The Best Parenting App for Android

Best Parenting App for Android

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Best Parenting App for Android – Guide

To research the best parenting apps available, we looked for those that provide one or more of the following five main qualities: eating trackers, calendars/schedulers, child growth trackers, expert advice, and community and sharing qualities. Apps with these essential qualities provide everything parents need to organize and maintain their children’s schedules, keep track of their children’s requirements, and connect with professionals and other parents for guidance.

Since most of the apps on our list offer excellent free versions with many of the same qualities, the best parenting app for you mostly depends on personal preference. Consider how the strengths of each app align with your parenting requirements. As your child grows, your needs as a parent will likely change. To place up That’s why we have included the best parenting app for android apps designed for parents of kids of different ages. so we looked for an app that would help us give kids access to websites they need for school.

Check out the list of the best parenting apps for Android


BabyTime is a simple yet highly customizable baby tracking app similar to Baby Connect. Parents can use the app to track their baby’s development and activities, including breastfeeding, bottle feeding, solids intake, hospital visits, diaper changes and sleep.

You can record your child’s weight and height and track their growth over time with graphs. There is also a support growth report feature which provides a comparison and growth analysis report for each birth weight group (this feature is currently in a beta version and must be enabled in settings).

Baby Connect

Baby Connect is the most comprehensive baby tracking app on the AppStore. It has graphical reports and graphs of trends, weekly averages, medications, vaccines and growth tracking, timers, notifications, emails, .csv export, easy-to-use interface, unlimited data, and is the only app that allows you to exchange information in time real life with your spouse, nanny, babysitter or daycare.

You can compare with the previous day and previous week averages and visualize the data in graphs to identify trends. You can see when the last medication or vaccine was. You can also track weight, height and head size, compare with US or International percentiles and display the growth graph.

busy boy

Parents can use BusyKid to set their children’s chores, monitor their progress and pay their allowance. Children use BusyKid to notify their parents when tasks are complete. The app is also designed to help teach kids about budgeting and money management.

It does this by allowing kids to start investing, donating to charities and even spending via a linked debit card. BusyKid is not currently BBB accredited, but maintains an A rating with the company.


Keep you and your family organized with the Cozi app. With it, you can share calendars and set reminders, create shared to-do lists, write your shopping lists and store recipes. You can easily view your schedule and important tasks at a glance with Cozi Today.

There’s even a family journal to capture those important memories and send updates to important people in your life. Anyone with an electronic device can easily access all features. Whether you’re in your mobile device or working on your computer, Cozi is sure to help you keep your home running smoothly.

Cloud baby monitor

A multitasking mother in a nuclear family needs an extra pair of eyes to monitor her bundle of joy. This cloud-based Baby Monitor app allows new moms to supervise and protect their babies through noise and motion alerts, music, white noise and lullabies, and two-way access to video and audio.

It allows mothers to keep a constant watch over their newborns while taking care of daily tasks. You can download the app on two or more phonestablets or computer PCs, where a digital device serves as video camera taking care of your child while the phone (the parent unit) keeps you connected.


Being a new mother has its unique challenges, and as many women have to be alone with a baby throughout the day, and despite all the love a mother feels for her child, it can sometimes get boring and lonely. That’s why staying in touch with others can make you feel more connected and appreciated.

Significantly improve her life and help her find new moms to talk to.

Led Kitchen for Babies

Nutrition is a big concern for parents of young children, and Baby Led Kitchen can take all your worries away by offering hundreds of recipes for kids. It has recipes for children from 6 months until they can eat independently. Each recipe is tried and tested for young children, ensuring it is easy to cook and economical.

You can search recipes by type and even filter them as dairy-free or gluten-free. A timer is shown for each recipe, so you can also browse recipes based on how long it takes to prepare. It is a paid app and you can download the app for a price of $3.99 with everything unlocked.

Google Family Link

If you are not a fully Android family, this service is not for you. If you tend to give your old kids phones, you may also have a problem. The parent app only requires a device running Android 4.4 KitKat or higher. Less than three percent of Android phones currently runs Nougat, and it seems likely that children in the preteen category are underrepresented in this already small group.

The first step is to create a family group, with you as the manager. You can later add your partner as a co-manager if you wish. After setting this up, sharing apps and music through the Google Play Family Library is also available. Next, you create your child’s Google account.

Montessori activities

Parents should be involved in activities with children to promote skill development, even outside of school hours. The Montessori Activities app makes this easy by offering a variety of real-life games and activities suitable for school-aged children and helping them learn new skills.

All activities are focused on the Montessori area and are divided into categories to develop your interest in different skills. You just need to provide your child’s age and how much time you have to engage in these activities, and the app will recommend activities accordingly.


FamiSafe’s parent company, Wondershare Technology, is not accredited with the BBB. Still, the BBB gave Wondershare an F rating, mainly due to the fact that Wondershare did not respond to any of the customer complaints filed with the office.

While it’s impossible to know for sure, it seems likely that this is because the Canada-based company is unaware of its BBB profile and complaints against it. FamiSafe has a score of 4.2 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot and 5 out of 5 stars on Google Play. The app has won awards from the National Parenting Center, National Parenting Product Awards, and Mom’s Choice Awards.

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