How to Use Custom Sounds for Slack Notifications

How to Use Custom Sounds for Slack Notifications

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How to Use Custom Sounds for Slack Notifications – Guide

In the age of remote work, 24/7 Slack pings have complemented traditional spoken questions and watercolor conversations for many remote workers. A person might routinely type dozens of these audio notifications in a given day, but many people choose to use the default sound effect instead of customizing it. feature to your liking. Slack’s settings offer a variety of notification sound effects to choose from, from someone hypnotically saying the word “hummus” to cartoon clips like “Boing” and “Yoink”. Notification sounds in Slack leave a lot to be desired. From rough tapas to the word “hummus” uttered aloud, these are some seriously crunchy bits of audio you should be listening to throughout the day.

A bad notification sound can turn a simple message into a stressful reminder that your attention has been interrupted. That’s why we’re here to help! Improve your workflow by adding a custom notification sound. Slack does not officially support custom notification sounds. We can get around this by replacing one of Slack’s existing sound files. when you set up the Slack app on your Windows 10 PC or Mac, it downloads your notification audio documents to your laptop. You cannot augment new notification sounds, but you can exchange existing sound files for specially named duplicates that play a different sound.

How to Use custom sounds for Slack notifications

Customize Slack Notification Sound on macOS

  • First, open Applications. Right-click in Slack and choose Show Package Contents.
  • Navigate to Content > Resources. This location stores notification files used by Slack.
  • Your replacement file must be an .mp3 with the exact same name as the file you want to replace. For example: knock_brush.mp3. After preparing your file, place it in the Resources folder to replace the existing file. be sure to come back up the original sound files so you can easily restore them if needed.
  • Restart the Slack desktop app.
  • Customize Slack Notification Sound on Windows

  • To replace the existing notification file, give the replacement sound file exactly the same name as the one you want to replace. Make sure the replacement file is an .mp3 file. For example: knock_brush.mp3.
  • Place the custom audio file you want to use in the following folder:
  • C:UsersAppDataLocalslackapp-3.4.3resources
  • To replace with your Windows username. Restart Slack.
  • Set your custom notification sound in Slack

  • Open the Slack community you want to adjust the notification audio for. Expand the drop-down menu in the upper left corner. The menu is labeled with the name of your currently active Slack community.
  • Select Preferences > Notifications.
  • Scroll down to Sound & Appearance. Choose the custom file you replaced in your Slack installation folder. Congratulations! You have a custom off-duty notification sound.
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