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The Best Kotlin Programming Books of 2020

Кotlin is the latest programming language that runs on JVM (Java Virtual Machine). It has a simple syntax and is interoperable with all the existing Java libraries. of 2020 Google I/O, the Android group announced that Kotlin would become an official programming language for the Android platform. This puts Kotlin in place to become one for the Best programming languages of the future. There are lots of reasons why Android developers using it, as an example, this language is originated from experienced programmers who’ve worked for many years in the industry and used to find solutions. Not only have that, but this software is also suitable for Java binary language and offers a high-quality one-clicked Java to Kotlin converter device.

Today we’re here with the list of The Best Kotlin Programming Books of 2020. So, check out our list of The Best Kotlin Programming Books of 2020 below and let us know what do you think about our list in the comment section below.

List Of Top 5 Best Kotlin Programming Books of 2020

Kotlin in Action

Authored by the experienced core developers, many features of this book include hands-on examples and train how to build Android applications. Some other features come with higher-level functions, creating reusable abstractions and libraries. The main focus of this book is using language in any real-world situation, as an example, concurrent programming, and Android support and build system integration.

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Modern Web Development with Kotlin

This book is written by Denis Kalinin about Web development with Kotlin. It covers the complete basics to get started, but the main focus on the practical phase of using the language. In particular, it leads you through the process of building a technology-packed Web application while using the modern backend and frontend technologies

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Fundamental Kotlin

If you have an interest in Theoretical side of the language, this book stays The Best choice for you. Focused on both core developers and the students who’re learning the language, this book offers in-depth information from basic to advanced steps of the language. Not only that, but this book also provides a lot of info related to Java. Moreover, the book also gives extensive information about various important aspects and other features required for the programming in the language. 

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Programming Kotlin

Programming Kotlin is a book by Stefan Bocutiu and Stephen Samuel about using Kotlin on the Java Virtual Machine. It covers all aspects of this language with a particular focus on server-side development. It’s aimed at Java developers who want to learn Kotlin and particularly when it improves on Java.

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Android Development with Kotlin

Android Development with Kotlin is a book by Igor Wojda and Marcin Moskala discussing Kotlin features in the context of Android development. It describes how common examples that are typical for Android development can be simplified using Kotlin. It also shows the entire advantages, improvements and new possibilities provided by this language.


Learning a new language includes a lot of effort, time and coaching, but with Kotlin language, all you have just to download the programming tool available free on the web and buy a just right book from an online website or the market. If you have a good knowledge of Java, then you can learn this software in some days and start the development of your liked Android application.

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