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Editor choice PUMP Audio V2 Earphones

To begin with, I wish to thank Pump Audio for reaching out to send us their latest earphones, the Pump Audio V2 Earphones. They are often found for MSRP: £69.00 / approx. $75  (manufacturer’s page). We received the orange pair(my favorite color), and they’re stunning.

PUMP Audio V2 Earphones Review

In today’s high-end earphone market everyone attempts to have a hook or a trick to compete toward the perceived king of the range in headphones and earphones. Pump Audio, a UK company, and a relative newcomer to the high-end earphone market decided to take the market’s front-runner head on by evaluating their earphones to earphones produced by Beats (now owned by Apple). Surprisingly, inside Pump Audio’s limited blind testing, 74% of the testers liked the Pump Audio earphones more than the Beats. That apart is enough for me to wish to try them out, they formed sufficiently to ship me a pair to take action.

The Pump Audio earphones have the following specifications as listed on their site:

  • Frequency Range: 16 Hz – 24000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 102 dB (+/- 3dB)
  • Impedance: 18 ohms
  • Complete Noise Isolation
  • Specially tuned earbuds for tiny or regular/large ear canals
  • Specially Custom Tuned Drivers
  • Weight: <15g
  • 3.5mm Gold Connector Jack
  • In-Line Microphone
  • Water Resistant
  • Aluminium Casing
  • 5 Yr PUMP Full Replacement Warranty

When I first noticed these crop up in my inbox, I has been particularly doubtful about them, mainly as a result of I hadn’t heard of the model earlier than and that these earphones regarded like yet one more earphone that put design over sound, with its brilliant orange color scheme (in equity orange is considered one of my favorite colors).

Packaging & Accessories

The package these come in is cool. Light magnet on the box to hold the flap closed, very properly designed and manufactured field that can be final so long as the headphones.  You will find a good set of equipment which enhances the earphones, in the package, you will find the next:

Hard carrying case
S, M, L silicone tips
S, M, L foam tips

The included accessories are nearly perfect, the place I loved the truth that Pump Audio included foam ideas alongside the silicone ones, one thing you hardly ever see from different manufacturers at this price varies. I also just like the Fischer Audio DBA-02 Mk II-esk carrying case, which serves a nice function when wanting to store and even transport the earphones.

Overall the packaging and equipment are properly thought out, and Pump Audio has executed a nice job right here. Although, I would have favored having seen a tender carrying pouch and shirt clip included throughout the packaging.

Additional Information:

Weight0.6 kg
ColourOrange, Black


The backs side for the earphones has an etched sun design; which catches the light and sparkles at times, making you suppose they’ve put in crystals as an alternative brilliant.

The earphones I received are the orange V2 model, however, from looking on their website, you could find the V2 in black too, which could be more discrete than the bright orange color. I love the bright orange color, but it inevitably also comes in black too if that is too garish for you. To me, the orange color seems to be fresh and considerably sporty and classy, however, others would possibly find the look to be a bit low-cost looking. Due to the aluminum coating around the housing, Y-split, and Jack, the orange color has a dazzling orange reflection, which to me appears a little low-cost. If the earphones had the same matte orange color found in the wire or a barely less brilliant orange, I would have most popular its seems to be. However, I do understand that that is extremely subjective, so I will depart it as much as you to decide what you consider the earphones’ seems to be!

Sound Quality

Well, I have to say….WOW….they are superb. The good sound quality of the earphones is one thing that I was intrigued about and most skeptical about given its flashy design, however, I am glad that Pump Audio targeted on the audio facet of things too, as they sounded unbelievable given their price tag. Provided that the earphones have an aluminum housing, I found the decay of the earphones to be barely odd, however aside from that was impressed on how Pump Audio managed to mix all of the frequencies and provides a fantastic all-around efficiency via all of the frequencies.

Sound Quality Scores
Lows: 8.5/10
Mids: 8/10
Highs: 8/10
Soundstage: 8/10


I found the earphones to be reasonably comfy, however as a result of the design of a wire and its distance to Y-split, found earphones generally to wish to pull down from my ears whereas I was carrying them straight down. However, as stated earlier than, you possibly can put on them over-the-ear, which felt more comfy for me to make use of.



Listening to the music that still has all its bits is even more exciting, you hear nuances that you just hadn’t observed before. It’s a moment of listening with the volume set a few grooves higher. The re’s an excellent warmth of tone to the output too, one thing some in-ear devices can struggle with, and so they do a good job of blocking out ambient noise.

The y’re also comfortable to put on, and so they keep in place correctly as you progress around so that they’ll be good for jogging or going to the gym. One other plus here is a flat cable that’s less prone to tangling.

Although these usually are not my first headphones for travel, I have found they are perfect for gaming on my PS4. They provide excellent sound, and the mic picks up adequately enough that everybody can hear me clearly in the game.

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