The Best Web Tools for Form builder

Best Web Tools for Form builder

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Best Web Tools for Form builder – Guide

Online forms have many different uses. If you have an online business, you might want to start building your email list from scratch or know what your customers think about your product or brand. Marketers, on the other hand, use forms to convert more visitors into qualified leads, and so on.

Online forms are extremely flexible and there are many different reasons to use one. If you’re a business selling a product or service, you might want to find out what your customers are thinking. Marketers need forms to convert visitors to leads, and students can use them to collect qualitative data for research projects.

Best web tools for form builder


Hubspot Free Online Form Builder is one of the best online form makers simply because it’s free. Designed for small and medium businesses, the free version lets you use up for 1,000 form fields. It’s easy to use, with a drag-and-drop form builder that lets you embed a form on a website in seconds.

You can get started quickly using the many pre-built form templates, including newsletter registration, contact us, event registration, and more. There are also flexible formatting options for your forms. Choose options like standalone, embedded, pop-up, sliding boxes and hanging banners.

HubSpot is a full-stack CRM platform that comes with a set of powerful free tools to help you grow your business. HubSpot’s Form Builder uses an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, making it easy to gather the information you want from your visitors.

Gravitational Forms

Gravity Forms has long been around as a WordPress plugin and has evolved into one feature- builder of compressed forms. Putting together all the tools you need to create professional forms on your website quickly, features an intuitive drag and drop interface that comes with features like conditional formatting, inserting custom HTML, and more.

Another plugin developed for WordPress, Gravity Forms helps you create amazing forms with the help of multi-page/step forms and various time-saving features features.

With this tool, you have access to a variety of integration options and add-ons for email software, messaging platforms, payment options and automation software. You can also create advanced forms, but for non-techies they can be a little tricky to set up. up.


Typeform is one of the best form creators that make it easy to collect and share information. You can use this app to create forms without any technical skills. Typeform takes an innovative approach to the world of form building. With an intuitive design, the tool guides You go through the form creation process, one question at a time, and make the experience of creating a survey fun and interactive.

Typeform is also great for customer surveys and user surveys, you can create and submit independent survey links to your list. If you want to try something with a straightforward and immersive user experience, the tool is a solid choice.

Typeform might work for you if you have advanced technology skills. You can build beautiful forms from the available templates or by yourself. Because it’s expensive software, it’s best for marketing teams with big budgets. Be sure to check out our article on the best Typeform alternative before doing up your mind.


Wufoo is an online form builder that allows you to design and build online forms with its drag and drop interface. This tool helps you create beautiful and custom form logos. It also accepts online payments through its payment partners, which include PayPal and Stripe, and its automated workflows allow data to be transferred to a CRM or on-the-fly marketing automation system.

You can create some attractive online forms with it and it’s super easy to use. The app also allows you to embed forms on your website, define up payment fields that support various payment processing services and enable automatic email notifications to alert you when someone fills out your form.

Wufoo Forms is one of the form design apps on our list because it is well known. It gives you the ability to make forms for your website and allows you to view the collected data. And using this online form builder, you can create custom HTML forms easily.


The Formsite online form builder helps you create HTML forms and surveys. That way, you can create forms for things like online orders, registrations, customer feedback, and bookings. Formsite also includes a wide range of data visualization options to make the most of your data, from graphs and tables to custom reports that can be merged with Microsoft Word documents or converted to PDF format.

FormSite has all the essentials features you need to create some quick “prototypical” web forms. As one of the most basic form creators, it is often used for simple contact or feedback forms.

The tool also has several pricing plans that can meet your specific business needs. The free version offers 5 forms per month with 10 results per form.

Cognito Forms

Cognito Forms lets you create unlimited forms with its intuitive drag-and-drop form builder. As the best online form creators, it allows you to integrate payment providers, including Stripe, PayPal and Square, to accept payments from visitors. Cognito Forms is one of the most powerful form makers due to its ability to allow you to perform powerful calculations that can compare total costs, compare dates and more.

Cognito Forms is a form builder that allows you to accept payments online from Square, as well as having analytics and tracking that can be useful. However, to get the plan that includes this integration, you will have to pay a lot.

If you are a developer, Cognito Forms is a great tool for you, as the form builder supports you. features like calculations, webhooks, CSS styling. Very customizable, the builder helps you get more answers for long forms with page breaks, progress bars and conditional pages to simplify data collection.


FormStack primarily focuses on creating professional and business-style forms. the best tool features include smart forms, integrated workflows, and seamless integrations with Google Sheets, PayPal, and MailChimp (and others via their API).

Used by companies like Netflix and Twitter, Formstack lets you create beautiful forms without knowing how to code. This features a drag and drop form builder that comes with hundreds of templates for getting forms up and running quickly.

Formstack’s elegant automation workflows let you connect it with everything from MailChimp to PayPal, Hubspot and Google Docs. And whatever you do with it, you will be kept up-updated with email notifications – and the time can be later served through automatic project approval. One of the most sophisticated of FormStack features is an A/B testing tool that can compare different versions of your forms and tell you which one performs better.


Starting a website is a lot of work and JotForm can help connect your online forms to your email marketing services to make your workflows much easier. It is a simple form builder with some basic free templates to use.

JotForm is an online form builder with an intuitive visual editor known for making form building faster than ever. Jotform is an application that helps you create professional looking forms. It is one of the best online form creators that allows you to customize with advanced styling options to match your brand.

The tool has all the usual form design features as well as unique fields for customizing your own forms. It also integrates with almost all marketing platforms. The free plan is limited to 5 forms, with up to 100 entries per month.

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