Best Firewall Apps for Android device

Best Firewall Apps for Android device

In this article, we will talk about the Best Firewall Apps for Android device. We tried our best to review the Best Firewall Apps for Android device. I hope you are not disappointed after reading this, and please do share this article Best Firewall Apps for Android device with your social network.

The Best Firewall Apps for Android device

A firewall is a system or software that helps filter network traffic. The firewall examines inbound Internet traffic and allows only safe and secure websites to access your data and information. It protects our privacy and increases security by acting as an intermediary between our connection and other sites on the Internet. If you’re concerned about security, the firewall is a question of everything for you. Since people are using smartphones now, a lot of people create apps. In addition, app developers continue to improve their previous apps. Android, being the most used smartphone, has millions of apps on the Play Store. So you need to protect your phone with a firewall.

The firewall blocks and prevents viruses and hackers from entering your device. There are many free apps that help you protect yourself from these intruders. Before we talk more about the best firewall apps for Android, we think you should understand a little bit about firewall. What exactly the firewall is about is something that takes control of your phone and manages at the same time. The firewall works for applications or services that come from the outer IT circle. Items controlled are access to the network, the Internet and the local system.

The firewall application puts you in control of all applications within your phone. As its function, the firewall application helps you to choose any applications to gain Internet access or not. It also reminds you of apps that contain ads and blocks them. Also, the firewall application can specify which application is only allowed by wifi, 3G and many more. Many of the best Android firewall apps help you with features. Basically, having this app on your Android gives you more control of your phone.

Check the list of best firewall apps for Android devices


NetGuard is a simple yet effective way to block Internet access on your device. The best part is that you don’t even need access to block malicious websites from your device. Addresses and even apps can be individually configured for access on the Android device.

If you are new to firewall application, NetGuard is the best choice for you. Using NetGuard is easy once you see its interface. NetGuard is a firewall application that works as part of a VPN. When you have this app on your phone, means you already had full control over your internal apps. It’s more convenient when you can manage connectivity, whether using your data pack or wi-fi.

NetGuard is another best firewall application for controlling applications that connect to the internet. It has a well-organized and attractive interface. This app follows the same pattern as other firewall apps. So if you are looking for a wraparound firewall application, this will be a good option.


Mobiwol firewall application can be used not only to reduce data usage, but also to save battery power and protect your privacy. You can directly take control of the apps installed on your Android device with this app.

It is an advanced firewall app that you can have on your Android smartphone. The big advantage of Mobiwol: NoRoot Firewall is that it shows which application is consuming a lot of your internet data. Therefore, Mobiwol: NoRoot Firewall is also one of the best application managers you can use to discover data consumption. Therefore, if you find any application hogging your Internet data, you can block them through Mobiwol: NoRoot Firewall.

This app can be your guard as a simple person who wants to take control. Just see its UI and configuration format. No wonder Mobiwol: NoRoot Firewall is a favorite of many people. Using this app is as simple as choosing an app and then deciding what to do for it. If you don’t want an app to use your data, just restrict it.

The uniqueness of Mobiwol: NoRoot Firewall is that you can analyze the amount of data. You can see the amount of data usage. Also, it helps to define which app is suitable using the most part of data or just let it run when wi-fi is available. Another solution is to limit the data usage for the app. It manages data consumption or internet usage.

NoRoot Data Firewall

NoRoot Data Firewall is known for its blocking features. NoRoot Data Firewall’s interface is amazing and can notify you whenever any blocked application tries to connect to the Internet. On top of this, NoRoot Data Firewall also has the ability to log all network interactions made by pre-installed applications.

With NoRoot Firewall, you can control which applications can and cannot connect to the internet. For more precise control, you can restrict apps from connecting to the Internet over WiFi or mobile data with just one touch. In addition, you can also block access to the websites and IP addresses of your choice.

NoRoot Firewall is the best Android firewall app for many people. If you are looking for some variegated features, then NoRoot Firewall must be in your phone. Unfortunately, this app is not IPv6 compatible. So it works on LTE. However, that doesn’t make the app any less worth installing.

VPN Safe Firewall

VPN Safe Firewall also allows users to allow / block individual addresses per application. The great advantage of VPN Safe Firewall is that it is completely free and does not need root access to block Internet applications.

As you can see from the name, this app avoids the dangerous internet connection. Many benefits when you use VPN Safe Firewall. First, you’ll find the user-friendly interface. So you not only manage the connection, but also the battery consumption. It is managed using data that certainly relates to your battery.

Having this app is like having a guide. Whenever the app wants to access the Internet, this app will remind you. The notification appears with a question about which connection is correct. Surprisingly, you can get it for free. In addition, this app works on all connections, whether 3G, 4G or WiFi and even LTE

AFWall +

If you have a rooted Android smartphone, you can use AFWall + to control your device’s Internet activities. Like NoRoot Firewall, AFWall+ also allows users to control Internet access by application. In addition to all this, AFWall + also brings some features how to connect with tasker to perform some predefined sets of tasks. So it’s another best Android firewall app you can use. If you have already rooted your phone, or at least you have more knowledge about it, then AFWall+ is the perfect app. Running AFWall+ allows you to dig deeper to take control of Android.

This app is quite different from the others because you can see the apps that ā€œcall homeā€œAnd act accordingly. There is an ā€œiptablesā€ that allows you to control Internet traffic. This proves that you are the true owner of your phone. No problem whether you use the connection via a VPN or not. But if you set up a connection through a VPN, it will be like the previous setup. Another interesting thing is that AFWall+ can allow you to control Internet speed as well.

Knowing that this app is from one of XDA’s developers, you shouldn’t hesitate to add this firewall app. The app is very simple to use and has several options to configure it the way you want. some of the best features of AFWall + are the ability to lock and protect AFWall + settings, export rules, preferences and profile settings, support for tasker and Xposed modules, hide apps, support for LAN, VPN and tether, support for multiple profiles, widget to switch quickly between profiles, detailed logs and statistics, etc.


InternetGuard is another highly rated Android firewall application on the list that works on both rooted and non-rooted Android devices. With this app, you can create custom profiles to prevent apps from using the Internet while connected to Wi-Fi or mobile Dice. Furthermore, it is the UI that makes the app stand out from the crowd.

As the name suggests, InternetGuard is another Android firewall application that can be used for rootless Android smartphones. It allows user to restrict WiFi access to selected apps. It has a nice user interface. InternetGuard is one of the best firewall applications to use on your phone.

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