Reviews » LG G3 OLED review 2023: Excellent overall brightness

LG G3 OLED review 2023: Excellent overall brightness

The LG G3 OLED has the best black levels and contrast of any 4K TV we've seen so far. It also has the fewest processing flaws we've seen so far.

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LG G3 OLED review

The LG G3 OLED is a high-end TV in LG’s 2023 OLED lineup. It is above the more famous ‘C’ series LG C3 OLED and the entry-level ‘B’ series LG B3 OLED, but below the 8k LG Z3 OLED. OLED TVs like the LG OLED G3 don’t need a backlight like LCD TVs do because they emit their own light. Instead, each pixel in an OLED can change its brightness level separately and without affecting the other pixels.

This means that OLEDs can show nearly perfect contrast, with deep blacks and no annoying blooming or haloing around bright objects. Like the LG G2 OLED, this TV doesn’t have a stand and is meant to be placed on the wall with the slim wall mount that comes with it. LG says that the G3’s new Micro Lens Array (MLA) technology will make the screen 70% brighter than the LG B3 OLED. The LG OLED G3 with an 83-inch screen doesn’t have MLA, so LG says it will only be 30% brighter than the LG B3.

LG G3 OLED Specifications

ModelG3 OLED
Display TypeOLED
Screen SizeVarious options available
Resolution4K UHD
HDRHDR10, Dolby Vision
Smart TV PlatformWebOS
Processorα9 Gen 4 AI Processor
AudioDolby Atmos, AI Sound Pro

1. LG G3 OLED: Design

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LG G3 OLED review

You can probably skip this paragraph and move on to the next one if you are familiar with the appearance of the G2, as the G3 is not drastically different from the G2. The angled corners from last season are returning. There is still a slight distance between the borders of the television and the wall, even when utilizing the so-called Zero Gap wall mount. The total thickness of the set is a mere 2. 4 centimeters.

Although a wall mount is included, a tabletop stand is not. The official pedestal support (as seen in our photographs) will likely cost around £100, $150, or AU$300, making this a much bigger pain than it already is. A cheaper alternative is to purchase a third-party stand that is compatible with the VESA mounting points on the back of the TV. You can buy this tv from its official website

2. LG G3 OLED: Picture Quality

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But that was probably more my fault than the TV’s, since it has so much brightness and so many pre-set controls and changes that you can easily make less-than-perfect sources show their flaws too easily.

LG, on the other hand, has an AI Picture Wizard that lets you set up the screen to your liking based on a series of visual prompts. With automatic ambient light detection and automatic Filmmaker Mode activation (when sources that prefer it identify it, if this mode is turned on), the TV has the tools to make everything look great.

3. LG G3 OLED: Sound Quality

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LG G3 OLED review

Even though the set doesn’t look like it has a music system, it sounds surprisingly good. With a 4.2 speaker configuration, the soundstage has weight and clarity. The G3’s AI-powered sound mode gives you a richer, more detailed soundtrack. It can process Dolby Atmos or bitstream immersive audio to a soundbar or home theater system that is ready to receive it. Some AI-powered audio modes are AI Clear sound, Auto Balance control, and 9.1.2 virtual upscaling.

4. Price and availability

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The 55-inch Evo G3 model costs $2,499, the 65-inch model we tried cost $3,299, the 77-inch model cost $4,499, and the 83-inch model cost $6,499. The warranty covers the panel for five years, and both parts and work are covered for one year for the TV as a whole.

5. Final Words

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The LG G3 OLED is a great TV that has no real flaws. It has great brightness in both SDR and HDR, so you can watch anything from TV shows or old movies in SDR to the newest blockbusters in HDR. With its high brightness and great ability to handle reflections, the TV can be used in any room, from very bright rooms where its brightness sparkles to dark rooms where its OLED panel, with its perfect contrast and deep, inky blacks, really shines.

It’s great for gaming because what you do on the controller is almost instantly reflected on the screen. It’s also a great choice for fans of fast-paced content, like sports or games, because the action stays clear and sharp the whole time. It works with every game feature you can think of and almost every type of music file. A really useful TV.

6. LG G3 OLED review: The good and The bad

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The Good

  1. Superb reflection handling.
  2. Extremely bright for an OLED.

The Bad

  1. Disappointing sound


Is LG G3 OLED worth it?

The Samsung and Sony TVs have more color-rich highlights because they are RGB OLEDs. LG’s WRGB TVs have a wider range of colors and whites that are brighter. The best news is that no matter which TV you choose, you can’t go wrong.

Does OLED degrade over time?

Even though OLEDs have improved a lot in recent years, they still don’t last very long. For red or green OLEDs, this is usually 28,000 hours. After that, the screen’s brightness will drop by 50%.

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