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Best iPhone Outdoors Apps

by Mathew Watson
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Best iPhone Outdoors Apps

In this article, we will talk about the Best iPhone Outdoors Apps. We tried our best to review the Best iPhone Outdoors Apps. I hope you are not disappointed after reading this, and please do share this article Best iPhone Outdoors Apps with your social network.

The Best iPhone Outdoors Apps

Sometimes the best part of getting out of the house is turning off your smartphone and stepping away from technology. But there are certainly times when your Android or iPhone can open up new activities or put the necessary information at your fingertips.

Today, there are apps that can hail a taxi, help prepare a fine meal, monitor your health, and much more. There are exactly apps for everyone, including avid outdoor enthusiasts. With that in mind, here are five great apps, all completely free, that you might find useful on your next adventure.

We’re all asking to spend time outside, especially as the weather gets hot. Whether we’re looking to take a walk, want to hit the trails for a solo or family run, and don’t want to split up, there are apps that can help track not only your whereabouts, but those in your circle as well.

Check out the list of the best outdoor iPhone apps


Geocaching is a really fun activity that I posted about earlier. The concept is very simple. You load the GPS coordinates into a ‘cache’ on your handheld GPS or smartphone, use the hints provided and try to find the cache, usually hidden in the forest or on a trail.

Access geocache details near you, complete with a description of attributes and all recent activity. Navigate to cache using map, compass or driving directions and learn about traceables: geocaching game pieces that travel from cache to cache. is the de facto place to post and find new geocaches, and the smartphone app lets you find nearby caches using your phoneGPS from. You can view tips, log your activity history, and more. There are different types of geocaches that vary in difficulty, but it’s the perfect way to have fun outdoors, especially with kids.


PeakFinder shows a 360° panoramic view from an arbitrary vantage point of your choice. To render panoramic views, PeakFinder uses an elevation model built into the app. A database with a pico directory is also included. For these reasons, PeakFinder does not need an online connection to render the panoramic view and works completely offline from anywhere in the mountains. The app works offline and across the world and offers real-time rendering of the surrounding landscape over a range of 300 km.

Much like PeakVisor, PeakFinder lets you learn the names of any mountain in sight. just hold your camera up to the world and discover the landscape. align your phone up to the horizon and PeakFinder provides an outline of the surrounding terrain with all visible peaks identified, making it easy to sort out what you’re looking at. You can also see views from the summit before reaching the top.


Cairn crowdsources cellular coverage spots and shows where others found coverage on the trail, broken down by carrier. This is useful if you need to update your loved ones or even make an emergency call. You can configure the app to send updates to contacts named at the top and at the final of each trip, as well as a ‘delay’ notification if you don’t check-in.

Cairn also lets you download offline topo maps and navigate the trail with statistics, making the premium version one of the best hiking apps for solo hikes. Cairn uses all phones on your network to compile data on exactly where you can expect to find cellular service while walking.

Before starting, set an emergency contact, load the walk you are taking and enter an expected return time – the app will automatically alert your contact if you don’t return in that window. Did the disaster happen? Look for the colored dots on the map to see where you might be able to end an emergency call.

3D Knots

3D knots are organized by category (climbing, boating, fishing, etc.) and type (bend, loop, stopper) and are listed with detailed reference information including mooring pointers, strength and reliability, structural information, and reference numbers Ashley (ABoK) .

With over 135 knots, Knots 3D is the reference for climbers, arborists, fishermen and firefighters around the world. Users can watch a knot draw or use a finger to tie and untie the knot to see where the virtual rope goes in and out and around.

“Used by military, arborists, fishermen, firefighters, climbers and scouts around the world, Knots 3D will teach you quickly how to even the hardest knot. With over 125 knots, Knots 3D will be your ideal reference! Grab some rope and have fun!

Gaia GPS

If you are a cartography nerd, Gaia is the app for you. Switch between satellite, USGS topo maps, cycling and road maps, National Park visitor maps – even centuries-old summits. Going to the sertão? The app allows you to download as many maps as you like. The one-time price may seem a little expensive, but GPS apps with similar capabilities typically charge a recurring fee for this type of mapping nirvana.

Gaia GPS is an external navigation application that provides access to a rich catalog of maps, including topo, satellite, road maps and the NatGeo Illustrated Trail Map series. The interface is intuitive and users can import and synchronize data points and tracks from other digital sources. The app is free, but the best of its features are accessed via the paid version.

In addition to tracking walks while measuring pace, distance, and elevation by default, you can also download a variety of offline maps for off-net access. The app and the accompanying web-based version also allow printing. Camping is the perfect companion to the REI and NPS apps above, although it’s not just limited to national parks as it covers every outdoor recreational area in the United States. The app helps users find and book campsites, purchase passes, review location details for future trips, access booking information and even enter lotteries for in-demand experiences. It also has an incredibly useful ‘scan and pay’ feature. feature for participating camps to streamline the check-in process so that users can arrive after hours, avoid waiting in line, or avoid carrying cash.

Looking for a campsite for your next trip? Maybe this app can help. It is the official app for, a website that makes it easy to locate and reserve campsites in national parks, forests, and other federally designated recreation areas. It can search based on your current location or any address you enter and help you book a website open from the web or phone. The app is only available for iOS.

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