Xiaomi Yi Review: A 2.7 Inch Car DVR Recorder

December 6, 2016
YI Dash Cam Car Camera Recorder DVR Night Vision HD 1080p Golden
$69.99 $89.99

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Xiaomi Yi

The Xiaomi Yi means a dashboard camera at a strangely low price. Costing less than £60, it’s extremely low cost in its class, the place alternate options such as the RAC 05 GPS or Garmin Dash Cam 35 are more than twice as much. So what’s lacking from the Yi to make it so competitively priced, or is it simply the Chinese manufacturing and branding?

When you’ve heard of Xiaomi earlier than, it’ll almost certainly be for its amazing value smartphones, such as the Mi4C. However, the company has including branched out into an action camera – which, confusingly, is also known as the Yi – and now the dashboard camera on review here.


Xiaomi Yi

The camera comes out in two colors, Gold and Gray. The physique is a little plasticky. However, the bundle overall doesn’t feel the particularly low cost. The Yi camera is approximately GoPro-sized, comes in the box with a long USB cable you’ll be able to route around your windscreen, a suction mount, and a non-captured power adapter. The last one is a pleasing addition since you’ll be able to have two USB ports at the identical time, one to power the Yi and one for your mobile or another device that wants power from a USB cable. The camera is made out of PC + ABS and at the back it’s equipped with a 2.7 inch LCD. Is provided with a Micro USB slot and a TF card slot for card expansion. The camera weighs only 74 grams, and its dimensions are 7.4 x 1.94 x 5.24 cm.

Key Features

ADAS protection features
Six-way G-sensor
Wi-Fi and smartphone app
2.7-inch widescreen
Producer: Xiaomi

Xiaomi Yi

The Xiaomi Yi is a highly low-cost dashboard camera.The bundle is reasonable and even contains a dual-USB power adapter. Recording resolution is as much as 2,304 x 1,296, and there are extra security features. Still, the device menu is recently Chinese-only, as is the smartphone app. Video image quality is also nearly mediocre, there are no built-in GPS, and the suction mount isn’t very effective. So while the Yi provides a lot for its low price, you must think twice before buying.


Xiaomi Yi

The Xiaomi Yi camera has a 240mAh battery. Don’t forget that when you’re in the car, you sill have it attached it to your car charger, so you don’t care regarding the battery the re.


Xiaomi Yi

The Xiaomi Yi is low cost. If you’re ready to forego attempting to know what the camera and smartphone app menus are saying, or can read Chinese, it’s nice value. Even though the video quality isn’t particularly beautiful, this can be sufficient to your wants, and the lane-departure warning works fairly well.


Xiaomi Yi

Xiaomi Yi camera is one of the affordable cameras in its class. This is because it doesn’t feature GPS. It is a good camera, from a company that makes superb cameras and having the support of Xiaomi. You’ll find the Xiaomi Yi camera at Banggood.

Where To Buy

YI Dash Cam Car Camera Recorder DVR Night Vision HD 1080p Golden
$69.99 $89.99

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