Best » The 6 Best Resident Evil Games (2023) feel nostalgic

The 6 Best Resident Evil Games (2023) feel nostalgic

Which Resident Evil game is considered the best in one of the most popular horror game series?

by Edmund Blake & Charles Anders
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Best Resident Evil Games

Crafting a definitive list for the Resident Evil series is no easy task. With its blend of horror, frustration, and camp, the series has left its mark with both exceptional masterpieces and forgettable entries bearing the Resident Evil name. It has had a big impact on the way games are made because it caters to different tastes and makes some people feel nostalgic while giving others a challenge.

Because there are so many, there is a Resident Evil game for every kind of player. We chose the top 6 Resident Evil games based on things like overall quality, how easy they are to get, and how important they are to the business. These games have stood the test of time and continue to have an effect on the video game industry.

Best Resident Evil Games Comparison Table

GameFeaturesGoogle Play Store Link
Resident Evil 4 VR– Virtual reality gameplay experienceDownload Now
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis– Remake of the classic Resident Evil 3 gameDownload Now
Resident Evil Village– Gothic setting with an engaging storyDownload Now
Resident Evil – Code: Veronica X– Classic survival horror gameplayDownload Now
Resident Evil 5– Co-op gameplay and action-oriented experienceDownload Now
Resident Evil Revelations 2– Episodic format with multiple characters and survival horror elementsDownload Now

Resident Evil 4 VR

Best Resident Evil Games
Virtual RealityFully immersive gameplay experience in virtual reality
Enhanced GraphicsUpgraded visuals and immersive environments in VR
Intuitive ControlsUtilizes VR controllers for realistic and intuitive interactions
StorylineEngaging storyline set in a sinister and survival horror world
Action-Packed GameplayIntense combat encounters and strategic gameplay mechanics

One of the Best Resident Evil Games ever made is Resident Evil 4. It is also one of the games that has been ported to the most platforms. Even though Resident Evil 4 VR is the same RE4 game that came out in 2005, it deserves to be on this list because it adds new features that are only available in VR. Even though it wasn’t made for VR, Resident Evil 4 works well in it.

Even though RE4 wasn’t a scary game by nature, the VR version adds tension and suspense that you wouldn’t get in the other forms. With so many different ways to play to fit different VR play styles and the fact that you can do things like use two weapons at once, shoot two-handed weapons with one hand, and move around instead of staying in one place, RE4 in virtual reality is a breath of fresh air.

The Good

  1. Immersive virtual reality experience
  2. Enhanced graphics for a more realistic atmosphere
  3. Intuitive controls for immersive gameplay
  4. Engaging storyline that draws players into the game’s world
  5. Action-packed gameplay with intense combat encounters

The Bad

  1. Requires a VR headset and compatible hardware
  2. Limited availability for players without access to VR technology

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

Best Resident Evil Games
RemakeUpdated version of the classic Resident Evil 3 game
Stunning GraphicsHigh-quality visuals and detailed character models
Survival HorrorIntense survival horror gameplay with challenging encounters
NemesisPowerful and relentless enemy pursuing the player
Enhanced GameplayRefined mechanics and controls for an improved gaming experience

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is still one of the Best Resident Evil Games series’ most original games. It added a lot of new game features that would shape the rest of the series. RE3 was the first game to have making ammo, a feature that would be used more and more as the series went on. It also had quick-time events that pushed players to choose between different options in the story. This made each playthrough feel different.

But the best thing about it was introducing Nemesis, who may be the most feared enemy in the whole series. The stalker enemy has changed over the years, but Nemesis is still a fan favorite because of how cool he looks and how persistent he is in RE3.

The Good

  1. Updated remake of a beloved classic game
  2. Stunning graphics and detailed character models
  3. Intense survival horror gameplay
  4. Memorable Nemesis enemy adds suspense and challenge
  5. Enhanced gameplay mechanics for improved controls and immersion

The Bad

  1. Some fans may prefer the original version
  2. Shorter gameplay compared to other Resident Evil titles

Resident Evil Village

Best Resident Evil Games
Gothic SettingUnique gothic-inspired setting with eerie atmosphere
Engaging StoryIntriguing narrative with twists and turns
Dynamic ExplorationExpansive and interconnected world to explore
Villagers and MonstersDiverse and challenging enemies to encounter
Upgraded GameplayNew mechanics, improved combat, and expanded options

Resident Evil Village tried to look at the Resident Evil playbook in new ways, and for the most part, it did. Capcom added to Ethan Winters’ story and made it more connected to the rest of the Resident Evil universe. They also tried to find a better mix between funny and scary parts.

The over-the-top torture of Ethan’s hands was a nice change of pace from some of the more obvious scares, like Lady Dimitrescu and the Witches three following Ethan and a dollhouse part that was as tense as the best Silent Hill games. Resident Evil Village had some problems, but it was another great example of how powerful Resident Evil can be when the action is seen from the first-person point of view.

The Good

  1. Captivating gothic setting with an eerie atmosphere
  2. Engaging story with interesting twists and turns
  3. Dynamic exploration of an expansive world
  4. Variety of challenging enemies and encounters
  5. Upgraded gameplay mechanics for an improved experience

The Bad

  1. Some players may find the story confusing or convoluted
  2. May require prior knowledge of the Resident Evil series

Resident Evil – Code: Veronica X

Best Resident Evil Games
Classic Survival HorrorRetro-style survival horror gameplay
Compelling StoryEngrossing narrative with memorable characters
Challenging PuzzlesIntricate puzzles that require critical thinking and exploration
Enhanced GraphicsImproved visuals and updated character models
Nostalgic ExperienceReturn to the classic Resident Evil gameplay

At one point in its development, Resident Evil – Code: Veronica had the intention of continuing the Resident Evil franchise into the future. Even though the name “Resident Evil 3” was prominently displayed on the title screen of the final product, Nemesis, it is now abundantly evident that Code: Veronica was more deserving of the moniker. It furthered Resident Evil’s foray into action terrain by introducing real-time 3D surroundings and a more dynamic camera to sit in them.

However, it did not exorcise the spirit of survival that defined its basic scenario design. Code: Veronica was the final mission in the first chapter of Resident Evil, and it served as a time capsule that both paid tribute to the franchise’s history and provided a glimpse into its potential future.

The Good

  1. Classic survival horror gameplay reminiscent of earlier Resident Evil titles
  2. Compelling and engaging storyline with memorable characters
  3. Challenging puzzles that provide a sense of accomplishment
  4. Enhanced graphics for a more visually appealing experience
  5. Nostalgic trip for fans of the original Resident Evil games

The Bad

  1. Graphics and mechanics may feel outdated to some players
  2. Limited availability on modern gaming platforms

Resident Evil 5

Best Resident Evil Games
Co-op GameplayPlay the game cooperatively with a friend or online partner
Action-OrientedFast-paced action with intense combat sequences
Dynamic EnvironmentsDiverse locations and settings to explore and fight in
Upgraded WeaponsWide range of weapons and upgrades to customize your arsenal
Coordinated StrategyTeamwork and coordination for successful mission completion

In the late 2000s, the Resident Evil series stopped focusing on survival horror and became more of an action-packed third-person shooter. It was a surprising change, and even though some fans didn’t like Resident Evil 5, it still has most of the things that made the series great, like the characters and the way you play.

In Resident Evil 5, Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar work together to stop a group of terrorists from spreading a dangerous virus around the world. It might not be as scary as some of the other entries, but the story is just as strange and full of surprises.

The Good

  1. Co-op gameplay for cooperative play with a friend or online partner
  2. Action-oriented gameplay with intense combat sequences
  3. Dynamic environments that offer variety in locations and settings
  4. Upgraded weapons and customization options for a satisfying arsenal
  5. Coordinated strategy and teamwork add depth to the gameplay

The Bad

  1. Some players may prefer a more horror-focused experience
  2. Limited single-player experience compared to previous titles

Resident Evil Revelations 2

Best Resident Evil Games
Episodic FormatReleased in episodic format, offering a compelling storyline
Dual ProtagonistsPlay as multiple characters with unique abilities and perspectives
Survival Co-opCooperative gameplay for two players
Intense AtmosphereTense and atmospheric survival horror elements
Puzzle SolvingEngaging puzzles that require critical thinking and exploration

With Resident Evil: Revelations, the series finally went back to its survival horror roots after a few years of action-focused games. The first Resident Evil: Revelations was told in episodes, and while it was great to see Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine back for another journey, Revelations 2 is a much better game overall.

The story in Revelations 2 is still broken up into parts, but each one has interesting character moments and intense game play. You can play through Revelations 2 with a friend, unlike the first game, but you’ll have to fight over who gets to play Barry Burton.

The Good

  1. Episodic format with a compelling and engaging storyline
  2. Dual protagonists with unique abilities and perspectives
  3. Survival co-op gameplay for two players to enjoy together
  4. Intense atmosphere and survival horror elements for a thrilling experience
  5. Engaging puzzles that challenge critical thinking and exploration

The Bad

  1. May require playing all episodes for a complete experience
  2. Limited availability on certain gaming platforms


Can I play Resident Evil games in co-op mode?

Some Resident Evil games have “co-op” modes that let you play with a friend or someone you meet online. Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 are two games in the series that are well-known for their co-op play. You can play through the main storyline of these games with another player, making the experience more cooperative.

Are all Resident Evil games connected?

Yes, most of the Resident Evil games are linked and have the same overall story. The series shows what happens as a result of the Umbrella Corporation’s trials with biological weapons, the spread of the T-virus, and the fight to stay alive against different creatures and infected people. Even though some Resident Evil games have their own stories, they are still part of the bigger universe and add to the overall story.

Can I play Resident Evil games on modern gaming platforms?

Yes, many Resident Evil games have been updated and put back on the market for newer gaming systems. You can play them on PC as well as devices like the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Also, Resident Evil 2 (2019) and Resident Evil 3 (2020), which are younger games in the series, were made for modern platforms.

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