Top Ten 6×9 Speakers

Update - 2020.04.02

Top Ten 6×9 Speakers – It is a well-known fact that until you buy a car with a premium sound upgrade, the cheap factory installed speakers it comes geared up with will be of a relatively low standard. This is not only an approach for car manufacturers to save lots of on construction costs but additionally to squeeze a bit extra money from you if possible.

Most of the time, however, the premium sound upgrade you possibly can select to pay further for is of pretty much same quality as the sound system that you can install yourself at half the price. Speakers are a very powerful component of any sound system and selecting a suitable speaker might be a daunting job.

Top Ten 6×9 Speakers – List

Kicker Kicker KS693

Something is so extraordinary about the Kicker Kicker KS693 6×9 Inch. 3-way Speakers soI would sit down to write a review on them. Well, this speaker comes with a set of attractive features guaranteed to wow any car owner: similar to a peak power dealing with capacity of the 300 watts (that is 600 watts for you, because you are getting two, and not one speaker, for a similar price), RMS of 100 watts (again double that amount as you are getting the two speakers.

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Pioneer TS-A6995R Car Speaker

These speakers from Pioneer feature power handling, with 600 watts per pair and an RMS of 200 watts per pair. They have multilayer mica matrix co-material and elastic polymer speaker surround. For increased sensitivity, They also feature smooth dome tweeters including waveguide. You get a high-temperature voice coil, and so much more.

Customers love these 6×9 speakers as they’re amazingly easy to install, and give you the very best sound. In case you’re someone that is a serious stickler regarding their car radio, then you’re going to like how these speakers provide the quality that you should listen to all of your favorite tunes once you’re on the street.

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JBL GTO938 3-Way Loudspeaker

These high-standard speakers from JBL have a more woofer cone surface than any other speakers of the same size. Its Mylar/titanium composite tweeters provide an increased power handling and a reduced distortion while increasing efficiency at the same time. That is mainly because of their large voice coil which is roughly the same size as the ones you would find in high-end house audio speakers. They have a peak power handling of 600 watts, a frequency response between 45 and 21,000 Hz, and an impedance sensitivity of 94 dB.

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Infinity Reference X REF-9603ix

These are very nice speakers. If you need a couple of speakers including a power handling RMS of 100 watts, peak power capability of 300 watts, an impedance level of 3 ohms, a high sensitivity level, and a frequency response than ranges of 46 watts to 21 kilowatts, then you’re reading about the correct speaker. These Infinity Reference X REF-9603ix speakers are a very excellent choice when trying to find high end, quality speakers for your car.

Rockford Fosgate R169X3 Prime

These speakers from Rockford Fosgate provide the performance that you just crave at a price that you could afford. They feature a rubber surround and a vacuum polypropylene cone material. The re’s a midrange, and also combined tweeter crossover including a silk dome pole mounted Piezo tweeter. All grilles and mounting come included.

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 Polk Audio DB691

Featuring high-efficiency loudspeakers that present the same quality output with half the energy consumption, a silk/polymer tweeter to allow smooth roll-off and quick response at any volume, a rubber surround to add a faster bass response while increasing the speakers’ durability, and a number of different cutting-edge features, the DB691 speakers from Polk are high-end in every sense of the word. They have the most input power of 125 watts RMS, a 4 ohms impedance, and a sensitivity of 93 dB, all amounting to an audio performance that’s crystal-clear by all industry standards.

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Hertz Audio HCX 690

Who does not wish to own a pair of good quality speakers for his or her car? It’s a well-known indisputable fact that no matter how much you spend in your vehicle, the factory speakers you get by default are so usually crappy and by no means of optimum quality. So no matter whether or not you purchase a Toyota or a Mercedes you’re sure to have to go and buy this new pair of the good quality audio system individually. It’s true that it is an additional overhead but think of it this way – what would not you give to have the ability to listen to the great sound of music?

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JL Audio C2-690tx 3

These roughly 10 lbs speakers have a polypropylene sensitivity of about 93 dB, which is more than sufficient for any car. Bulkier than you’ll anticipate, the 4-ohm frequency response of between 53 and 22000 Hz could have you neglect about their rough strict aesthetics very quickly. They have an RMS power range of 15-125 Watts and a 2-way silk dome composition that handles about 70 watts of continuous power with ease.

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Totally marinized however not waterproof, MRW769 speakers are constructed using coated parts to offer further safety against corrosion. Their exterior shell additionally has an ultraviolet coating to guard them against solar rays and high temperatures. These speakers can deal with as much as 550 watts of peak power, and since they come in a high black-and-silver metal cover, they’re unlikely to get broken in conventional methods.

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In case you think about yourself to be a true audiophile and need to have the ability to expertise excellent sound quality in your car, you’re going to want to buy an impressive component system. There Audio XXX6.9C is certainly one glorious choice. With this particular system, it is possible for you to listen to all your favorite songs without distortion. With the 1-year warranty from the manufacturer, you may assure that the speakers will last you for an intensive period.

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