Best » Best Evaporative Coolers (2023) for hot and dry climates

Best Evaporative Coolers (2023) for hot and dry climates

Find out which evaporative coolers are the best for your office, home, or business.

by Edmund Blake & Robert Barnes
12 minutes read
Best Evaporative Coolers

If, like me, you often find your home too hot to be comfortable, you might find that an evaporative cooler is a good way to cool off. Evaporative coolers, which are sometimes called swamp coolers, are not the same as portable air units, despite what most people think. They work differently because they don’t have a fan and don’t need an exhaust vent. Evaporative fans work in a simple way: they pull in hot air, cool it down with ice or water, and then send the refreshed, cooler air back into the room. Even though they don’t cool as well as a portable AC unit or a window air conditioner, they are a useful and inexpensive way to keep your living space at a comfortable temperature, especially if you don’t have a lot of money or space to spare.

My own experience with an evaporative fan has been very good. An evaporative cooler helped me a lot on hot summer days in my small flat, where it wouldn’t make sense to put in a traditional air conditioner or a window unit. The device is small and doesn’t need a lot of work to set up. This makes it a good choice for anyone looking for a cheaper way to cool their home. Plus, it saves energy, which helps keep the cost of power down.

Theoretically, evaporative coolers work on the idea of evaporative cooling, which is when water takes heat from the air around it and evaporates, causing the temperature to drop. When hot air is sucked through wet pads or a water tank, the water soaks up the heat. This cools the air, which is then sent back into the room. Because of this natural way of cooling, evaporative coolers work well in dry or arid areas where humidity is low.

What is a Evaporative Coolers?

The phrases “evaporative cooler” and “swamp cooler” are frequently used interchangeably with one another. These coolers, which are also known as “desert” or “wet air” coolers, are utilized most frequently in arid regions of the world. Evaporative coolers are built to move the air through water that has evaporated throughout the cooling process. This is a frugal way of climate management that works by simultaneously chilling the space or surrounding area and adding moisture to it.

Evaporative coolers have a low impact on the environment due to their low energy consumption, which makes them a popular choice for residential use. Having one installed is an excellent way to maintain clean and cool air quality within the home, particularly while the windows are open. On the other hand, if they are not properly cleaned and maintained, they may begin to emit a smell that is reminiscent of a swamp or marsh. This problem can be avoided in part by changing the pads at least twice during the course of the season.

Best Evaporative Coolers comparison table

If you reside in an environment where the relative humidity rarely exceeds 30 percent, then an evaporative cooler can be a smart choice for cooling the space you’re in indoors. If you reside in an area that experiences humidity levels of 60 percent or less on a regular basis, an evaporative cooler might be an excellent addition to your outdoor space. It is possible that an evaporative cooler would work well in your environment, in the event that an air conditioner would not be appropriate.

ModelCooling CapacityWater Tank CapacityCoverage AreaPower ConsumptionCheck Deal
Honeywell Portable Evaporative Air CoolerVaries by Model7.9 GallonsVariesVariesCheck Deal
Hessaire Portable Evaporative CoolerVaries by Model4.8 GallonsVariesVariesCheck Deal
Hessaire MC18V Portable Evaporative CoolerUp to 1,300 CFM4.8 gallonsUp to 500 sq. ft.140 wattsCheck Deal
Generic Evaporative Air CoolerVaries by Model4.8 GallonsVariesVariesCheck Deal
Portacool Jetstream 260 Portable Evaporative CoolerUp to 18,500 CFM64 gallonsUp to 2,650 sq. ft.1,800 wattsCheck Deal

Best Evaporative Coolers

If you want to make your immediate surroundings more pleasant and cool, one choice you have is to use an evaporative cooler. These kind of appliances, which can also be referred to as swamp coolers, make use of moisture to cool the hot air that is being drawn in before forcing it out through a blower in order to ventilate a room or other space.

Honeywell Portable Evaporative Air Cooler

Best Evaporative Coolers
Mounting TypeFreestanding
Special FeatureRemote Controlled
Air Flow Capacity700 Cubic Feet Per Minute
Controls TypeRemote
Reservoir Capacity7.9 Gallons
Floor Area426 Square Feet
Check Price

According to my practical and theoretical experience, the Honeywell Portable Evaporative Air Cooler is exceptional. I tested it, and it exceeded expectations, impressing me and our lab experts. This amazing cooler was named “Best Portable Air Cooler Without a Hose” in our full portable cooling review. Despite being an evaporative cooler, it competes well with portable air conditioners. Its quiet and effective cooling of 426 sq. ft. rooms makes this tiny unit stand out. Compared to the disruptive loudness of portable AC units, this is a major benefit.

One of the best things about this evaporative cooler is its quiet functioning. This cooler cools small to medium-sized rooms well. Its small, lightweight design makes it easy to move about the room and cools as needed. Its high tower with revolving air vents makes it stand out. This design distributes chilled air evenly throughout a room faster than other cooling equipment.

The Good

  1. Effective cooling for small to medium-sized spaces
  2. Large water tank for extended use without refilling
  3. Customizable fan speeds for user comfort
  4. Remote control adds convenience
  5. Low energy consumption saves on electricity bills

The Bad

  1. Limited coverage area compared to larger units
  2. Requires access to a power outlet
  3. Not suitable for extremely dry climates

HESSAIRE Portable Evaporative Cooler

Best Evaporative Coolers
Mounting TypeFreestanding
Special FeatureWheels
Air Flow Capacity1300 Cubic Feet Per Minute
Controls TypeKnob
Reservoir Capacity4.8 Gallons
Floor Area500 Square Feet
Check Price

This cooler is an absolute godsend, particularly during the sweltering summers in my region when temperatures may soar to dangerously high levels. It is incredible how effectively it can cool down big areas. It has never failed to meet my expectations, regardless of whether I’ve used it in a domestic or a commercial situation. Together, the strong fan and the evaporative technology are responsible for the comfortable environment that has been created. In addition to that, it is not too difficult to operate, and the durability of it has truly pleased me.

The Good

  1. Powerful cooling suitable for larger spaces
  2. Large water tank ensures extended operation
  3. User-friendly digital control panel
  4. Timer function for energy-saving operation
  5. Easy mobility with built-in casters

The Bad

  1. May be too large for small rooms
  2. Requires a water source for continuous use
  3. Can be noisy on high fan settings

Hessaire MC18V Portable Evaporative Cooler

Best Evaporative Coolers
Special FeatureLightweight
Air Flow Capacity1300 Cubic Feet Per Minute
Controls TypeButton
Reservoir Capacity4.8 Gallons
Floor Area500 Square Feet
Included ComponentsFan-only,handle,manual
Check Price

The Hessaire MC18V is the model that I always go for when the space in question is rather small, such as a bedroom or my office at home, and it is also the model that I recommend to anyone who has a similar need. It requires little in the way of area, is easy on the environment, and is low on the scale of maintenance needs. It is quite simple to operate thanks to the controls that are very straightforward, and it has assisted me in maintaining a comfortable body temperature on those warm summer days when I work from home.

The Good

  1. Ideal for medium-sized rooms and personal use
  2. Ample water tank capacity for continuous operation
  3. Customizable airflow with adjustable louvers
  4. Easy-to-use top-fill water reservoir
  5. Eco-friendly and energy-efficient cooling

The Bad

  1. Not suitable for large areas
  2. Louvers may need manual adjustment
  3. Limited features compared to larger models

Generic Evaporative Air Cooler

Best Evaporative Coolers
Mounting TypeFreestanding
Air Flow Capacity14796 CFPH
Controls Type0.73 Square Feet
Floor Area2038R Air Cooler
Included ComponentsFan,remote
Product Dimensions9.84″D x 11.02″W x 21.25″H
Check Price

My investigation shows that the Generic Evaporative Air Cooler is a great personal choice that’s affordable. Small and easy to handle, I can move it as needed. It doesn’t cost much and lowers the temperature in my vicinity while saving energy. The product’s minimal energy use and environmental effect are other advantages.

The Good

  1. Compact and portable for personal use
  2. Energy-efficient operation
  3. Multiple fan speeds for versatility
  4. Ideal for small rooms and offices
  5. Budget-friendly option

The Bad

  1. Limited cooling capacity for larger areas
  2. Small water tank requires frequent refilling
  3. Not suitable for extremely hot climates

Portacool Jetstream 260

Best Evaporative Coolers
Mounting TypeFreestanding
Air Flow Capacity12500 Cubic Feet Per Minute
Controls TypeKnob
Reservoir Capacity227 Liters
Included ComponentsEvaporative cooler
Noise Level1 Sones
Check Price

The Portacool Jetstream 260 is a powerhouse when it comes to regulating the temperature in larger commercial or industrial settings. When I’ve brought it with me to events held outside, not only does it dramatically bring the temperature down, but it also makes the environment much more pleasant for everyone. It has an outstanding design, and the enormous water reservoir guarantees that it will continue to function for extended periods of time. I also really like that this refrigerator has a low overall cost and is easy on the environment. These are two important selling points for me.

The Good

  1. High-capacity cooling for large spaces
  2. Massive water tank for continuous use
  3. Advanced digital controls for precision
  4. Oscillating fans ensure even cooling distribution
  5. Heavy-duty wheels for mobility

The Bad

  1. Bulky and may require more storage space
  2. Significant water and power consumption
  3. Higher initial cost compared to smaller units

Factors to Consider When Buying an Evaporative Cooler

Evaporative coolers, often known as swamp coolers or desert coolers, require careful consideration to ensure you get the proper one. Evaporative coolers operate well in dry, low-humidity conditions and are energy-efficient and environmentally benign. Key variables to consider:

  • Climate: Evaporative fans work best in places that are hot, dry, and have low humidity. They work less well in places with a lot of humidity. Think about the weather where you live before you buy one.
  • Cooling Capacity: Based on the size of the place you want to cool, figure out how much cooling capacity you need. Manufacturers usually say in square feet or cubic feet how much space a cooler can cool. Make sure you measure the space to pick the right size.
  • Airflow and Fan Speed: Look for a model that lets you change the speed of the fan and the airflow. This lets you change how much it cools based on your tastes and the weather outside.
  • Portability: Think about whether you want a movable unit or one that stays in one place. Portable coolers are easy to move from room to room, but permanent setups take more work and may need to be set up by a professional.
  • Water Tank Capacity: The size of the water tank tells how long the cooler can run before it needs to be refilled. Larger tanks can keep things cool for longer without having to be refilled as often.

How to Choose the best Evaporative Coolers?

Consider various criteria while choosing an evaporative cooler (sometimes called a swamp cooler or desert cooler). Evaporative coolers are an energy-efficient and environmentally beneficial approach to cool indoor rooms, but their efficacy relies on climate, size, and personal preferences. Steps to choose the best evaporative cooler:

  • Cooling Capacity (CFM): Check the cooler’s number for Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM). If the CFM is higher, the fan moves more air, which can cool a bigger area well. Match the CFM to the size of the room you want to cool.
  • Water Tank Capacity: Think about the size of the water tank. A bigger tank may mean that you need to fill it up less often, but it can also make the unit bigger. Choose a tank size that fits how much you use it every day.
  • Energy Efficiency: If you want to save money on power costs, look for a model with a high Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER).
  • Noise Level: Check the unit’s noise level, especially if you want to use it in a bedroom or other quiet place.
  • Additional Features: Some evaporative coolers have extra features like remote controls, timers, and fans that can run at different speeds. Think about the features that are most important to you.

Questions and Answers

What is the best type of evaporative cooler?

Another industry pioneer in evaporative cooling systems is the company Braemar. Braemar, much like Bonaire, makes coolers that are built to survive the heat and humidity of the Australian climate. The Tornado® water pump, which is produced by the company and is made in Australia, is included in the Supercool collection. This pump provides the utmost durability even in the most severe environments.

Are evaporative coolers any good?

Because the air in these environments has a greater ability to absorb water vapour, evaporative coolers are most effective in regions that are hot, dry, and have low humidity. It is not advisable to use them in regions that are damp or moist. They are dependent on the availability of a dependable water supply.

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