Best » The 5 Best Mattresses for Back Sleepers (2023) get relief

The 5 Best Mattresses for Back Sleepers (2023) get relief

Enhancing Comfort and Promoting Spinal Health.

by Edmund Blake & Robert Barnes
11 minutes read
Best Mattresses for Back Sleepers

Dealing with back pain that doesn’t go away can be a personal problem that makes it hard to get a good night’s sleep. As someone who has been in this kind of pain, I can say that finding comfort becomes the most important thing. In this situation, the mattress you sleep on becomes very important. Having the right mattress that supports and aligns your body can make all the difference between feeling refreshed when you wake up and suffering through sleepless nights.

I know personally how complicated the link is between back pain and sleep, and it’s not something to be taken lightly. Doctor says, “Not getting enough good sleep can make pain worse by keeping our bodies and minds from getting the rest they need to heal and get better,” says Dr. Hildebrandt. “On the other hand, back pain can make it hard to get a good night’s sleep, both in terms of falling asleep and staying asleep.”

Best Mattresses for Back Sleepers Comparison Table

Many mattresses for people who sleep on their backs have adjustable hardness levels or different levels of firmness on each side. This lets you adjust the mattress to your exact comfort needs, giving you the support you want.

FeatureHelix DuskLuxury Firm WinkBedDreamCloud PremierTuft Needle Adaptive FoamNolah Evolution 15-Inch
Mattress TypeHybridInnerspringHybridAll-foamHybrid
Thickness (inches)1214.5141015
Firmness OptionsMedium firmLuxury FirmMedium firmMediumMedium
Warranty10 yearsLifetimeLifetime10 yearsLifetime
Sleep Trial100 nights120 nights365 nights100 nights120 nights
Latest DealCheck DealCheck DealCheck DealCheck Deal

List of the Best Mattresses for Back Sleepers

To maintain the health of your back muscles and joints, you should perform stretching and strengthening exercises on a regular basis as part of daily routine. For individualized workout plans, it’s best to talk things over with a medical expert or a physical therapist. Check to see that your body is aligned in such a way that a straight line can be drawn from your head to your heels. You should try to avoid excessively arching or curving your back since this might cause discomfort and strain on your muscles.

Helix Dusk

Best Mattresses for Back Sleepers
Mattress TypeHybrid
Thickness12 inches
Firmness OptionsMedium firm
MaterialMemory foam, innerspring
Warranty10 years

Our team has tested hundreds of mattresses and found that hybrids are suitable for back sleepers. Consider the Helix Dusk. Like all Helix beds, it contains coils and foam. This provides adequate support to neutralize the spine and cushioning to relieve lower back pain. Helix models vary in stiffness, with the Dusk being medium. The comfort layer is a mix of latex and memory foam, making it responsive but velvety and sinkable. This balanced feel appeals to many sleepers, especially back sleepers.

All our mattresses undergo pressure-map testing. We use a specific pad to measure the mattress’s pressure on our bodies in different sleeping positions. It then employs thermal imaging to build a color-coded “map” (blue = no pressure, green = little pressure, yellow = moderate pressure, orange = high pressure, and red = very high pressure). While lying on our back, the Helix Dusk exhibited only blue and small amounts of green. One of the greatest mattresses for back sleepers.

The Good

  1. Hybrid design combines support and comfort.
  2. Medium firmness suits various sleep preferences.
  3. Excellent motion isolation for undisturbed sleep.

The Bad

  1. Some may find it too firm or too soft depending on their preference.

Luxury Firm WinkBed

Best Mattresses for Back Sleepers
Mattress TypeInnerspring
Thickness14.5 inches
Firmness OptionsLuxury Firm
MaterialTencel cover, innerspring
Check Price

With four firmness levels, the WinkBed can meet the wants and preferences of most people who sleep on their backs, no matter how much they weigh. We recommend the Luxury Firm WinkBed for people who sleep on their backs because it has a medium firm (6) feel that provides soft cushioning and a very supportive feel. After trying the Luxury Firm, we found that it works best for people who sleep on their backs most of the time and weigh up to 230 pounds.

The Luxury Firm is made with a Euro-top surface that is filled with soft foam that has gel in it. The cover is made of Tencel cloth, which is breathable and moves moisture away from the body. By keeping the middle from sagging too much, a reinforced core helps the spine stay in the right place. So that this can happen, the coil support core is made stronger around the hips.

The Good

  1. Luxury Firm option provides optimal support.
  2. Lifetime warranty for peace of mind.
  3. Durable materials for long-lasting use.

The Bad

  1. May be too firm for those who prefer a softer mattress.

DreamCloud Premier

Best Mattresses for Back Sleepers
Mattress TypeHybrid
Thickness14 inches
Firmness OptionsMedium firm
MaterialGel memory foam, innerspring
Check Price

The DreamCloud is a hybrid mattress that consists of a plush pillow-top, memory foam, and coils. It is one of the most luxurious mattresses available today. The combination of these three materials results in a feel that is somewhere between medium-firm and firm, and provides the sleeper with an appealing balance of comfort and support.

When sleeping on one’s back, the hips should be permitted to sink into the pillow top just a little bit. This is the most comfortable position. In the meantime, the pillow-top and foam layers contour themselves to the curves of the body and give support for the lumbar region. Individuals should have the impression that they are held up in all other locations because the pocketed coils beneath provide further support.

The Good

  1. Plush EuroTop for added comfort.
  2. Gel-infused memory foam for cooling.
  3. Lifetime warranty for long-term peace of mind.

The Bad

  1. The medium firmness may not suit all preferences.

Tuft Needle Adaptive Foam

Best Mattresses for Back Sleepers
Mattress TypeAll-foam
Thickness10 inches
Firmness OptionsMedium
MaterialT&N Adaptive Foam
Warranty10 years
Check Price

The majority of bed frames can be used with the Tuft & Needle Adaptive Foam mattress because it was built to be universally adaptable. Because it conforms to your body at every level, this mattress can help reduce pain not only in your back but even in your hips and neck as well. It was developed using the feedback and ideas provided by actual paying customers throughout the design process.

All of Tuft & Needle’s mattresses are constructed using adaptive foam, which is designed to adjust to your body and provide pressure relief without storing heat and leaving body impressions like memory foam and without being prohibitively expensive like latex. Instead, adaptive foam is designed to respond to your body and provide pressure relief in the same way that memory foam does. Each and every one of Tuft & Needle’s mattresses is stuffed with adaptive foam.

The Good

  1. Adaptive foam provides excellent pressure relief.
  2. Affordable pricing for budget-conscious buyers.
  3. Minimal motion transfer for undisturbed sleep.

The Bad

  1. Limited firmness options.

Nolah Evolution 15-Inch

Best Mattresses for Back Sleepers
Mattress TypeHybrid
Thickness15 inches
Firmness OptionsMedium
MaterialAirFoam, innerspring
Check Price

The Nolah Evolution mattress features a combination of cooling materials, high-resiliency foams, three unique areas of individually wrapped coils, and a focused lumbar support zone. As a result, Nolah refers to this mattress as a “ultra high-tech hybrid.” According to the manufacturer, their coil system provides 25% more support than conventional coil bases due to the use of heavier-gauge coils around the perimeter and in the middle of the mattress.

Back sleepers are susceptible to having problems with their hips and lower backs sinking too far into the mattress, and the design of this mattress seeks to assist prevent this from happening. The mattress has a number of unique characteristics that both relieve pressure and keep the user cool. Specifically, the business’s “AirFoamICE” foam, which the company claims provides superior pressure relief compared to other types of foam because it contains “billions of microscopic bubbles” and is injected with graphite for cooling purposes.

The Good

  1. AirFoam adapts to your body for personalized comfort.
  2. Enhanced edge support for a larger sleeping surface.
  3. Lifetime warranty for lasting assurance.

The Bad

  1. Limited firmness options.

Why Choosing the Right Mattress Matters for Back Sleepers?

Choosing the right mattress is crucial for back sleepers due to several important reasons:

  • 1. Spinal Alignment: Back sleeping is generally considered one of the healthiest sleep positions because it allows your spine to align naturally. However, this alignment can be compromised if your mattress doesn’t provide adequate support. The right mattress maintains the natural curvature of your spine, preventing discomfort and promoting long-term spinal health.
  • 2. Pressure Relief: While back sleeping is advantageous for spinal alignment, it can also put pressure on certain areas of the body, such as the lower back and hips. A suitable mattress for back sleepers offers targeted pressure relief, ensuring that these areas are cushioned and well-supported to prevent pain and discomfort.
  • 3. Comfort and Restfulness: Back sleepers rely on the even distribution of body weight across the mattress surface. The right mattress ensures that you feel comfortable throughout the night, reducing the likelihood of tossing and turning. Quality sleep is essential for physical and mental well-being, and a suitable mattress can significantly improve the quality of your rest.
  • 4. Allergen and Hygiene Control: A quality mattress designed for back sleepers often incorporates materials that are hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites and other allergens. This is especially important for individuals with allergies or respiratory issues, as it contributes to a healthier sleep environment.

Sleeping Habits for Back Sleepers: Maximizing Comfort and Health

As a back sleeper, if you want to be as comfortable and healthy as possible, you should adopt certain sleeping habits and practices that improve your entire sleep experience. Here are some useful tips for people who sleep on their backs:

  • Where to put the pillow: Use a pillow that gives you support and cradles your neck and head while keeping your spine’s natural curve. To avoid neck pain, the best pillow height should keep your head in line with your spine.
  • How to Choose a Mattress: Choose a medium-firm to firm mattress to make sure your back stays in the right place. This kind of mattress helps spread your weight out properly, which takes pressure off your back and keeps you from feeling uncomfortable.
  • How you sleep: Lay flat on your back with your arms at your sides. This pose helps keep the spine straight and spreads the body’s weight evenly.
  • Put a pillow between your knees: If you have pain in your lower back, try putting a small pillow or cushion between your knees. This can take pressure off your lower back and make you feel better.

Questions and Answers

Are memory foam mattresses suitable for back sleepers?

Yes, memory foam beds can be good for people who sleep on their backs because they mold to the shape of the body and provide support. Look for one with memory foam that is between medium-firm and firm.

Are innerspring mattresses recommended for back sleepers?

Back sleepers can use innerspring mattresses that have a layer of padding for comfort and a hard support core. But for more relaxation, hybrid mattresses with both springs and foam are often chosen.

What about latex mattresses for back sleepers?

Latex beds, especially ones that feel medium-firm, can be a great choice for people who sleep on their backs. Latex gives support and is also flexible.

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