Wyze Cam v3 Pro review

Wyze Cam v3 Pro review

We awarded the original Wyze Cam with an Editors’ Choice award. Since then, the business has introduced a number of new models that enhance the original with attributes like weather resistance, colour night vision, and motion tracking. With its 2K video resolution, new features like Smart Focus (which lets you get a clearer view of anything moving in the screen), and a built-in spotlight, the most recent model, the Wyze Cam V3 Pro ($49.99), once again raises the bar for reasonably priced security cameras. It is therefore our top choice for inexpensive outdoor security cameras, and it also functions well indoors.

Like the Wyze Cam V2 and the Wyze Cam Outdoor, the Wyze Cam V3 Pro is similar to older Wyze cameras. It is a little white cube that has the dimensions 2.3 by 2.0 by 2.0 inches (HWD) and is mounted on a square magnetic stand with an angle-adjustable hinge and swivel. A speaker and a micro USB power jack are located on the back. A setup button and the microSD slot are shielded by rubber coverings on the bottom. The camera has an IP65 waterproof classification, which shields it from rain, snow, and dust, so you can use it both indoors and outside. A metal mounting plate and screws, a 6-foot USB power cord, a USB power converter, and a quick start manual are all included in the set.

Wyze Cam V3 Pro review: Design and Features

The Wyze Cam v3 Pro features the same cube-inspired appearance as previous Wyze products. The housing of the v3 Pro measures 2.05 inches wide by 2.05 inches deep. It is slightly taller than a pure square form factor, measuring 2.3 inches, thanks to a foldable stand that can be collapsed beneath the base and used to rotate and position the camera. The slight distinction between the Wyze Cam v3 Pro and the regular Wyze Cam v3 is located on the front of the camera. Except for the two spotlights directly over the lens, the front of the v3 Pro is entirely black rather than having a white bezel. The housing has an IP65 rating, making it comparable to many of the top outdoor security cameras and able to withstand storm-related dust and water.

A small speaker for two-way audio and an 89dB siren, which you can turn on via the Wyze app to alert others to an emergency or frighten them, are both located on the rear of the camera. There is a recessed microUSB port underneath the speaker. The cable that comes with the camera is made to go within the port’s casing deeply enough to supply power while keeping moisture or dust out. The Wyze Cam v3 Pro requires an electrical outlet to operate, in contrast to certain other outdoor security cameras like the Blink Outdoor and Nest Cam (battery), which can function solely on batteries. You can buy this camera from its official website

Wyze Cam V3 Pro review: Audio

During testing, the camera sent motion alerts that promptly and accurately recognized people, animals, and vehicles. Both the Smart Focus function and the intelligent audio warnings performed as expected. My property was well-lit by the spotlight, and the siren was loud enough to warn off trespassers. The device worked flawlessly with the other Wyze smart home products and carried out my Alexa commands without any problems. For instance, I set up a rule in the app to have the Wyze Plug switch on whenever the camera picked up motion, and it always worked.

Wyze Cam V3 Pro review: Performance

I already had the app installed on my phone, so I selected Add Device from the menu by tapping the + sign in the top-left corner of the home screen, then I chose the Wyze Cam V3 Pro from the list. I plugged in the camera, and the LED started blinking red after a short while. After confirming that I heard a “Ready To Connect” notification, I hit Next and then pressed the Setup button on the device’s bottom.

I then signed into my Wi-Fi network. When the QR code on my screen was successfully scanned, I validated it with my phone and gave the camera a name. I tapped through to update the firmware when the app notified me that my two-week Cam Plus trial had ended. I carried the camera outdoors, fixed it to a deck post in my backyard, and put it into a GFCI outlet to complete the installation.

Wyze Cam V3 Pro review: Video quality

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Wyze Cam V3 Pro review: Price and availability

Overall, the key selling point is better image quality, and night or day, the imagery does do look fantastic. The unexpectedly potent spotlight, which has two brightness level options, makes the colour night vision much more enticing, but if you prefer something more covert, black and white infrared looks amazing too. You just won’t find a camera with better image quality than this one on the market for under $50.

To make using these several functions easier, Wyze recently revamped its app, and the effort is evident. Simple choices need to be made after quickly scanning a QR code using your phone’s camera. Live video loads rapidly, and motion-activated recordings are displayed directly beneath the broadcast with high-quality thumbnails for each clip and a length indicator.

Final words

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