Best Alter­na­tives of Apple Reminders for iOS

Best Alter­na­tives of Apple Reminders for iOS

In this article, we will talk about the Best Alter­na­tives of Apple Reminders for iOS. We tried our best to review the Best Alter­na­tives of Apple Reminders for iOS. I hope you are not disappointed after reading this, and please do share this article Best Alter­na­tives of Apple Reminders for iOS with your social network.

The Best Alter­na­tives of Apple Reminders for iOS

When you’re dealing with a rapidly changing life, it pays to be on top of the things that matter. Rather than forgetting what needs to be done on time and paying a price later, it’s better to make structured schedules and stay changed through personalized reminders. While iOS comes with a built-in reminder app, it lacks flexibility.

The inventory reminder app doesn’t offer much when it comes to managing tasks and projects, nor does it have the tools that can let you customize your reminders. Apple clearly worked hard to update the Reminders app for iPadOS and iOS 13.

They gave it an entirely new design, better natural language recognition, subtasks, shared lists, and a quick toolbar for adding new items. It’s a big improvement. But many other task management apps are just as good, if not better. Many work on Android and Windows devices and you can get a variety of features that are completely missing from Apple’s Reminders.

Apple’s Best Reminder Alternatives for iOS


Whether you’re looking for an app that can let you efficiently plan your upcoming events, or manage tasks like a pro or keep track of all your reminders, can fill in up the empty. Despite being feature rich, the app keeps simplicity first, letting you create tasks you need to do and set alerts to stay up to date.

It offers scheduled reminders, note taking and collaboration features. features, calendar integration, adding tasks to email messages, simple drag and drop gestures and much more. Using the app requires an account, but it supports Sign in with Apple for ease, and with one account, the app can be used on all your devices. The Daily Planner lets you plan your tasks wisely, avoiding bottlenecks and putting more focus on the things that matter.

Microsoft To Do

If versatility is at the top of your priority, Microsoft To Do might be a preferred choice. Using this app, you can not only manage your tasks, but also set custom reminders to never miss the things that are important to you. To simplify the task of creating tasks and reminders, the app offers custom day planning tools. So, depending on your goal, you can create tasks and follow prompts to complete them on time.

Intelligent features like Smart Suggestion, subtasks and periodization tasks make Microsoft’s to-do application a complete package. The app can be used on any laptop or PC – you can also have it on your iPad and iPhone. Microsoft To Do integrates with Microsoft 365 to sync your Outlook tasks. You can share entire lists or individual items with others, set recurring reminders or due dates, and break projects into manageable subtasks.


Todoist may be more popular for being a proficient to-do list manager, it’s more than practical to serve the purpose of a reminder app. Once you’ve created your tasks, you can turn on custom reminders to alert you ahead of schedule. To prevent indispensable tasks from getting stuck in uncertainty, Todoist lets you set priority levels. For example, you can choose to put urgent things on high priority and less important things on low priority. It’s elegant, smart and full of features. The Quick Add option lets you set reminders at a glance.

if you want to know how to use a reminder app, it’s okay, you don’t have to. You can share tasks with others and take advantage of real-time synchronization to stay aware of the latest changes. To increase your productivity, Todoist offers personalized productivity trends that you can use to monitor your progress. With Todoist, you just need to have one mobile phone and two thumbs. See why people love this app: It ‘gamifies’ your reminders using a ‘sequence system’. Plus, get this, it ‘learns’ how you spend your time and what reminders are recurring.

Google Keep

The amazing thing about Google Keep is that it offers location-based reminders. This means that if you have a reminder to go shopping at a particular store, it will remind you when you are nearby. Google Keep is known as a top notch note-taking application. But did you know that the app is equally powerful to function as a standalone reminder app? Google’s offering is very lightweight and makes the task of creating reminders very easy. You can use this app to add notes and be reminded about them at the time and place of your choice. Using labels and colors, you can keep all your tasks organized and easily accessible.

One of my favorites features Google Keep’s ability to record a voice memo and have it transcribed automatically. When I don’t find it convenient to deal with the software keyboard, I use it incredibly useful feature to capture thoughts and save them in the app.

fantastic 2

The app has natural language input and a beautiful interface to go with it. It helps you list all reminders with a variety of alert tones and notifications to choose from. It really feels like a custom app just for you.

It has great integration with the native Reminders app, if you choose to use it. Fantastical 2 is great because you’ll be able to see your entire schedule for the week or month, along with any reminders you’ve added. New reminders can also be created directly from within Fantastical itself, so honestly there’s never a need to jump into the Reminders app again. In addition, Fantastical 2 is beautifully designed and easy to use with natural language input.


If you often find your team running behind the clock despite putting in a lot of effort, nTask can help your entire team stay fully organized and focused to complete tasks on time. The app allows you to create dedicated workspaces and invite team members to collaborate. Dedicated workspaces can help you manage specific tasks at your own pace. This app offers robust features become productive and efficiently organize personal and professional life. Users can set reminders and notifications by creating a task and setting its due dates.

The good thing about this app is that it allows you to set planned dates and actual dates. there is a highlight feature which allows you to keep track of the latest updates from those responsible. This way, you can easily identify issues and resolve them before they disrupt the flow of the entire project. In summary, if you’re looking for a task management app that lets your team stay focused to reach the goal through real-time updating and collaboration, nTask might be a good fit.

3 things

Things 3 is an award-winning alternative to Apple Reminders. It lets you view tasks along with calendar events, add checklists or reminders to items, group projects into different folders, and organize your day in the Today list. Things 3 even shows a handy pie chart of your progress next to each project.

Using Magic Plus Button in the lower right corner of the app, you can separate tasks into Titles or add new items exactly where you want them in a list. All you have to do is drag and drop the button Where you want to go. Stuff 3 is a gift to phone users of the German company Cultured Code. This is an award-winning app, which means you must give it a try.

You can create categories for your reminders, tasks and even projects. Also, anything from images, audio and notes can be added to these reminders or tasks. This app also integrates with your phone calendar and ensures you never miss a thing.

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