Oculus Touch Review: the Oculus Rift is finally complete

Oculus Touch

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Oculus Touch

The Oculus Touch has performed second fiddle to the HTC Vive for one crucial motive: you had to play games with a mouse and keyboard or Xbox controller. The usage of traditional controllers meant that, no matter how good the VR experience, you could never get immersed the identical manner you could with the Vive and its great motion controls.

As a result, several PC gamers justifiably wrote off the Rift last year. This all appears set to change, however, thanks to the addition of the stellar Oculus Touch – a collection of twin motion controllers that in some ways match, if not beat, the Vive’s immersive VR experience. When you have a Rift already, the Touch is a no-brainer of a buy.


Oculus Touch

Even when you’re a diehard gamer, the Oculus Touch controllers probably don’t seem like anything you have seen earlier than. The y’re more like how a sci-fi movie would think about a futuristic gaming input device: lovely, however, unwieldy at first glance.

Once you get past the unique design and make your hands on them, though, you will notice something shocking: The y’re incredibly intuitive. Additionally, the left controller options a menu button right under the analog stick, whereas the Oculus home button remains on the right controller. Their prominent circular rings help with motion tracking. However, you won’t ever want to hold them.


Oculus Touch

Having endured the trial of establishing up a Vive, which requires real DIY, I was shocked how simple it was to get the Touch working. Out of the box, you’ll get left and right Touch controllers, an adapter for Guitar Hero that I’m still to use, and a second Oculus sensor.

Thesensor connects to your rig through a USB 3.0 port, like the main headset’s sensor does. From there all you need to do is power up the Oculus app and insert an AA battery in the left and right Touch controllers. The app will begin an automated step-by-step information, helping you to map out a play area and rightly place the two Oculus sensors.

Key Features

1x AA battery on every unit
Oculus and Steam VR support
Comes with second Oculus sensor
Four buttons + analog stick on every unit
Manufacturer: Oculus VR


Oculus Touch

When you already own an Oculus Rift, then yes, you need to buy the Touch. £189/$199 may sound costly. However, it’s a bit in the ocean compared to what you’ve already paid to take a VR-ready PC and headset. Plus it comes bundled with two nice launch titles.

The Touch is also the only manner you’re going to take a truly immersive VR experience without shelling out for an HTC Vive – which, while nice, requires a lot more setup time and space.

However, if you have already got a Vive working, the Touch doesn’t do sufficient different to justify jumping ship. And when you don’t yet have any VR-ready equipment, the PlayStation VR stays the value method to get into virtual reality – though it’s the least immersive.

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