The Best Subwoofers Under $100

Subwoofers are a complicated device to control, especially if you try to control it cheaply. Low frequencies are very difficult to reproduce, but they can add a lot to an overall listening experience. However, spending a lot of money is not The Best option, so we dared to find the Best Subwoofers Under $100. We have looked at models that are competent enough in the low-end without being overly inflated. Adequate power delivery was also required so that the speakers would not deform under low pressure.

Let’s have a look at The Best subwoofers under $100 in our comparison table. Then we’ll discuss them one-by-one. And finally, you can see our guide for buying The Best subwoofers under $100. Let’s begin!

Best Subwoofers Under $100 List

Theater Solutions SUB8SM

best subwoofers under $100

Most subwoofers currently on the market are reasonably conventional. After all, that is what most people want. There are, however, different designs that offer a unique view of what subwoofers can do. Theater solutions SUB8SM Slim Subwoofer represents as one for the Best subwoofers under $100. It is a compact, slim unit intended to be mounted on the wall or floors.

Despite its strange design, it is still a subwoofer. You look at an 8 “high-quality downward transducer combined with a 250 Watt peak power amplifier Available frequency range from 35 Hz to 150 Hz. Apart from quite a deep digging, you also get a full range of controls needed to adjust the speaker in the dimensions of your room correctly. Overall, this is one for the Best subwoofers under 100 dollars.

The Best Car Subwoofers


  • An efficient design that offers something different and exciting.
  • Slim chassis makes it a shallow profile sub.
  • Features plenty of power going through an 8“ transducer.
  • Great set of controls which make it easy to set up.


  • Its niche design limits its application.
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Polk Audio PSW10

Polk Audio is one of those brands that requires little introduction when it comes to subwoofers and home theater speakers in general. The model we are looking at today is by far one for the Best subwoofers under $100 on the market. It is a pretty compact unit built into a stylish cabinet that looks great. What we liked the most about this model is the fact that it comes with a 10 “transducer, which means an 80% lead on the competition – a side-firing unit with a bass reflex port on the side. That it has a 100 Watt amplifier, it is certainly powerful enough for home use. Overall, this is one for the Best subwoofers under 100 dollars.


  • A stylish cabinet that fits into any environment.
  • Excellent build quality all around.
  • It comes with a 10“ transducer, which moves some serious air.
  • A decently powerful amp allows you to experience the bass.


  • Cutoff at 40Hz makes it a bit limited.
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Dayton Audio SUB-800

best subwoofers under $100

What Dayton Audio SUB-800 offers is a simple solution that improves the bottom of your system and is one for the Best subwoofers under $100. One of the most defining features of this particular model must be its clean design. It is a down-firing subwoofer, but it has a fresh, stylish cabinet. At the top, it looks perfect; SUB-800 brings you some exciting features.

In terms of unprocessed specifications, this sub offers 80 Watt RMS with a frequency range of 40 Hz to 140 Hz. In general, it is neither the most powerful nor the most capable sub in this segment, but it is one of the most reliable. With features such as Auto-On mode and a pretty decent selection of controls, it is undoubtedly one for the Best subwoofers under 100 dollars.


  • A simple cabinet design that offers that clean look.
  • One capable 8“ transducer in a down-firing configuration.
  • Goes pretty deep into the frequency range.
  • It offers a decent amount of clarity.


  • A little bit more power would have been appreciated.
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Acoustic Audio PSW250-6

Small subwoofers are often overlooked simply because of their small size. Usually, however, these models are quite capable. Acoustic Audio from Goldwood PSW250-6 offers a right combination of performance, aesthetics, and is one for the Best subwoofers under $100. For a sub specially designed for home theaters, he certainly picks up a lot of juice. For this price, it is a bargain.

Underneath that stylish MDF is a 6 “low-frequency driver coupled to a 250-watt amplifier, which is peak power. In terms of the frequency response range, you look at 30Hz to 250Hz.In other words, this sub digs quite deep in the range. You have variable LF crossover control, automatic shutdown, and a few other functions. Overall, this is one for the Best subwoofers under 100 dollars.


  • A smaller subwoofer that works great in tight quarters.
  • Excellent performance with plenty of range.
  • It offers a decent amount of power for its size.
  • Proper controls that improve the experience.


  • Loses a bit of clarity once you go super low.
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Yamaha YST-SW45

best subwoofers under $100

Yamaha’s audio systems are known for their excellent performance at reasonable prices. When it comes to subwoofers, they offer a pretty impressive model. It goes under the name Yamaha YST-SW45 and offers functions an excellent solution for compact home theater setups. Yamaha has found the right balance between power, size, and overall sound quality. That alone makes it one for the Best subwoofers under $100.

When you give up, ultimately, there is a decent selection of hardware left. Yamaha has an 8 “cone combined with a 70-watt amp and a useful variable crossover. Although 70 Watt does not give a lot of confidence on paper, the actual performance is good enough. Although we won’t mind more power, we can not ask for more at this price.


  • Designed for use in smaller rooms where space is limited.
  • It features a good set of hardware and controls.
  • It comes with an 8“ subwoofer cone.
  • Excellent build quality and overall design.


  • Underpowered compared to most of its competition.
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Acoustic Audio PSW-8

Building a good home theater setup is highly dependent on your choice of subwoofers. That is why models such as the Acoustic Audio PSW-8 make the difference. With this specific model, you look for high performances that are delivered in a cabinet that is not much larger than most. One thing Acoustic Audio did well was choosing core components over functions.

The result is a subwoofer that cross-over an 8-inch cone, a 300-watt amplifier, and a proper variable low-pass frequency. When it reaches its frequency range, this bad boy digs up to 26 Hz and covers everything up to 250 Hz. In general, it is one of the absolute best subwoofers under $100 on the market right now.

The Best Bookshelf Speakers


  • Excellent build quality and simple design make it quite robust.
  • Features proper hardware, including a 300 Watt amplifier.
  • Excellent sound quality, thanks to a competent speaker.
  • Overall excellent performance for the money.


  • It is missing some of the standard controls.
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Yamaha YST-SW012

best subwoofers under $100

Another Yamaha model that is worth mentioning is called Yamaha YST-SW012. It is a simple, compact subwoofer designed to complete all entry models for the Best subwoofers under $100 list. Yamaha did everything to make a reliable, efficient sub that would not break your wallet. Even though the Yamaha YST-SW012 is not the latest model in the series, it is heavily discounted.

That alone makes it a bargain at the moment. As far as the hardware is concerned, look for an 8 “cone with magnetic shielding and a great deal of range, coupled with a capable but somewhat powerful 100 Watt amplifier and a decent set of controls for a model with an affordable price for the pre-flight, this Yamaha sounds better than we expected. Overall, this is one for the Best subwoofers under 100 dollars.


  • Simple design that is both attractive and reliable.
  • It offers excellent core hardware and components.
  • Plenty of range for such a small cone.
  • Reaches down to 25Hz with no issues.


  • It feels a bit underpowered compared to most of its competition.
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Things To Consider Before Buying Best Subwoofers Under $100

  • Price

The first consideration with this award is, well, the price. If you only spend $100 on a subwoofer, it is clear that there is probably a fixed budget. Jumping to $300 or $500 provides a significantly better result, but that is not always worth it. That’s why we made sure we were going to track down bargains that offered an excellent price-quality ratio. The price may indicate that these subwoofers will not perform well, but $100 is about as cheap as you can before the value starts to wear out.

  • Features

There are, however, some problems. The Best subwoofers are ripe for features such as subharmonic improvements, more filter options, and sometimes external functionality. Yet, they can not be found on The Best subwoofers under $100. Unfortunately, this price does not offer any guarantees for functions. Automatic signal detection and tunable crossover are present on every option, but that should be expected. Other than that, they give you the sound they come with. $100 does not offer much in terms of features, but our options offer precisely where it counts. Achievements are king, and the models that you can find here are no exception.

  • Design

When searching for a subwoofer, astronomy plays a significant role. More often than not, an audio set-up is intended for a living or entertainment room, where each speaker is brought to the level of the furniture in terms of design. That is why all options are underestimated in The Best way so that they can be seamlessly integrated into almost an existing set-up. Neutral colors were essential in an attempt to scare back for a potential collision in the room. Although it may not seem important at first, a small box on your floor that collides with everything in the place can quickly become an annoyance, which is certainly not the goal.


Subwoofers thrive on a larger budget. Making a competent speaker who can compete in the low end without sounding flabby or distorted is undoubtedly an achievement. That performance is even more illustrated with a price below $100. Each of the options in our list of Best Subwoofers Under $100 turns out to offer a solid low-end experience, all for a low price. Although a lack of functions is disappointing, these propositions give it where it counts – in performance.

The Best Subwoofers