The Best Android Apps to change Photo Background to white

Best Android Apps to change Photo Background to white

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Best Android Apps to change Photo Background to white – Guide

Everyone wants their photos to be beautiful and a white background can often help to focus on the subject of the photo. Also, this skill is preferred by many photographers because they can simply combine white backgrounds in any layout as well as colors. That’s why we’ve registered apps to change photo background to white available for iOS or Android devices.

Almost all of our technology revolves around the phone – including photography! Whether you transfer a photo to your smartphone or take a photo with phone camera itself, you may have come at times when you want to change the background. Lucky for you, there are several apps to change the background of photos in the Android and iOS markets.

Here is our list of the best apps to change the background of an image, to help you swap that boring wall for a beautiful forest!

Automatic Background Changer

A great free alternative, Automatic Background Changer is a great app for real-time download! As the name implies, this app has the option to have the program automatically paste the subject onto a transparent background or you can do this manually using the pointer tool to make a selection around the subject. can. The app has hundreds of built-in backgrounds to use, so you don’t even have to come up with backgrounds ready for your photo!

The limitation comes, interestingly, in your AI tools. The app can (at the moment) recognize only humans, dogs or felines – in fact nothing else. But with the ability to manually select the subject and ‘erase’ the background, it’s not the biggest hurdle in the world. In addition to the above limitation, the application can be quite slow in processing images – however it retains the original file size and quality on export.

Apowersoft Background Eraser

Apowersoft has consistently found itself on the background removal review lists – and for good reason! This powerful tool offers several different options for changing the background of your photo, allowing the AI ​​to do all the work to manually outline your subject. Usage is quite simple – upload your image, select your subject type (selections include human, product and logo) and let the app do the work. With enough tools to try and fix AI errors, switching to a very realistic background isn’t too difficult.

In addition, the app offers some built-in background options (like solid colors for some common e-commerce stock options) as well as the ability to upload your own background.


Add a personal touch to any of your photos with the powerful LightX Photo Editor editing app. With dozens of different editing tools, such as the ability to create collages, add frames, add stickers or text, etc., LightX Photo Editor can turn your photos into works of art. LightX Photo Editor has an almost overwhelming number of tools available. Use this app to change someone’s hair color, crop part of a photo and add it to another, change specific shapes in the photo, or eliminate skin imperfections. And, of course, there are also lots of filters and effects.

in addition to all these features, LightX Photo Editor also allows you to retouch subtle details. Crop photos, adjust contrast, brightness or saturation to make stunning photos! All this in an easy-to-use interface. LightX Photo Editor is an excellent photo editing application, with dozens of different effects and tools. If you can imagine it, you can create it with LightX Photo Editor.

Background Remover Pro.

Want to remove or erase photo background and change background? Want to clean up the photo background and add natural landscapes, flowers and animals? Remove items from photo, use magic eraser, clear background, erase background and add background color using background remover app.

Background Remover Pro allows you to remove the background from an image in seconds. Background Remover Pro and Background Eraser Changer is a smart image background removal application with photo background remover with a beautiful user interface and many options to edit your photos to make nice picture backdrops. With Background Remover pro is a photo background eraser, you can simply remove the background from the photos by changing the background from the photo editor and use it on a different image as the background image.

Simple background changer

Simple Background Changer is a very interesting editor that you can use to cut people from your favorite photos quickly and accurately and photoshop different backgrounds using your Android device. The main benefit is that you will get great results through a very simple process. Simple Background Changer is very intuitive. In any of the three editors provided, the first thing to do is attach the image you want to work with. You can do this in two different ways. First: choose a photo from your Android gallery, or second: take a photo from within the app itself.

Simple Background Changer offers alternatives like Cut Photo, Paste Photo and Creations, where all your creations will be displayed. After tapping on any of them, the photo you chose will appear in full screen and below will be the tools you can use. For greater precision, when cutting, you can use the magnifying glass feature to zoom in and out on each part of the photo as and when you need it. You can also undo each line until you get the perfect result.

Simple Background Changer is an amazing editing platform that you can use to cut people from your favorite photos to photoshop on different backgrounds and create stunning creations.

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