The Best Lawyer Shows You Must Watch on Netflix

Best Lawyer Shows You Must Watch on Netflix

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Best Lawyer Shows You Must Watch on Netflix – Guide

If you are preparing for the CLAT or other law exams, it is important to learn a lot features from the field of law. To do this, you should have chosen the best CLAT programs, books and other study materials. But, did you know that in addition to books and mock tests, there are many other ways to cover the path to a successful strategy for you?

There are many important law-related series and programs available on the Internet today that you can watch directly from your smartphone, laptop or television. These online programs will help you learn many of the latest things about law that will help you in the profession.

Besides, it’s lockdown time, and the exams have been postponed. You can take some time out of your daily study routine and watch these fun but motivational programs. You don’t need to watch every program. We’ve created a list of the best series on the web for aspiring lawmakers.


This Australian TV series is about Clever Green, a lawyer who, despite being famous as Wag, gambling addict, woman, addict, knows people and legal matters well, among many other things. The series is well crafted and the witty character of Clever Green, who doesn’t hesitate to speak his mind. heart for anyone, you always find yourself involved in lost cases, which will keep you stuck to the screen.

How to run away with murder

It’s a series of packages complete with suspense, drama, strong language, romance and everything in between. The fast-paced, suspense-driven legal show revolves around Annalise Keating, a high-level, hard-headed, confident, and demanding criminal defense attorney and law professor at Middleton University, and her five aspiring students. They meet to solve challenging cases, but soon find themselves involved in a murder plot that has shaken the entire university and changed the course of their lives.

How to fix a drug scandal

One of the most recent on the list, this groundbreaking mini-documentary portrays yet another crackdown on the court system, forensics, DNA evidence and drug testing that normally proves free from error or prejudice.

The series follows the monitoring of Sonja Farak, a chemist working at the state drug lab in Amherst, Massachusetts, who begins interfering and stealing drug sample samples collected by police while he was a drug addict. It was. The show also showed how thousands of drug-related cases were turned upside down due to his conviction, where he testified.

Tokyo Trial

Based on real historical events, the TV series Tokyo Trials portrays the WWII era. The show takes place in the spring of 1946, when about 11 aides from the war-torn Tokyo Imperial Hotel as part of an international military tribunal to learn about atrocities committed by Japanese war criminals during the Crusade in the Nanjing Nation, the judges were called, in search of justice amidst the devastation and chaos in Pearl Harbor, Bataan and many other places.

when they see us

Another limited series that describes the real events of the famous ‘Central Park Five’ case in the USA. It documents the lives of five friends who were victims of government brutality and harassment in 1989 and were convicted on false charges of assault and rape. The series includes a complete visual account of the difficulties he faced in prison, from the long and arduous trials to the nationwide protests and his acquittal.


The exhibit provides an excellent view of the day-to-day operations of one of the leading law firms and its attorneys in New York. The story changes when the firm’s most respected attorney and newly promoted senior partner, Harvey Spector, recruits college dropout Mike Ross as his colleague and convinces him to major in law at Harvard.

Novice Mike Ross moves his photographic memory to solve the toughest cases with Harvey’s talents and experiences. Still, actors like Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, Sarah Rafferty, Gina Torres and a few others have done a great job keeping the glamor in check.

better call saul

The American television criminal and legal drama series is a spin-off and prequel to the famous series Breaking Bad of all time. The TV drama tells the story of Jimmy McGill, a clever but treacherous thief from Albuquerque, who seeks to save criminals in court and hide his past, becoming the famous Saul. Ends through unprecedented events. Goodman in the cult classic.

The judgement

If you want to get a taste of an epic Italian television thriller series, the quiz is highly recommended. The show has everything to keep viewers on their toes, from the intriguing and suspenseful murder to the defense attorney’s arguments in court.

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