The Best Hadoop Books For Beginner of 2022

The Best Hadoop Books For Beginner 2017-18

Hadoop Books For Beginner – Hadoop is a free, Java-based programming framework that allows the processing of large data in an allotted computing environment. Hadoop is a part of the Apache open source project sponsored by the Apache Software Foundation. Hadoop is suddenly becoming a staple in big data. It’s a broad framework spanning many different technologies that help with distributed data storage and data analysis. The Hadoop Big data has a huge demand in domains like Finance, Insurance, Banking, social networking and many different platforms that deal with massive data sets. A working knowledge of Hadoop would get you a lot of opportunities in your career.

Today we are here with the list of Best Hadoop Books for a beginner for you. So check out our list of The Best Hadoop Books for beginner of 2022 below and let us know what do you think about our list in the comment section below. 🙂 

Hadoop Books For Beginner – List

Pro Hadoop

This book is a brief guide to getting started with Hadoop and getting the most from your Hadoop clusters. Pro Hadoop provides information on how to use the framework actually to scale applications of Hadoop tools. Thru this book, you can rapidly get up to speed with Hadoop. This book provides step by step instructions and examples that will take you from just starting to use Hadoop to running complex programs on large clusters of machines.

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Hadoop in Action

Data processing will get a lot easier once you understand Hadoop’s capabilities. This book aims to teach MapReduce and Hadoop to help anyone from the project leads to sysadmins analyze big data. The  Early chapters take a snail’s pace approach by covering all the fundamentals of Hadoop, why it exists, and what it’s good for. Later chapters include exercises that help you learn MapReduce jobs and perfect programming practices. This book is meant for beginners with no Hadoop experience, but it’s most important to have some experience in programming.

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Hadoop for Dummies

This book is easy to learn and understand. It makes readers understand the value of Big data and covers concepts like the origin of Hadoop. Its functionality and benefits and few Big Data practical applications. It also includes Hadoop ecosystem and Map Reduce programs and show how Hadoop applications can be used for Problem Solving, Data Mining, and Data Analytics and learn how to keep away from the common pitfalls while developing Hadoop cluster.

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Hadoop in 24 Hours

Hadoop is such a technical framework and very tough to find. But this book is excellent, to start with. This book is published by the Sams Teach Yourself series which is known for quality guides on web development & programming. Hadoop in 24 hours covers the whole thing about Hadoop from an enterprise environment to a local server setup. Each chapter includes a particular feature and they all progress naturally in difficulty.

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Professional Hadoop Solutions

Professional Hadoop Solutions includes storing data with HBase and HDFS, processing data with MapReduce, and automating data processing with Oozie. Along with these it also covers the Hadoop security, best practices, running Hadoop with Amazon Web Services, and automating Hadoop processes in real time. 

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Hadoop MapReduce Cookbook

As the name suggested, this book helps its readers in learning how to handle complex and massive datasets. The book starts simply, but still provides in-depth knowledge of Hadoop. It’s a simple one-stop guide on how to get things done. This book has 90 recipes, presented simply and straightforwardly, with step by step directions and real-world examples.”

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Hadoop Application Architectures

While many sources explain the way to use various components in the Hadoop ecosystem, this book takes you thru architectural considerations necessary to tie those elements together into a complete application, based on your particular use case. If you want to build the Data warehouse application on the Hadoop than this is The Best book for you.

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Hadoop Operations

If you’re maintaining complex and broad Hadoop clusters, then this book is a must. This book explains how you’re running Hadoop in production, installing, from planning and configuring the system to providing ongoing maintenance. The book will impress the Hadoop beginners or advanced users, as well as all aspects of the software and similar technologies, are explained in details.

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Data Analytics with Hadoop

Data Analytics with Hadoop is geared towards data scientists and sysadmins who need to organize great information in a Hadoop environment. You will learn all about the data management and data mining using custom database tools like HBase. This book can feel lovely broad since it covers such a lot of instruments and follows so many other workflows. But this book is a perfect example of how data analysis can be run strictly thru a Hadoop environment.

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