Best photo background remover apps for Android

The Best Photo Background Remover Apps For Android of 2021

Android is the favorite mobile OS that is now being used by millions of users worldwide. We all know that Android supports lots of apps that are developed on a daily basis to make our everyday tasks more comfortable. There may be a time when the picture you have clicked from your Android smartphone is impressive, but the background is not.

Now, imagine a superb selfie of yours, which is photo-bombed by your friend in the background. You want to retain these pictures but not with their background. So, what do you do? If I ask you, how difficult it is to remove the background from a photo, you may think that it is tough.

So check out our list of the best photo background remover apps for Android below and let us know what do you think in the comment section below. 🙂

Best Photo Background Remover Apps For Android

Change Photo Background

This is a useful app that lets you change the background of your picture with ease. It is easy to delete the objects and change the backgrounds of your picture, just with your creativity and imagination. It allows you to erase unwanted regions in a picture, make it transparent, and even put in a new background.

Background Eraser

Background Eraser is an app for cutting pictures and for making a picture’s transparent background. The resulting images can be used as a stamp with the other apps to create a photo montage and collage.

Background Remover

Background Remover has a smart crop feature that allows custom crop size or shape. The background remover can be quickly removed or restored easily with its built-in tools. This app features the Magic Selection tool that can choose a region to delete smartly. You can select non-background, take background images from the camera, pick a color, or use background images provided by the app itself.


It’s a great photo editing app, that lets you remove all the undesired things on any picture that you would like. All that you should do is marking the objects worth erasing and hitting “Go.” This app has some great features, like a video tutorial, undo/redo options, image background recovery options, and so on.


PhotoLayers is another app that has the dominant feature of making the image in an unneeded area transparent.


Crello online background remover has deserved the reputation of the best online background remover thanks to its affordability, intuitive interface, and multiple editing features for customizing your visuals. It allows you to remove backgrounds from photos and images with a single click. Besides uploading pictures for editing in Crello, you can use their massive library of ready-made templates. Also, feel free to use this tool for changing photo backgrounds or making them transparent.

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