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How to Fix Paramount Plus Error Code 3304

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How to Fix Paramount Plus Error Code 3304

Streaming services are very popular right now, especially since we can’t go to the movies because of the flu. Paramount Plus is one of the most popular services that anyone can use to stream movies and TV shows. Before it was relaunched earlier this year as Paramount Plus, it was called CBS All Access. There is a lot of original content on Paramount Plus. Some of the content is from the ViacomCBS collection and some of it is from recently aired CBS shows.

Thousands of users have trouble with the Paramount Plus error code 3304. This causes the buffering to keep going. Since the day it came out, several customers have said that they are having trouble with error codes. Error code 3304 is the one that comes up the most often. If Paramount can’t connect to the server, this code will show up. This error code can also happen if you have an ad blocker turned on. Error code could happen in Paramount if the playback doesn’t work right because of a bad operating system, an old browser, etc. Even though there are many different kinds of error codes, the way to get rid of them is very simple and straightforward.

1. : Paramount Plus Error Code 3304

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2. Restart the Device

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  1. Click the “Start” button in Windows and then click the “Power” button.
  2. Then, click the restart button, and your device will start up again. This could be the answer to your problem.
  3. There’s a good chance that you’re using an old browser or operating system. To do that, you need to make sure you’re using the most recent version of your web browser. If not, look for updates and download it if there are any.
  4. You can try to connect to the internet again to see if the problem has been fixed. Turn off your router, take it out of the wall socket for a few minutes, and then turn it back on.
  5. Installing the Paramount app again might help. Get rid of the app and then reinstall it. Now, open the file to see if the error is still there. Sometimes the error happens because there are some broken files in the app. If you delete it, you’ll get rid of the files that are causing the error.

3. Update Your Paramount Plus App

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On Android

  1. First, on your Android device, open the Google Play Store.
  2. Then, click the Menu button (three lines).
  3. Select My apps and games.
  4. Now, look for Paramount+ under Updates. If there is an update, you can install it by tapping Update.

On iOS

  1. Use your iOS device to go to the App Store.
  2. Now, tap the picture of you at the top of the screen.
  3. Look for Paramount Plus under “Updates to Come.”
  4. If there is an Update button next to the Paramount+ app, you don’t have the most recent version. To get the latest version, just click the Update button.
  5. Clear The App Data or Cache

4. Disable Ad Blocker on Web browser

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Error code 111 on Paramount+ could mean that there is a problem with your ad blocker if you have a subscription account that is paid for by ads. If you want to get rid of the error, try turning off your adblocker. Click the block ads button on your browser. Make sure you are on the tab where the Paramount Plus website is when you open it.

  1. Choose Don’t run on this domain’s pages.
  2. Click Exclude.
  3. Reload the page.
  4. You can also turn off the Google Chrome extension that blocks ads. Click the menu button or the icon with three dots on your Chrome browser. Choose “More Tools.” In Extensions, turn off Adblock Plus.

5. Turn Off hardware acceleration on Google chrome

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  1. Click the icon with three dots on your Chrome browser.
  2. Choose the settings.
  3. Go to the part called “Advanced.”
  4. Choose the System.
  5. Find the line that says “Use hardware acceleration when available” and click the button to turn it off.
  6. Click the button labelled Relaunch.

6. Disable VPN and Proxy

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When you connect to a VPN/Proxy server, server errors can happen. VPN and Proxy hide your IP address by sending your Internet traffic through a server in another location. Here is how you can turn it off, though:

  1. To open Settings, press the Windows key + I.
  2. Go to Network and Internet, then click on Proxy.
  3. Here, turn off the option that says “Automatically detect settings.”
  4. Use a proxy server: Click the Set up button next to Use a proxy server and turn off the Use a proxy server option.

How to Fix Paramount Plus Error Code 3304

7. Check your internet connection’

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  1. If you can’t connect to WiFi, restart the Router.
  2. If you’re using mobile data, turn it off and on again to make sure it’s working. Use other sites to double-check the connection.
  3. If the internet speed is less than 4Mbps, Paramount Plus may not be able to play back video because it needs at least 4Mbps.

8. Update your Browser

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  1. Tap the three vertical dots in the top right corner of Google Chrome.
  2. Tap on Google Chrome Update.
  3. Google will now update your browser for you. Just wait until it’s changed. Now, start up Google Chrome once more.

9. Sign in and out of The Paramount Plus

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If you keep getting the error code 3304 on your Paramount app, you might be able to fix it by signing out and signing back in.

  1. Check out Paramount Plus.
  2. Click on the icon for your profile at the top of the page.
  3. Scroll down and click the “Log Out” button.
  4. Wait a few seconds, and then log back into the Paramount Plus.

10. What is Error Code 3304 on Paramount Plus

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When a user gets error code 3304 from Paramount Plus. They might wonder what this error is and why it’s showing up on their screen. Well, the answer is easy: error code 3304 means that the Paramount Plus app can’t connect to its server. This problem could be caused by a number of things. You can easily fix this problem, though, if you know what’s causing it. Here are some of the most common reasons why the Paramount Plus app might show error code 3304:

  • Having trouble getting online
  • Scripts for Adblockers
  • Hardware Acceleration Server Down or Under Maintenance
  • 11. Final Words

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    If you see the error code 3304 for Paramount Plus, it’s usually because it can’t connect to the servers. We’ll give you eight ways to deal with this problem. Paramount Plus is one of the most well-known streaming services that you can use right now. Users have reported a few problems with the service, which is a shame. We hope our article on “How to Fix Paramount Plus Error Code 3304” will surely help you to do so. Even after following steps the problem still troubling you then you may go to their official website for more solutions.

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