Treblab HD77 review 2023: great portable speaker

Treblab HD77 review

The TREBLAB HD77 is a small, well-made portable Bluetooth speaker that comes with a removable carrying strap and carabiner clip so you can clip it to your bag when you’re out and about. It looks and feels like the JBL Flip 5 and other speakers in the Flip series. It has a water resistance rating of IPX6.

Which means it can be in direct contact with water for up to three minutes without getting damaged. This means you don’t have to worry about it getting a little wet when you take it outside. This stereo speaker has a 360-degree design that gives it a wide, immersive soundstage. But, like most speakers of this size, it doesn’t have a deep bass and isn’t very loud. Unlike the JBL Flip 6.

Treblab HD77 specifications

Dimensions7.3 x 3 x 3 in
Frequency response80 Hz – 20 kHz
ChargingUp to 4 hours
Sound Power30 W

Treblab HD77 review: Design

Treblab HD77 review

The sleek black outside of the HD77 has a grille that is easy to hold and two smooth, impact-resistant plastic cylinders that hold two passive bass radiators. On each end of the speaker is an LED ring that looks like something from the movie “Tron.” When the speaker is on, it glows blue, and when it is off or charging, it glows red.

The speaker is stable on most surfaces because it has a flat base. It also has a pull-away panel that lets you connect an auxiliary or DC 5V cable. The look as a whole is versatile. It’s both techy (thanks to the LED ring) and tough (thanks to the textured grille), which is a good mix for a Bluetooth speaker that’s made to be used outside. You can get this speaker from its official website.

Treblab HD77 review: Features

We tested the first version of the HD77, but Treblab has just started sending out a Bluetooth 5.0 version. One bad thing about this upgrade is that if you already have one speaker and then buy the newer one, you won’t be able to pair the two in TWS mode. If you’re thinking about buying a second speaker, this is something to keep in mind.

If you’re willing to pay for a second speaker, the TWS mode is a cool feature that lets you connect two HD77s and play music in stereo for a louder and more immersive listening experience.

Treblab HD77 review: Sound quality

Treblab HD77 review

The Treblab HD77 has 25W of power and HD sound that can be heard from all directions. It also comes with two DualBass double subwoofers. I thought the speaker sounded clear and well-balanced, and the subwoofers gave the bass a good amount of power.

The HD77’s great tonal balance can be heard when the song Nobody by Mitski is played. The mids, highs, and lows all sound loud and clear without fighting for attention, and the speaker creates a wide, open soundstage.

Treblab HD77 review: Battery life and connectivity

The HD77 has a 5200mAh battery and can play music for 20 hours at a low volume, 12 hours at a moderate volume, and 9 hours at a high volume. This time can be extended by playing music through an aux cord. The charging time is four hours, so if you remember to plug it in overnight or at least when you wake up in the morning, you won’t run out of battery during the day.

But if you don’t keep track, it’s hard to know how much battery is left… until it’s gone. When the HD77’s battery gets down to about 3 percent, which is a fairly low level for shutting down, loud warnings will play every 30 seconds. If you took this portable speaker somewhere where you can’t plug it in right away, it won’t be worth it to play music for the last 20–30 minutes of charge.

Final Words

Music sounds good on the TREBLAB HD77. The 360-degree design of this stereo speaker gives it a great soundstage that seems open and roomy. It has a pretty neutral sound, and the vocals and lead instruments stand out in the mix.

However, the midrange and treble ranges are a little uneven, which makes them sound muddy and dull at times. Also, like most speakers this size, it doesn’t get very loud and doesn’t have a low-bass sound that really thumps.

Treblab HD77 Ratings

  • Design
  • Features
  • Sound quality
  • Battery life and connectivity


The TREBLAB HD77 is a small Bluetooth speaker that is great for home use, parties, camping, and other outdoor activities. It has two subwoofers and TWS pairing technology. It has an IPX6 rating, which means it can withstand water and shock. This is a speaker that can go with you on all of your trips.


  • Affordable
  • Water-resistant design


  • Doesn’t get very loud.


What is the quality of Treblab?

The TREBLAB HD77 is very well put together. Overall, it feels pretty solid and sturdy, and its build is very similar to that of the JBL Flip 5 and the JBL Flip 4. It has rubberized buttons, and a plastic flap on the back protects the inputs. 

Is Treblab HD Max good?

The HD-Max from TREBLAB has good dynamics. It can get pretty loud, and the sound can easily fill a big room. Still, there is quite a bit of compression at maximum volume, which makes the sound quality worse as you turn up the volume. The battery life of the TREBLAB HD-Max is great. 

Where is Treblab headquarters?

The main office of TREBLAB is at 7901 4th St N Ste 300, Saint Petersburg, FL 33702, USA. What number do we call to reach TREBLAB? The number to call TREBLAB is (855) 769-9776. 

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