The Best Chrome Exten­sions to Save left open Tabs

Best Chrome Exten­sions to Save left open Tabs

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Best Chrome Exten­sions to Save left open Tabs – Guide

Tab (or session) managers are productivity tools that allow you to save tabs for later use, as well as easily cover open ones. Continuing my trail of productivity-related topics here is my collection of the best extensions that will let you regain control of your Chrome tabs and browsing sessions like magic.

How many times have you found things online that cause you to open more tabs than necessary. Many times I even opened tabs and left them in the left corner of my browser because, although they had the information, I was interested in using them again later, I didn’t want to bookmark them. In a way, closing a tab makes me feel like I’m done with it. But that was a while ago, because I have the power of tab managers under my fingertips.

Chrome may be the most popular browser in the world today, but it’s not perfect. When do you open up too many tabs, you can hardly see them while crumpling up together and they start taking up lots of RAM. These Chrome extensions offer different ways to deal with this never-ending issue, from closing inactive tabs to dropping tabs in Chrome windows.

The best Chrome extensions for saving tabs that are open

Session Companion

If you want to save entire Chrome sessions and retrieve them later, Session Buddy is a good tool for the job. The way it works is very simple: if you have three windows open with some tabs in each one, you can save the entire session in Session Buddy and reopen all three windows later.

Session Buddy allows you to save related tabs as a session and restore them one by one or all at once. It’s the perfect guide extension if you have a workflow like mine: I open a new window whenever I’m on a new topic, so when I find what I need, I just close the window.

Session Buddy comes with general, appearance, filter and keyboard settings. Lots of customization options for you to have a field day once and then fly without the need to refuel.

the great suspender

Great Suspender makes your computer run smoother by automatically suspending tabs you aren’t using. This is useful when you notice that most of the time there are tabs open that you haven’t touched for several minutes because you’re connected to another tab or want to return to it later.

Knowing that Google Chrome treats each tab as its own process thread, The Great Suspender sees the need for you to remember that there is a tab using its memory, suspending it after a customizable time. This suspender is great because it saves battery and memory.

The extension of the Great Suspender. Chrome has earned a reputation as a memory hog, so it’s nice to be able to keep your tabs exactly where they are without using as much memory. You can set the tabs to suspend automatically after a period of time, or you can suspend them manually. If you want tab suspension along with tab management, try Workona.


OneTab promises to save up for 95% of your memory and reducing tab clutter at the same time by converting all your tabs into a single list. When you need to access any of your tabs again, just reset one or all of them at once.

Among OneTab’s features is the option to create a webpage from your list of tabs and share it with others or computers and smart devices. When your guides start to get out of hand, you’re faced with a dilemma. Do you close them all en masse and risk losing every page you were looking at, or do you persevere as Chrome slowly gobbles up your available CPU?

Turns out the answer is none. If you install OneTab, you can close all available tabs into a single list. They can be reopened from the list at any time.


Toby for Chrome helps you organize your tabs into aesthetically pleasing lists ​​(kanban board type). It’s present in each new tab and you can drag and drop your tabs into collections or create a session for better organization.

Do you find yourself opening the same tabs over and over again every time you turn on your computer in the morning?

Toby makes the process easier by letting you create groups of tabs that you can open with a single click. Once you’re comfortable with the extension, try it out. For example, why not create a separate group of guides for work and personnel?

TooManyTabs for Chrome

TooManyTabs for Chrome allows you to see all of your open tabs and view them individually by clicking on them or selecting them by searching by the tab title. Also, tabs that have been optimal for a while are suspended and separated into a column, and you can set it to automatically backup/restore active tabs for Google Drive.

Excessive tabs are problematic because they overload Chrome’s ability to display content in a significant way. TooManyTabs solves the problem by using a popout to provide a thumbnail preview of the tabs you’ve opened.

TooManyTabs gives users a handy preview of each of its open tabs to help them find what they’re looking for. In addition to tab views, TooManyTabs also has a feature which allows you to suspend the guides and reopen them later.


Cluster – Window & Tab Manager allows users to manage their tabs and windows to minimize memory usage. It comes with tools to quickly switch between windows and tabs, as well as options to save and restore them.

your other features include tabs sorting by domain, a tab audio indicator, export of active windows to JSON / CSV, dark theme, support for multiple columns in wide screens, etc. Cluster is another tab organizer for Chrome. One of the best in the Cluster features is the ability to group your tabs by domain or by Chrome window.

is a powerful feature that you may not realize the benefits until you try. People who are doing heavy research that requires lots of unique site guides – like students – will find the tool particularly useful.


TabXpert has a radically different solution to the problem of having too many tabs open. It says to open as many as you want, just start a new window for each task. And while you do that, TabXpert will remember all tabs in that window, both open and closed.

It’s a different approach to the idea of ​​managing tabs, but it can be the simplest yet. The only thing is, this won’t solve problems about Chrome using too much RAM. Will be up so you can close windows when you don’t need them and save sessions before TabXpert kills them.

So for whatever task you start, press Ctrl + N to open a new Chrome window and work on it. TabXpert tracks the entire session to know everything about your tabs. If you close the window, don’t worry, just open the TabXpert console to see the session. Here you can save it, rename it or reopen it.

tab outline

For those unfamiliar with the productivity tool, you can think of Tabs Outliner as a folder tree for tabs. Tabs Outliner works as a tab manager, session manager and information organizer (with a tree view). It also allows users to annotate and save tabs without destroying their original context.

If you wish, you can shell out some money towards your prize. features which include keyboard shortcuts, automatic backups to Google Drive and frequent local backups.

When you open a tab, it nests into the previous tab. You can drag guides between different trees and add notes to help you remember why you were looking at them. It also lets you close tabs, but keeps them in your tree so you can revisit them later; it’s perfect to free up browser memory.

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