The Best Online Tools and Apps to find Movies

Best Online Tools and Apps to find Movies

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Best Online Tools and Apps to find Movies – Guide

Filming of many television shows and movies has been suspended because of Covid-19, but producers are starting to choose up where they left off. With your favorite TV shows and movies coming out soon, it can be hard to keep track of them. Here are some apps to help you manage your view selection.

Free apps that track TV shows and movies can be really helpful. Have you ever found yourself making a mental note about a new show or movie to broadcast, only to forget about it completely later? Or missed a new episode or season of your favorite show just because you haven’t checked out a specific streaming service in a while. We’ve all been there and it can be very frustrating, especially if you’re an avid streamer.

In recent years we have seen many other streaming video services launch in India besides Netflix, Prime Video and Hotstar. Apple has launched its Apple TV+ streaming service, Disney+ has introduced its program list through Hotstar and let’s not forget the long list of Indian streaming apps like Zee5, Sony Liv, etc that offer a variety of Indian content. Many of us have multiple subscriptions, which makes it even more difficult to maintain up with new content being added to various services.

Best online tools and apps for watching movies


Letterboxd is strictly for movies. The app not only allows users to track the movies they’ve watched and add movies to their wish list, but it also allows them to rate the movies, leave ratings, add tags, and discuss the movies with other users. Its social media element allows users to see what their friends are watching. It’s also a good tool for movie suggestions, as users can browse based on genre or appearance. up movie lists created by other users.

Now this movie discovery social network is a must if you prefer to keep your shows and movies separate. Just like the rest, you can add movies to your watch list and save those you plan to watch later in your ‘diary’. What’s more, when you’ve finished watching, you can add a review and attach a review to help others decide if they should spend more time on it.

A long press on a movie box brings up up a new section where you can mark the movie as watched and tap ‘Like’ button stand out in your vision. Follow this if you are adding previously watched movies, but if it is a new one, add it to the diary where you can record the date as well.


A popular TV tracker on Android, SeriesGuide lets you track shows and movies, and it can also sync with your Trakt account so you have all your watchlists and collections in one place. There’s also a statistics tab that shows how many hours you’ve spent watching, the number of episodes you’ve watched, and so on.

This is an ad-free open source app, although you can opt for an annual sponsorship to support the developer, which gives you cloud backup, additional widgets, themes and more. SeriesGuide Show Manager is a simple application that helps you keep track of all the shows you watch, showing you how many episodes you’ve watched and, in the case of a show that’s already ended, how many episodes are left until farewell time

. The app is designed for American programs and therefore displays the air dates of each episode in the United States. The main menu displays a list of shows that you might be interested in, along with information about when the next episode will play to keep you going. up Until the present date. It is important to keep in mind that this app does not download episodes.


The brilliance of JustWatch, apart from the smart interface, is that you can find new or popular programs based on the streaming service you use. In addition to regular ones like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, you can also add other places like Voot, Jio Cinema, Eros Now, Alt Balaji and more.

The home page shows what others are watching, similar to the genre of shows you selected during initial setup. No tracking application would be complete without the ability to create a custom watchlist, which is also present. JustWatch recommends TV shows and movies based on your preferences and the streaming services you’ve subscribed to. New users are asked to choose programs they like when they subscribe up.

After that, they will need to enter the subscription services they have access to. The UI takes some time to load, which can be annoying, but the app does. up for this with its filtering options, which allow users to customize what they are looking for.

TV Time

This app allows users to not only follow movies and TV series, but also set up alerts for when they are released. If you are an Android user, you can also add the TV Time widget to your home screen to tag episodes as you watch them. The app has built a community where users can access reaction images and gifs, as well as participate in discussions after watching a show or movie. Plus, it has a social media aspect so you can also see what your friends are watching.

This app is first on the list because it’s my Holy Grail. I use it pretty much every day as it’s the perfect tool to keep track of every TV series I’m watching or will watch. I love the way the app notifies me when a new episode starts or when a new season comes back after a long hiatus, regardless of the platform / cable network it’s on. Hey, sometimes life gets in the way and it’s a great reminder that there’s something to look forward to.


Hobi is strictly for tracking TV series. Its user interface is very smooth, attractive and easy to use. Programs in the app are categorized based on the TV network they broadcast. Hobi is predominantly free to use, but users can upgrade to a premium account, which allows use on unlimited devices, removes ads, provides personalized notifications and advanced statistics about their TV habit, among other perks.

Hobi is a beautifully designed app that looks good on both Android and iOS. Hobi is purely designed for tracking TV shows. You can track the progress of each show, be alerted to release dates for upcoming seasons, and also monitor statistics on your TV viewing habits. The premium version of the app lets you log in on multiple devices, offers advanced stats, personalized notifications and more. However, even if you don’t want to pay, the free version is still pretty good.


Watcht is another sophisticated and highly functional iOS app developed by the Trakt developer community. It lets you follow TV shows and movies, search for popular shows based on genres, and even check which streaming service is currently hosting your show or movie, based on your location. It even has a built-in calendar that lets you add reminders for watching programs on a certain day. There are a lot more customizations to explore if you really want to tweak your schedule, what makes this app so awesome.

Watcht is an iOS app for tracking movies and TV shows. You can explore lists of popular movies and shows and create your own watch list. And this tracking app can mark the movies or shows watched, schedule a check-in reminder for movies, track which episodes to watch next, view viewing history, send reminder messages about the episodes received in the calendar.


Now this app serves the best of both worlds. It not only tracks your TV shows, but also allows users to manage their movie viewing lists. In addition to being able to read user and review comments along with access to IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes, its beautiful interface also offers the option to create reminders and countdowns of when your favorite content will be released.

CineTrak has a slightly more traditional design, but it’s also a good option to see what new movies or series you can see. Like the rest, it offers a lot of information about each of the tab’s titles.

In each of the tabs, it even links to other services such as IMDb or JustWatch to complete information or see where it can be played online. It also integrates different lists so you can see recommended content, although you’ll need to buy the premium version for that.

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