Windows 7 Themes

About Windows 7

Windows 7 Themes: After the most successful and secure Windows XP, Microsoft’s one other successful operating system is Windows 7. Its 64-bit structure, performance, start menu, and user interface are the main attractions of the Windows  7. Windows 7 has a huge market after the update of Windows 8 because you may know that Microsoft recently launched Windows 8 and millions of customers are already used it on their operating system, however, lots of them still love Windows 7 and want to use it in the feature.

Although Windows 7 has a huge market share, many people using this don’t want to move  Windows 8. Windows 7 looks and feels awesome. However, if you want to revamp it added to the next level with more colors, a new feel, cool icons, then what you want is a visible style based theme. For these new to Visual Styles, these are not simply desktop themes that regularly change Wallpaper and sound scheme. Visual Types changes the complete feel and look of your Windows 7 including taskbar, Windows dialog boxes, explorer window, icons, and provides cool transition effects too.

Best Windows 7 Themes

Metro Xbox 360

Metro Xbox 360 is Windows 7 transformation pack, after the installation, you will get Xbox 360 User Interface in Windows 7. It also comes with an excellent boot screen, login screen, icons, mouse cursors, wallpapers, starts ORB, and dock utility. It supports Windows 7 and  SP1 systems. You may get a separate file for 32 bit and 64 bits systems.

Dark Neon Skin Pack

You may love Neon Skin Pack; it may glow in Pink and Blue color in the dark User interface. This pack will change your windows theme to Neon theme and also change your icons and login screen and boot screen. This pack also has some cool third-party utilities like Rocket Dock and Shadow for the dark interface. This Windows 7 pack supports Windows 7 and  Sp1 systems. You may install it in Both 32-bit,64-bit versions.

Apple iOS

We have something special for iOS followers – the iOS Skin Pack for Windows 7. By using this Windows 7 iOS Transformation Skin Pack, you may get Visual User Interface from the Popular iPhone,iPad.You may install it in Both 32-bit,64-bit versions. It is a fully compatible theme and skins on your windows that may convert your Windows operating system like Apple operating system and save your money to buying Apple PC. So for those who like Apple OS and want to use on your system however you have not a capable system that may support Apple iOS X operating system.


For all gaming freaks and especially the fan of Name of Obligation Black Ops Game, This Windows 7 theme is making only for them. With the sound effects as used in the game to the colors and textures matching with that of the game itself, It is a visible deal with Black Ops lovers. Taskbar modifications are made to resemble it with that of Black Ops fonts and format. Further menu icons add more to its effects.


Waterbomb Theme developed for Windows 7 is a combination of color effects and wallpapers. Different features of this theme are its inbuilt features of desktop backgrounds, taskbar, different icons. Some new sidebar icons are also added to this theme that enhances its effect much more. This theme is excellent to have on the desktop.


The metallic-Glass theme designed for Windows 7 is one of the most downloaded Aero desktop themes. It modifies all the windows 7 icons with a new set of icons. It may be more glossy and look-wise more useful than the default version of icons. This theme includes the new effect that the caption buttons show a bluish glow when you hover over them. If you are wearied of the default hover effects of Windows 7, then you need to get this one immediately.

Halloween Festival

Halloween also was known as Hallows’ Eve is celebrated on October 31 every year. Marked by activities like trick-or-treating, bonfires, costume parties, carving jack-o’-lanterns, visiting haunted attractions, and indulging in other activities of horror nature. It includes some cool horror wallpapers and naturally replaces the login image.

Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) Windows 7

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is producing a new wave of excitement among its Android followers and users alike, for its excellent features. The new build, apart from bringing new features, aims to unify the tablet and smartphone OS to one. If you are a fan of Android and want that lovely ICS to look on your desktop machine, then the World Huge Internet has you covered. Android ICS introduces lots of changes including widgets,  icons, fonts, computer wallpapers, and a complete lot of other visual effects to perform with. If you are love with the ICS theme and want to have this on your Windows 7 desktop here’s what you need. Hamed is already done with a stunning Android ICS theme for Windows 7 OS.

Mac OS X  Mountain Lion Transformation

The theme is a perfect compilation of all the utilities you will ever want and get the Mac OS X experience on your system. MAC OS X 10.8 MOUNTAIN LION is Apple’s latest and greatest Mac operating system, delivering over 200 new features and enhancements to Mac and computer systems. Mountain Lion has a few dozen new features plus some badly-needed revisions to Lion’s autosave document model, a lot of overdue bug fixes, and the restoration of some features Apple removed with Lion.

Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol

Windows 7’s theme system is a huge profit over its previous versions. You may set a theme, and it automatically changes the wallpaper after some time. While Mission: Impossible-Ghost Protocol. It’s the perfect movie to show properly now and has been quite a huge hit. Tom Cruise returns to try and save the International Financial Fund in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. Microsoft has launched a new Windows 7 theme based on this new Hollywood flick. Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol theme comes with 11 wallpapers based on the movie and brings the film on your desktop. This Windows 7 theme gets an impression of the action and adventure you can expect in the movie.