Trust.Zone VPN review

Trust.Zone VPN review: Virtual Private Networks have become hugely popular, forcing VPN providers to better their products, so they don’t get lost to the competition. However, Trust.Zone is not such a VPN company. While it offers affordable pricing and performs well in our speed tests, it has a small server network, you only get three subscription licenses, and it provides only one client for Windows – and one at that time. The best VPNs we’ve tested, NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and TunnelBear VPN, offer more.

Trust.Zone VPN review: Privacy

Trust.Zone’s privacy policy is short – just 385 words – and perhaps more about marketing than giving you handy information about how the service works. (‘Our privacy policy is simple: maximizing your privacy’). Occasionally, just once or twice, it seems to tell you something interesting. For example, it asks: ‘What information is logged when customers connect to our VPN service?’, precisely what we want to know.

But then it ignores the question, instead of telling us what the company doesn’t log: All of our VPN servers around the world do NOT store log files to protect your privacy. All usage data is anonymous and not connected to your real, public IP address.

Trust.Zone VPN review

If Trust.Zone’s servers do not have log files; what is this “usage data” policy about? We can make a few guesses about this. The company limits its free plan to 1GB of traffic, so this requires recording the total bandwidth used. And enforcing a three-connection limit means storing a record of the connections associated with your account. That makes sense, but we shouldn’t rely on guesses; this is the kind of detail Trust.Zone should spell.

In any case, the policy provides some reassurance to P2P by explaining that although DMCA reports of illegal file-sharing are reviewed, ‘since we don’t store connection logs, we can’t link a request to a customer identity, even if we are legally obliged to do so.’

Trust.Zone VPN review: Performance

Trust.Zone sells itself mostly on privacy and anonymity and, unlike some competitors, does not make great promises about how it unblocks every website in the world. That’s probably because the service performed poorly in our unblocking tests, preventing us from accessing BBC iPlayer, US Netflix content, Amazon Prime Video, or Disney+.

However, we have no complaints about speed. Trust.Zone has 65Mbps on our 75Mbps UK test line and a very usable 50-55Mbps on our UK to US connections, not quite the fastest we’ve seen, but more than enough for most devices, situations, and tasks. Our latest tests showed that the service also protected our privacy with Trust.Zone always assigning IPs to the locations we requested and reliably preventing leaks from WebRTC and DNS.

Pricing and plans

The monthly plan looks good for $6.99 and drops to a significant $3.33 if you sign up for one year or a very low $2.33 over two years. (The two-year plan also gives you support for five concurrent connections).

Unusually, you can also purchase unique IP addresses in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States from $1-$3 per month. Only you will use that IP address to be as anonymous as usual, but there are also advantages. Your IP will not be blacklisted because of someone else, plus banking and other sites will be less likely to give alerts if you always have the same IP address. Moreover, you will have more chances to access streaming sites, and it will be easier to run a server on your PC.

Trust.Zone also offers a free 3-day trial period. This limits you to 1 GB of data transfer, but that is enough to check connections, try out the clients, test the unblocking of websites, and perform a few speed tests. There is also no need to provide your payment details – and your email address is sufficient.

Trust.Zone VPN review: Final words

Trust.Zone VPN may have a very competitive monthly fee, but otherwise, it doesn’t offer much. Once the company has updated its Windows client, it has achieved decent speed test scores, but the servers and server locations’ collection is disappointingly small. The biggest drawback of Trust.Zone offers only one client, which means clients have to defend themselves on mobile and macOS. This is unusual for VPN companies.

6 Total Score
Our Verdict

An inexpensive way to securely access P2P or get a dedicated IP, but otherwise Trust.Zone doesn't have the power to compete with the top VPNs.

  • Low prices
  • P2P support
  • Decent speeds
  • Dedicated IP addresses available
  • No iOS or Mac clients
  • Doesn't unblock Netflix, iPlayer, Amazon, Disney+
  • Only 3x simultaneous connections as standard
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