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Introducing HTML 5 book review

Description: Introducing HTML 5

HTML5 continues to evolve, browsers are implementing at break-neck speed, and HTML5 websites spring up like flowers after rain. More than ever, you need to get acquainted with the highly efficient new possibilities in web and application design. That’s why we’ve crafted the second edition of this book to help you keep on top of current developments.

This book shows you all of the new tags that HTML5 introduces, how to use them, and how they will be practically utilized in the future. This book also touches on search engine optimization and how HTML5 will help search engines grow more capable. Remy Sharp and Bruce Lawson presented this book very informative whereas keeping it simple to learn. This book reads cover to cover very quickly – it’s not boring like most “coding” books. I strongly recommend this if you are only learning HTML5.

Tags Covered

  • Their definition of HTML5 and its history
  • The new structural elements of HTML5
  • Audio, Video, Codecs and Backwards Compatibility
  • How the new structural can be used when creating pages
  • The new HTML5 form elements
  • Off-Line Applications
  • Drag and Drop
  • Data Storage methods
  • GeoLocation
  • Messages, Web Workers, and Web Sockets

The authors perform a superb job discussing the challenges facing HTML5 video, primarily the selection of video codecs and the help or lack of support for certain codecs in the many browsers. They also give a reasonable amount of time to accessibility features and how to make multimedia accessible to everybody.

Lastly, the book wraps up by discussing some of the features of HTML5 that are more helpful for building web applications. These include web storage whichever the authors define as “cookies on steroids” and the new offline abilities of HTML 5 and they also discuss the drag and drop features of HTML5 which anybody is developing web applications will find helpful.

This book is short, and a very simple learn. However, don’t make its small size turn you off. This one is full of useful examples and good discussion. This book will leave you excited to start using HTML5.

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