Samsung Gear S3 Review

Samsung Gear S3

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Samsung Gear S3

The most recent version of the Gear series is a bit larger, packs a little more punch, and takes a few more tools for the smartwatch enthusiast. Is there sufficient substance behind the style? We find out in this complete review of the Samsung Gear S3.

Earlier than we start, we’ll mention that whereas we’re reviewing the Frontier edition, we were able to use the two totally different editions of it. A Wi-Fi only edition of the watch is available and is more or less the typical Gear experience, whereas the 4G-enabled edition via AT&T makes it simple use the watch without wanting to have a phone nearby and connected.


Samsung Gear S3

The Gear S3 is a massive smartwatch, and that’s instantly going to put off anyone that hoped for something similar in stature to the Gear S2. Its hulking 46mm frame makes it undeniably a more manly watch. It’s also noticeably heavier and thicker as nicely, no doubt to accommodate the additional sensors and a bigger battery.


Samsung Gear S3

The display is half the story concerning the size of the Gear S3 – at 1.3 inches, the OLED display is coated in Gorilla Glass SR+ (Scratch Resistance Plus) and boasts 360 x 360 resolution. Although these specs might sound a bit run of the mill for most high-end smartwatches, Honor goes to Samsung for leveraging it as successfully as possible. OLED lends to nice colors coming from the Tizen OS together with the strength to truly shut down the display’s lighting for battery savings.


Samsung Gear S3

So, for a watch that wishes to do as much as possible, there needs to be fairly a bit of power beneath the hood. For the Gear S3, this comes with an Exynos 7270, born and optimized by Samsung and for Samsung, in the case of their smartwatch operating system Tizen. It comes at no shock, then, that the watch simply flies via its operating system and applications. A fast spin of the rotating bezel shows how fluidly all of the widgets and screens zip past with no problems at all.

Health and fitness

Samsung Gear S3

Like Apple and Pebble, Samsung is making a massive play with fitness. The re’s built-in GPS to track activities like operating and cycling, plus a host of sensors together with a heart rate monitor, barometer, and speedometer. Automatic exercise recognition works with some activities and rep counting (recently launched to the Gear Fit2) helps you keep a verify on sets of lunges, crunches, squats, and burpees.


Samsung Gear S3

The Gear S3 is destined to divide. After delivering us its ever smartwatch with the Gear S2, it has sacrificed that modern design to cram in more features. That larger body has delivered better battery life, GPS, and a screen the place Tizen can shine. It’s not quite the unbelievable fitness tracker/sports watch alternative we’d hoped for, and it’s not quite the finished article as a smartwatch either. However, when you’re an Android or Samsung phone owner, this is about as good it will get right now.

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