Best Video Calling Apps android of 2021

Best Video Calling Apps For Android- Video calling is about as easy as it can get these days. You can do it on your computers, mobile devices, laptops and even tablets. It’s popular and widespread enough that you also have options. There are lots of options available for those who are looking to video chat with their friends, family and loved ones. Video chats aren’t only convenient – we are always with our smartphones so we can hold a video chat whenever or wherever– it also offers the chance to talk to the someone else face-to-face. That can sometimes go a long way. While the most smartphones come equipped with the built-in video software, they may not function across all platforms. So, if you are looking for the Best Video Calling Apps android of 2021 then check out our list below and let us know what do you think about our list in the comment section below.

Best Video Calling Apps For Android – List

Google Duo

Google Duo is mostly Google’s answer to FaceTime. It is also the most simple video chat application available right now. You just log in and verify your number, and you’re good to go. You can do video call other Google Duo users like you are making a regular phone call. It also introduces a feature called Knock Knock that allows you to see what someone is up to before you answer any video call. It’s also cross-platform so that iOS users can use it as well.


Skype is one of the oldest and very popular video chat application out the re. Skype allows its more than 299 millions of users to do voice chat, video chat, and the instant messaging each other. That’s probably The Best of thing about Skype – the fact that so many people already have it.


Viber performs all the usual tasks you are looking for– calling, free text, and photo messages– but you can also share the items such as the files and your location. Plus, it allows a group calling for up to 40 participants, just in case need to chat with that many people at once.

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Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts was the logical development of Google Talk; Google’s now a defunct instant messaging platform. When instant messaging went from cutting-edge technology to a small artifact, Google introduced a free app that can allow you to do video and voice chat with the receiver on any of platform so long as they are signed into the Google. Google Hangouts allow you to converse with large groups by automatically highlighting the speaker while showing the rest as thumbnails below it.


IMO is a simple and easy video calling and chatting application. It boasts the compatibility for 2G, 3G, 4G, and the LTE networks. That makes it suitable for those stuck on worse connections. It’s also compatible with both Android and iOS. Otherwise, there is not much to this one. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Aside from the text chatting and video calling, this app does not have any of bloat holding you back from a simple experience.


Tango is one of the oldest and popular video chat apps on Android. It made splashes years ago as one of the first application that could allow the video chat, even on the bad internet connections. It has since emerged into a full social platform. You can use the text chat, and video calls with your friends, family and loved ones. Also, you can discover the new people with similar things in common. It also supports the group chats, in-video stuff to have fun with, and other stuff.