Reviews » Sony WF-C700N review 2023: great sound quality

Sony WF-C700N review 2023: great sound quality

Sony WF-C700N delivers flagship performance and features in an appealing packaging.

by Edmund Blake & Robert Barnes
5 minutes read
Sony WF-C700N review

The all-new Sony WF-C700N is a more affordable alternative to Sony’s flagship WF-1000XM4 wireless earbuds, which we consider to be one of the best wireless earbuds we’ve tested. It maintains many of the performance markers that made the entry-level WF-C500 a critical darling, but it also has active noise cancelling (ANC).

Sony’s trademark bass-heavy sound contributes significantly to the powerful sound quality of the company’s products. These headphones are a great purchase for fans of the brand because they have a longer battery life and an improved design. On the other hand, the higher price tag and the absence of certain well-liked features may sway you to look into some of the other top inexpensive wireless earbuds that are now available.

Sony WF-C700N Specifications

Earbud TypeTrue wireless earbuds
Noise CancellationYes
Battery LifeUp to 9 hours (earbuds) + additional 18 hours (charging case)
Driver Size6mm
Frequency Response20Hz – 20kHz
Weight7.6 grams (per earbud)
ColorsBlack, White

Sony WF-C700N: Design

Sony WF-C700N review

Sony’s customizable ANC technology watches how you use your phone and adjusts the way it blocks out noise to fit your needs. It worked well on the more expensive LinkBuds S, and the WF-C700N is even better. Sounds with low and medium frequencies didn’t bother me in my house or on my patio. We were drawn in by loud sounds like car horns, sirens, and my son’s cries. Luckily, these interruptions never hurt the sound or call quality. The mics cut out most background noise so that phone calls sounded clear.

Even though noise cancellation works well, the WF-C700N’s best feature is Ambient Sound. Having up to 20 stages of ambient listening is important for everyone, from people who just want to take a casual walk to people who love to work out. Even though these aren’t workout buds, their small oval shape, sweat-absorbing tips, and IPX4 water protection make them good for sports. You can buy this earbuds from its official website

Call quality and noise cancelling

The Wind Noise Reduction Structure in the headphones, as Sony is happy to tell out, does seem to improve call quality. The Sonys performed admirably in our call-making and -receiving tests. Our own voices are perfectly audible and unaltered. The rare blast of wind that we encountered during testing didn’t seem to interfere with our ability to comprehend one another.

The Sonys make our voices seem more refined and vibrant than on other headphones like the JBL Live Pro 2 TWS. The Sony XM4 in-ear headphones have a more sophisticated noise cancellation system, but the noise cancellation on the Sony in-ear headphones is superior to that of the competition.

Sony WF-C700N: Sound quality

Sony WF-C700N review

If you’ve read the rest of this review, you won’t be surprised that this part, like the ones that came before it, is very good. But if you skipped to this part, there’s good news. Those with a Tidal account are in for a real treat, but even when we streamed lossy Spotify tracks or much better Apple Music streams, the WF-C700N sounded agile, meaty, and energetic. When streaming Eternal Flame by The Bangles, backing voices come into each ear, but they never drown out Susanna Hoffs’ sometimes quiet, thoughtful voice. We also think that her high belt gives us a bit more depth and texture than the competition.

Sony WF-C700N: Performance

You just can’t take anything away from Sony. It has been successful in developing a good small portfolio of wireless earbuds that are available in a variety of different pricing points. Each subsequent level offers an improvement in performance that more than justifies the increased cost of the model and its elevated standing within the category.

When compared to the WF-C500, the WF-C700N offers an improvement in quality as well as a taste of the performance offered by the WF-1000XM4 in a more affordable packaging. Because of this, they are in a very strong position, and it is quite simple to promote them with regard to the money.

Sony WF-C700N: Battery life

Sony says that the earbuds can play music for up to 7.5 to 8 hours (with ANC on), but the charging case makes the total run time 15 hours. During our tests, we were able to confirm that these claims were true, but that’s a long way below competitors that can last up to twice as long. When the buds’ batteries run out, the charging case gives them one full charge.

The earbuds can be charged all the way up to 100% in about 90 minutes, while the case needs three hours. You can listen to music for up to an hour after a quick 10-minute charge.

Price and availability

If the prices above made you look twice, you did a good job. Sony has tried to get into this field before, but never with as much skill and success as they have now. Like some of Sony’s other cheaper goods, these earbuds come in fun colors like lavender and sage green as well as the more traditional black and white.

At this price, the Panasonic RZ-S500W earbuds and the Cambridge music Melomania 1 Plus are probably the closest competitors. The Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 Plus is cheaper, but it doesn’t have noise cancellation or immersive music.

Final Words

The Sony WF-C700N has good sound quality, strong noise cancellation, and a comfy fit, which are the three most important features of a great pair of wireless earbuds. The buds and their case feel well-made and are light enough that you can keep them in your ears for hours at a time and carry them around in your bags. The level of noise cancellation is better than other headphones in the same price range and is even on par with Sony, Samsung, and Apple headphones that cost more.

Sony WF-C700N review: The good and The bad

The Good

  1. Very attractive design
  2. Optimal comfort and fit

The Bad

  1. No aptX or LDAC support


How do I connect my Sony WF c700n?

Put the headsets into the case that charges them. Don’t close the charge case. Press and hold the pairing button on the back of the charge case for at least 5 seconds with the lid open.

What does WF means in Sony?

In-ear wireless. IEMs with Bluetooth. WF. The real deal. In-ear headphones with no cord around the neck.

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