Best Snipping Tools for Macbook

Best Snipping Tools for Macbook

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The Best Snipping Tools for Macbook

A Cropping Tool for Mac is a program developed for this operating system that helps you take screenshots. The functionality of such tools also allows you to add some nice effects to the captured images, editing them and leaving them the way you want. They are simply essential when you need to share some screenshots, video clips, capture important files that cannot be saved on your device, etc.

According to Microsoft, the easiest way to make a copy of something is to take a snapshot of the screen, and that’s exactly what the Snipping Tool lets you do. Many Mac users need a high-ranking all-purpose MacBook cropping tool. The knowledge for how to using the crop tool on a Mac is important to all Mac users, especially sales or customer service representatives who use screenshots to do product demos or troubleshoot customer issues.

Cropping on Mac is the easiest way to share your screen with others. Fortunately, a variety of cropping tools are available, designed with the Mac’s system requirements in mind. Many of these Mac cropping tools include features such as screen recording, cloud storage, markup tools and integrations with messaging and work productivity applications.

Check the list of best Macbook cropping tools


Lightshot is a free cropping tool for Mac that is extremely easy to use. The only thing you need to do is activate the print screen button on the console and define the area of ā€‹ā€‹interest. Lightshot will take care of all other tasks for you. Lightshot is an extremely lightweight screenshot tool. It’s also one of the easiest to use. if you are worried about how to use the crop tool on Mac then this is the right tool for you.

All you do is press the print screen button on the keyboard and select your area of ā€‹ā€‹interest. The app will do the rest. The tool not only takes screenshots, but can also add text, shapes and colors to them. The undisputed advantage of Lightshot is its extremely easy snapshot capture with subsequent maintenance and upload.

Also, this is probably the only screenshot that can take snapshots in sequence. The software has a simple interface that you can only interact with on the screen capture screen itself. the most outstanding feature is the ease with which you can capture, save and upload images. In fact, it’s the only tool that lets you take one screenshot after another in quick succession.


Snagit is one of the most popular free screen recording software. Many users consider Snagit to be the best cropping tool for the Mac and there are many reasons for this claim. First of all, features a user-friendly interface. Furthermore, it can boast of impressive editing and screen recording. features. Snagit is a snipping tool for Mac and Windows designed specifically for companies to create visual instructions.

It also allows users to take panoramic photos that can capture screenshots of scrolling web pages and create videos using screenshots and audio. Snagit can extract text from a screenshot so you can paste it into another document. Your brand-up tool features a number of professional annotation tools such as predefined and custom templates, stepping tools and text editing.

Use Snagit to capture snapshots, adjust settings, change hotkeys. Besides, it is equipped with a powerful editor that incorporates ninety useful tools like blur, arrows, etc. The tool also allows you to create animated GIFs and videos, which can be enhanced with the help of one of the best video editing software for Mac.


CloudApp not only takes screenshots, but also records screens and creates GIFs. All materials produced by it are stored in the user’s personal cloud. You can share your snapshots with others with the help of an image URL. CloudApp is a cloud-based crop tool for Mac, screen recorder and GIF creator. CloudApp uploads your Mac screen clippings and recordings to your personal cloud account and creates a shareable URL that you can submit to grant access to them.

Also includes tag-up tools like arrows, emoticons, basic drawing tools and blur tools for confidential information. Fast functionality makes CloudApp the best cropping tool for Mac users. It incorporates a wide variety of useful tools features like arrows, emoticons, drawing instruments and blur.

Furthermore, this screenshot maker can work with more than 30 applications (Zapier, Trello and more). It is compatible with many operating systems and can also function as a Chrome extension. You can use CloudApp to hack on Mac, Windows, iPhone, Linux and as a Chrome extension. CloudApp includes a free version with the above features and 1 minute limit for screen recordings, 15 second limit for GIFs, 100 MB / file upload size, 0.5 GB / link / day bandwidth and 25 discard limit.


Skitch is a free Mac app cropping tool available on the Mac App Store that lets you take screenshots, edit them, and share them with others. Skitch simplifies things with an interface that starts quickly and gets done up of large, easily identifiable icons that represent each of your tools. Skitch brand-up occupation features seven tools: arrows, text, an eight-color color palette, shapes, a highlighter, a pixelater to blur, and cropping tools. You can drag and drop your file into email or messaging apps.

Skitch has great marking features to add arrows, text, colors to screenshots. This function also allows you to highlight, blur and crop images. After completing the work, you can share it via email. To protect your private information, we recommend that you use one of the free VPNs for Mac. Most of Skitch’s functions are completely free. However, if you need PDF tags for Evernote, you’ll have to pay for an Evernote premium account.


Many people opt for the Greenshot vs Snagit gridlock program, because Greenshot is packed with a wide variety of features. It offers various hotkey shortcuts and is able to copy your snapshot to a clipboard and send it to different cloud-based programs or printer. Greenshot is a popular screenshot tool.

Includes dozens of useful features like hotkey combinations, the ability to copy your image to the clipboard or send it directly to a cloud-based program like Confluence,, Dropbox, Flick, Imgur, JIRA, Picasa-Web or your printer . You can even edit screenshots on the fly with the built-in editor. To make this pack even better, Greenshot lets you blur areas of your screenshot to keep things private.

You can customize many of the default settings and use your own hotkey combinations for better functionality. Equipped with a built-in editing tool, Greenshot can adjust the look of your snapshot. One of the biggest features of this screenshot maker is its ability to blur some personal information on the image so that you can protect your privacy. In addition, Greenshot allows you to set various default settings and customize hotkey shortcuts.

record this

Recordit is a simple plugin-style Mac clipping tool that you install on your Mac or Windows to create screencasts of the entire screen or just a portion. Users love the simplicity and lightweight design, providing the ability to multitask during screencasting.

Use Recordit to create some tutorials and then share them with your colleagues, friends, etc. Its free version is highly functional, but a paid one offers even more features, which are great for professional use.

Many users consider Recordit the best clipping tool for Mac as it is fast and easy to use. Compatible with both Mac and Windows platforms, the screen capture can capture a snapshot of the entire screen or its specific part. Also, the tool allows multitasking during screen capture.

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