The Best Short­cuts for Siri for Safari Browser on iOS

Best Short­cuts for Siri for Safari Browser on iOS

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Best Short­cuts for Siri for Safari Browser on iOS – Guide

The Shortcuts app clarifies complex tasks on your iPhone in a single action that could otherwise require a large number of steps. So far, so good. But as I’ve said elsewhere, finding the best shortcuts outside of the pathetic gallery in the Apple app often involves taking long shortcuts on third-party pages like the Shortcuts subreddit, Routine Hub, and Shortcuts Gallery. So much for taking shortcuts.

I’ve compiled a list of Siri shortcuts that create a great iOS experience for all of us. You’ll find them all in the Shortcuts app gallery after you download them, but to get the best of them, you’ll want to give them their own icons in your home screen or set up a specific Siri command.

intelligent power

Here’s the short answer: “Power module” refers to the presence of a power switching component (usually an IGBT), and the module is “smart” because it includes additional control and protection circuitry. The goal is to optimize performance and make the overall solution easier to design and implement. This terminology can be a little misleading. when I see the words “Smart power module”, my intuitive interpretation is “power supply module” (like a DC/DC converter) plus “processor”. (In all seriousness, immediately after writing this sentence, a marketing email popped up up in my inbox: “New miniature 2W AC / DC power modules.”)

Basically, I would expect an intelligent power module to be an integrated power supply device that embodies the digital “intelligence” provided by a microprocessor. I suppose no one can stop me from using the term that way, because it makes sense, but it’s important to recognize that, according to industry standard usage, an IPM is a highly integrated and advanced solid-state power switch.

Destiny Assistant 2

Destiny 2 and its most exclusive mode, Gambit, has been on the playlist for just over two years. The game mode is a mix of PvE and PvP, which made news as soon as it was released along with Season of the Drifter in March 2019. Guardians have to defeat several enemies to collect various drops called “motes” and deposit them in a bench to summon enemies to the opposing team. The first team to deposit a specific number of motes and defeat the boss final wins a game of Gambit. Guardians of each team can invade each other and sabotage your particle collection or your boss damage phase.

However, with each season, Gambit was slowly disappearing from the Guardians’ regular playlist. Numerous state-of-the-art rituals and weapons such as 21% Delirium, Hush and Python saw the sunset, resulting in Gambit having the lowest Destiny 2 reward of all activities.

eject water

The iPhone has a Water Eject Siri shortcut that allows users to remove water from the device’s speaker grill. This can be useful. feature if you take your phone take a shower or accidentally drop your phone in the water. In general, iPhones are water resistant and work well even after being immersed in water. But the same cannot be said for the speaker. It may be necessary to eject water from the iPhone speaker grill for them to work properly.

The Water Eject Siri shortcut reproduces a low frequency sound that ejects water from the speaker grill to make them work well. This feature is inspired by the Apple Watch series, which allows users to eject water from speakers. if you want to know how to eject water from your iPhone using Siri’s shortcut, this article will help you with that. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can eject water from your iPhone using Siri’s shortcut.

dark mode v2

The original shortcut “Dark Mode” appeared years ago, when using a dark mode on your iOS wasn’t even possible. However, considering that iOS now offers this option, the original “Dark Mode” shortcut has undergone an evolution and now focuses on translating websites into their own “Dark Mode” visuals.

To use this shortcut, tap Share when visiting any site on Safari. Select “Dark Mode Version 2” using the shortcut icon. After a few moments, the website you’re visiting will receive a visual review – it doesn’t matter if this functionality is natively available. It’s very practical, right?

Speed ​​dial

It’s true that your iPhone already has a “speed dial” function. However, advanced users know that there is always a better solution around the next corner. That’s why we’d like to introduce you to the Speed ​​​​Dial shortcut. Using this shortcut, you can add multiple contacts, which will then show up in a pop-up menu (each time you activate the voice shortcut). You can see how useful this can be, especially if you have some contacts that you call frequently.

Also, you can avoid setting a number, which will force the shortcut to ask you each time you trigger this action. That way, you can choose any contact in your Contacts app.

Instructions for the next event

Advanced users aren’t afraid to get the most out of any iOS app. That said, your calendar app is probably busy with too many events. This shortcut integrates with your Calendar app, so you can get directions to a specific event in seconds. activating it guide for the next event, the shortcut brings up a bang-up menu of your upcoming events (with the specified location, of course). Tapping any event will open your favorite Maps app, so you’re ready to get started right away. These Siri shortcuts work well on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch and can be a real lifesaver at times.

birthday reminder

This workflow finds contacts on your device whose birthday is next week and compiles them into a list. This is a great way to get information about any upcoming celebrations in the coming days or months if you customize it to include birthdays in the future. Modify this app to adjust how many contacts are shown in the alert, choose what the alert says, choose when a birthday should be to appear in the list, sort by names and more.

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