Best » Best CyberCafePro Alternatives (2023) for windows and linux

Best CyberCafePro Alternatives (2023) for windows and linux

There are various cyber cafe management software, but CyberCafePro is popular. Find the best CyberCafePro for your business—free, open source, or premium with extra features.

by Edmund Blake & Robert Barnes
8 minutes read
Best CyberCafePro Alternatives

CyberCafePro is widely regarded as the most reliable brand of Internet café software available on the market. The company was established in 1999, and since then it has worked tirelessly to establish this reputation. Because of its widespread distribution in 175 countries, this particular piece of software has garnered a solid reputation among its user base over the years.

Notably, Version 6 is capable of effectively managing timed public access computing environments such as cyber cafés, gaming centers, telecentres, schools, and libraries, and it is provided at no cost. This is a notable feature. Because of this, selecting it would be an excellent choice. Since CyberCafePro is a product that may be classified as belonging to the category of “business and commerce,” it is positioned alongside a large number of other options that could be considered. There are more than ten distinct software applications that can be utilized as a replacement for the CyberCafePro system.

These programs are compatible with a wide range of operating systems, including Linux platforms, web-based solutions, and self-hosted configurations. Windows is also one of the supported operating systems. Mkahawa, one of the most significant competitors in this area, offers mkahawa as an alternative that is both open-source and cost-free to use. Gizmo GAMP, Internet Caffe, EasyCafe, and smartlaunch are a few further fascinating alternatives to consider.

Why Look for CyberCafePro Alternatives?

My own research and observations have led me to the conclusion that, despite the fact that CyberCafePro possesses a number of desirable qualities, there are numerous compelling reasons to investigate alternative choices. To begin, it’s possible that CyberCafePro doesn’t offer all of the capabilities that I required for my own cybercafe setup. Second, I have been forced to look for alternate options due to financial constraints as well as worries regarding compatibility. To assist you in making a decision that is based on accurate information, I have compiled a list of the best available options and will discuss some of them in this post.

Best CyberCafePro Alternatives

I know from experience that cybercafes may be profitable. The correct software is essential for managing such a business. Cybercafe proprietors prefer CyberCafePro, in my experience. This program has great time management, billing, and customer tracking features. However, in my experience, it’s best to try other software. This lets you choose the best option for your needs and tastes.


Best CyberCafePro Alternatives


  • Remote desktop access
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • High-speed data transfer
  • Customizable settings

AnyDesk impressed me as one of the most adaptable remote desktop applications I’ve used. The management of my internet cafe was simplified as a result. I was able to effortlessly access and control the computers at my coffee shop from any location because to its intuitive graphical user interface and lightning-fast speed. As the proprietor of a cybercafé, it was a significant turning point for me.

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The Good

  1. Fast and reliable performance
  2. Simple setup and usage
  3. Supports multiple platforms
  4. Secure connections

The Bad

  1. Limited free version
  2. Pricey for advanced features

NComputing vSpace

Best CyberCafePro Alternatives


  • Desktop virtualization
  • Multiple user support
  • Low hardware requirements
  • Centralized management

NComputing vSpace has been a godsend for me in terms of improving the efficiency of the computer infrastructure at my cybercafé. Because this virtualization software enabled numerous users to utilize a single computer, both my expenditures on hardware and my overall energy consumption were greatly cut down. This low-cost approach was a game-changer for my cybercafe, especially for someone like myself who is on a tight budget.

The Good

  1. Cost-effective solution
  2. Reduced hardware expenses
  3. Easy management of multiple users
  4. Energy-efficient

The Bad

  1. May require additional hardware
  2. Limited compatibility with certain applications

NetOp Remote Control

Best CyberCafePro Alternatives


  • Remote desktop control
  • File transfer capabilities
  • Chat and messaging tools
  • Session recording

My cybercafe operations were greatly improved by the implementation of NetOp Remote Control, which proved to be an effective and dependable remote support and management tool. It gave me the ability to remotely take control of the computers at my cafe and provide assistance and troubleshooting anytime it was required. Because of the extensive number of functions it offers, it is without a doubt one of the most capable alternatives to CyberCafePro.

The Good

  1. Comprehensive remote support
  2. Real-time communication tools
  3. Cross-platform compatibility
  4. Secure connections

The Bad

  1. Pricey for small businesses
  2. Complex setup for beginners

Deep Freeze

Best CyberCafePro Alternatives


  • System restore on reboot
  • Centralized management
  • Password protection
  • Scheduled maintenance

Deep Freeze was my go-to pick when it came to preserving a stable and safe atmosphere in the cafe where I worked. It provided a creative answer by maintaining the configuration that I wanted for my computer and prohibiting any users from making unauthorized modifications to the settings. This option with an emphasis on security was quite helpful in ensuring that the system in my cybercafé remained intact.

The Good

  1. Ensures system integrity
  2. Prevents unauthorized changes
  3. Easy to use and configure
  4. Protects against malware

The Bad

  1. Limited flexibility for user customization
  2. Paid software

Splashtop Enterprise

Best CyberCafePro Alternatives


  • Remote desktop access
  • Cross-platform support
  • File transfer and chat
  • Multi-user collaboration

Splashtop Enterprise distinguished out from the competition when it came to providing remote desktop solutions for proprietors of cybercafés due to its exceptional performance and extensive feature set. It offered streamlined management and assistance for the computers at my restaurant, which made the day-to-day running of my business significantly less cumbersome.

The Good

  1. Fast and reliable performance
  2. Secure remote access
  3. Multiple platform compatibility
  4. Affordable pricing

The Bad

  1. Advanced features in the more expensive plans
  2. Limited free version

Questions and Answers

How does Internet cafe software work?

According to the preferences you specify, the software will prevent access to the operating system, desktop, disks, folders, and programs. It makes it easier for you to exercise control over your customers’ activities, such as browsing the Internet, playing games, utilizing office software, and even covering retail merchandise.

Are Internet cafes profitable?

Is opening a cyber café still a viable way to make money? When we say “good,” we imply that it is economically feasible. To put it succinctly, the answer is that it is. In point of fact, not only are cyber cafes profitable, but they also have a speedy payback period.

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