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Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Mouse Review

by Sumit Chauhan
2 minutes read
Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Mouse

With its newest peripherals, Microsoft did some digging into what its customers wished, and, not surprisingly, what they need is a simple way to quickly access the Windows 10 Start screen. The Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Mouse has a dedicated Windows button that turn you to the Start screen similar to the Windows key in your keyboard, but does this pointing device actually make Microsoft’s operating system easier to use?

Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Mouse: Design and Features

Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Mouse

Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Mouse Design

The Microsoft Sculpt Mobile mouse is actually compact and small in its design best for those who need one while travelling. The mouse is very comfy to carry and use. The sides of the mouse are curved offering a good grip and a place in your thumb and little finger on either side.

The top has a glossy finish, which is a fingerprint and dust magnet. The scrolling wheel has a rubberized end, which feels good and sturdy. Above the scrolling wheel, you’ve got a dedicated “Windows” button which when used with Windows 10 takes you to the start screen. It might be a bit difficult to press this “Windows” button and it will have been more ergonomic if it were positioned on the side (to access with your thumb).

The bottom of the Microsoft Sculpt Mobile mouse has a slot for the one AA battery, the on/off switch and a slot for the USB dongle.

Overall, the design of the Microsoft Sculpt Mobile mouse is nice. It’s compact and the housing slot for the USB dongles implies that you would not lose it.

Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Mouse: Performance

Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Mouse

Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Mouse Performance

The Mouse shows off BlueTrack technology, which implies that you should use it on any surface. We used the mouse on a glass surface, wooden table, velvet cloth and our jeans and the mouse worked properly on all of them. The mouse from a distance of about 10 feet it worked smoothly. The polling rate delivered by the Microsoft mouse is 125Hz, which is normal for USB mice. If you wish to improve the sensitivity, you are able to do so with the Microsoft driver software.

Coming to the left and the right clicks, they’re soft and comfy. If you’re someone who likes to make use of the mouse harshly by tapping really hard on the mouse, this device has the power to take some abuse.

The scrolling wheel works 4 ways but there are times when that’s a little uncomfortable to make use of considering the size of the mouse. You possibly can add functionality to the left and right push of the mouse wheel. This can be done from the settings of the mouse.

Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Mouse: Verdict


Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Mouse

Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Mouse Verdict

If you’re one in search of something to simply get the job done. If you’re however looking to invest in a mouse to compliment your Windows 10 laptop, then you’ve a really good device on offer. It’s compatible with Mac machines as well. The build is sweet, the efficiency is nice. If you’re trying to invest in a utility mouse for long-term use you possibly can consider this device but not for gaming, though.

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