to different computers. You may also remap the buttons to assign new macros and your favorite commands.The DPI adjustment button is completely placed just under the scroll wheel, which feels excellent and the indication lights also provide great visual suggestions.

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Havit HV-MS733

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I know that persons are on a budget, so I’ll put this Havit HV-MS733 mouse right on this place. Coming in towards a recommended cost of $13 you really can’t go wrong with this mouse as it has most of the different features more expensive mice on this list have but at a much cheaper price.

This mouse has six buttons that are placed in a way that left-handed gamers can reach all of them by easier and handy manner. The cable is also tangle free which can store. You can too settle the DPI which is something that you actually don’t find in gaming mice at such a low price range and the re’s also totally different weight options.

 Razer DeathAdder

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The Razer DeathAdder left-handed edition of a mouse is a very useful mouse(reviewed from many professional gamers). This gaming mouse has the 6400 DPI optical sensor, which allows correct tracking by zero interjection. It is the highest native DPI optical sensor available on any of the gaming mouse today. This ensures mouse actions off as much as 200 inches per second and 50g acceleration.

This Razer DeathAdder scores correctly while it proceeds via its ergonomic design. You will fall in love with its shape and curves. Many users have praised its iconic left-handed natural ergonomic structure. Its rubber side grips give you great control over the device; it remains snugly beneath your palm. Its matte black coating prevents sweating buildup, ensuring excellent grip. You can also control it by a fingernail grip. You feel really satisfied using this mouse.

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