Deals » Minolta Pro Shot deal: get 24% discount on list price $499.00

Minolta Pro Shot deal: get 24% discount on list price $499.00

by Mathew Watson
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Due to its distinctively dated appearance, the Minolta Pro Shot radiates an undeniable air of irresistible nostalgia. Those individuals who value the uncomplicated nature of film photography will find it to be a great companion due to its compact and lightweight form, which makes it simple to take anywhere. The camera has a slick black shell with chrome accents, which not only contributes to its aesthetically pleasing appearance but also ensures its long-term reliability.

The Pro Shot has a lens with a fixed focal length of 35 millimeters and an aperture of 2.8, which gives users a variable focal length for photographing a wide variety of scenes. The use of a fixed lens may reduce the number of creative alternatives available, but it also makes the shooting process more easier, making it a good option for both novices and experienced photographers alike. Photographers are able to play around with depth of field and imaginative compositions thanks to the lens barrel’s manual focusing ring, which grants them fine control over the focus of their images.


  • 35mm film camera
  • 35mm f/3.5-4.5 lens
  • 24mm-48mm focal length (equivalent to 35mm-70mm on a full-frame camera)
  • Built-in flash
  • Automatic and manual exposure modes
  • Self-timer

Where to get Minolta Pro Shot Digital Camera?

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The Minolta Pro Shot is a high-quality camera that has a body constructed entirely out of metal. Because of its small size and low weight, it is an excellent option for day-to-day transportability and can be easily carried in one’s bag or purse. Even in low-light situations, the lens maintains its sharpness and generates photographs of a high quality. The Minolta Pro Shot is an excellent option for photographers on the hunt for a film camera that is simple to operate, lightweight, and possesses a diverse collection of capabilities.

It is also a fantastic option for collectors and hobbyists who are looking for a film camera that is well-built and trustworthy, as this camera meets both of those criteria. Users have the freedom to select the film stock that best suits their needs thanks to the fact that the Minolta Pro Shot is compatible with both 35mm color and black-and-white film. This versatility enables photographers to achieve a variety of artistic styles, ranging from the classic appearance of black-and-white film to the vivacious hues of color film.

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