Samsung Galaxy J1 Review

Samsung Galaxy J1

Samsung may be most well-known for its flagship Samsung Galaxy S line however you do not have to spend lots of of pounds to get a smartphone from the South Korean firm.

The Samsung Galaxy J1 is the first device within the Galaxy J lineup, and is slightly higher in worth than the Samsung Z1 and in addition comes with slightly better – but decidedly low-end – hardware. when you have a look at the Samsung Galaxy J1′s specifications sheet, it is clear to see that Samsung is not actually trying hard to ensure the device stand out.

The Samsung Galaxy J1, from Samsung, was 1st out there for buy in Feb 2015.This device operates on Android 4.4 which is the 2nd latest version out the re.

Samsung Galaxy J1: Design

Samsung Galaxy J1

Samsung Galaxy J1 is unlike typical Galaxy phone which can be within the category of low budget smartphone. In term of design, sure there are definitely way more improvement when it comes to design and built quality. Galaxy J1 has got rounded sides and edges, and is available in chrome sort of metallic end on the sides of display screen, which appears to be like fantastic and other reason for this is little bit raised corners so that display would be preserves form getting broken.

Samsung Galaxy J1: Display

Samsung Galaxy J1

Samsung Galaxy J1 is with 4.3 inches display with 59.8 percent screen to body ratio offering a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. Pixel density stands at 217 ppi pixel. The display helps multi-touch and its normal TFT touchscreen display however appears vivid in colour and definitely acceptable at this price tag though you can find HD resolution phone from Xiaomi.

Samsung Galaxy J1: Camera

Samsung Galaxy J1

Smartphones have evolved a lot that very little is about the primary objective of the phone, calling and texting. Mobile data takes the fore, then efficiency of apps and cameras make a strong 3rd when making a case for what phone to purchase. The camera right here lives up to a 5 MP camera standards, the sensor works nice and the autofocus too. Color reproduction can be nice.

Samsung Galaxy J1: Software

Samsung Galaxy J1

With Samsung Galaxy J1 Samsung brings Kitkat version to sub $100 units. The transition is smoother, lovely even on WVGA display. After I used this smartphone, I was fairly surprised to see UI which is far different from other Samsung Galaxy units.

Samsung Galaxy J1: Battery

Samsung Galaxy J1

Battery is a really long conversation and however properly a smartphone does, if it is not supported by a very good battery then things would not end up properly. The Samsung Galaxy J1 holds up nicely in this department and will take you through many of the day.  So far you’ve a full day of charge with a single SIM, moderate gaming, web browsing, WiFi on full-time and music once in a while. The battery is detachable so should you be a heavy user you could cost both within the morning and switch. Mostly we’re good right here.

Samsung Galaxy J1: Specification

  • OS: Android 4.4
  • Body: 129 x 68.2 x 8.9 mm
  • Weight: 122 g
  • Display: 480 x 800 pixels , 4.3 inches
  • Memory: 4 GB internal, 128 expandable, 512 MB RAM
  • Processor: Spreadtrum
  • Camera: 5 MP, 2 secondary
  • Battery: 1,850 mAh

Samsung Galaxy J1: Verdict

Samsung Galaxy J1

With price so low, it is an excellent smartphone with the brand Samsung and the Korean giant has carried out all things good on it though not high-end specs. But it won’t be simple journey as it is shadowed with local OEM coming out with higher specifications phone at this price range.

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