Best Players of FLAC for Windows

Best Players of FLAC  for Windows

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The Best Players of FLAC for Windows

FLAC or free lossless audio codec is generally an audio encoding format for lossless compression of digital audio. This format works similarly to MP3 but is lossless, which means there is no loss of quality in audio players that support this format. There are many audio players that support this functionality.

In fact, these audio players can be used and downloaded on a variety of platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS and Android platforms. The FLAC format is able to reduce the size of uncompressed audio sources by about 40-50%. While MP3 is a very popular and well-known audio format, people often don’t know FLAC, even if the audio player is already compatible with this format.

This format has the ability to compress the audio without affecting the quality too much. If you were to compress the audio file, Flac would normally let you reduce the file size to half the original size. So if you are thinking that it is similar to WinZip, you are correct. But as Flac was specially made to take care of audio files, it will do better than WinZip in the sound domain.

Check out the list of Best FLAC Players for Windows

pot player

Pot Player is one of the best media players available for Windows operating system. Pot Player lets you play different file formats, either audio or video, including FLAC files, with ease. Offers great functionality with customization options. Pot Player also allows you to play 3D files without any glitches.

The player offers the facility to load thousands of songs and videos and play them all at once, without blinking. Pot Player has a multifaceted interface with many options displayed for your use. It offers several playlist controls to customize your media experience. With Pot Player you have the freedom to play audio and video files continuously.

You can decide the starting point and final of the file you want to repeat and Pot Player will use AB repeat feature to carry out the process. Available for Windows only, Pot Player can play Flac files and other audio files. You can load as many audio files as you like and play them back in succession. In addition, videos in various formats can also be played back with Pot Player, including 3D video. It comes with an AB repeat feature which allows you to loop through the media file, setting the starting point and final.

VLC Media Player

VideoLan Player (VLC Media Player) is another popular player among users. VLC player supports FLAC format for audios. The player also has the ability to support video files. The player comes as a robust media player that supports a variety of file formats. The flexibility to play almost any type of file makes it a winner in the list of other media players.

The VLC media player is certainly an important player in the game, with ample offerings. One of the main advantages it has is that it is free. People just can’t get enough of VLC media player. It can play almost any audio file format. VLC media player can run on multiple platforms such as Android, Linux and iOS.

This Flac player can play not only Flac files, but also other audio and video files. Furthermore, it allows you to stream videos online and download them for free. This Flac player comes with many customization options. You can create skins and install some extensions like playback speed manager, VLC Playlist Remember, YTSubDownload and text caption loader.

GOM Player

It supports playing Flac files and other file formats. What’s more, it offers the ability to synchronize lyrics with music. And it lets you do text-to-speech conversion when you need to transcribe text to audio. This Flac player also offers a video looper that you can use to repeat Flac music or video continuously. More importantly, damaged and locked files can also be played easily.

The player offers the facility to play your FLAC files or indeed any file format in a continuous repetitive loop with the help of the “AB repeat” functionality. GOM Player even plays damaged or blocked files without any difficulty. It also allows you to stream media from the Internet, thus maximizing your media experience.

GOM Media Player comes next in the list of free FLAC players for Windows OS. With GOM Player you can easily play any FLAC file as well as a wide variety of other file formats. It is one of the best platforms offering advanced services features to play media files.


Winamp is one of the oldest media players available on the market for the Windows operating system. Over time, Winamp was able to release new versions to accommodate new ones. features. Winamp was one of the most popular players used, but things changed as it could no longer excite users. But, the latest version can light fire among users.

The player might just consume more space than expected on your machine for the music library. If you play around with some settings in the interface, you will find that the customization options are quite attractive. You have the control to choose the length of the information in the browser. The player also has an improved video player that looks quite strong. Winamp has many versions to offer, including a paid version.

Winamp is without a doubt one of the best audio players available since Windows 98. The player is being revamped and the new version will be released to the public in 2019. But you can still download the tool and use it to play FLAC files. The player is supported by a strong user community. Winamp is certainly one of those Flac reproducers that will leave you feeling that if you’ve traveled back in time to the old days, and make you nostalgic, all you have to do is just apply the old skins.


iTunes is another media player available on Windows OS that supports FLAC format. The platform is perfect for anyone looking for a player to help manage their musical tasks. Music lovers will be able to sort tracks according to rating, artist, album or even year.

There are over 60 million songs available on iTunes that you can enjoy. As a music player, iTunes also supports loading local audio files in Flac, OGG, AAC, MP3, AIFF and Apple Lossless. Except for playing local tracks, you can enjoy your favorite music, movies, TV shows and podcasts.

The app will also allow you to listen to online radios. Users will be happy to listen to stations where songs are handpicked by music lovers. Users can even play podcasts. iTunes is an application also compatible with mobile conceive, as it is on the computer. You can even sync devices and get music from multiple platforms. This is great feature that many users rely on to enrich their music experience.


Foobar2000 has also been one of the most popular media players for years. It comes with support for most formats including FLAC, AIFF, Musepack, etc. The program features a rich, customizable interface and open component architecture, allowing third-party developers to extend the player’s functionality.

Along with the FLAC format, there are a variety of other formats that will be supported by foobar2000. If you like to organize your things better, foobar2000 allows you to do so, as it offers an option to create folders and manage the multimedia library. The player can handle a lot of content, so for people who have a big playlist with custom settings, this will be a great player.

Compatible with iPhone and iPad, Foobar2000 supports the following audio codecs: Flac, WAV, AIFF, AAC, MP3, Musepack, Vorbis, Opus and MP4. It has a simple interface that makes it easy to navigate and use. From others features include gapless playback and ReplayGain support.

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