Allview Wi8G Review, best window 8.1 tablet with 3G features

The first All view tablet with 8-inch display and Windows 8.1  at the start of year 2015 and it is here Allview Wi8G .
Allview Wi8G 01The tablet was introduced in December 2014 and measures 9.07 mm in thickness. This device weighs 351 grams, is made ​​of plastic and bring Allview Impera I8 . Allview Wi8G has rounded edges and the front is fingerprint magnet. The product is barely slippery and nice seems to be OK for its worth and the gadget is easy to carry with one hand and in addition easy to manipulate tile sites with one hand.
Allview Wi8G
In front of the tablet is the front camera and Windows button whereas back we’ve the main room and two speakers, plus the plastic cover from the top. Under it’s the SIM and microSD slot. Within the upper area of ​​the terminal have out there an audio jack, microUSB port and microphone, and there may be nothing lower area.
Allview Wi8G
No we’ve not left any port or protuberance, and on the proper we discover the On / Off and volume buttons, all with good feedback. Note additionally that Wi8G has high edges of the display comes on white or black and is a pretty solid device, though it’s made ​​mainly of plastic. Turning to hardware, this model provides a beating LCD 8-inch IPS display with resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels.
Allview Wi8G
On board we have a processor Intel Atom 1.33 GHz Z3735G of a quad core processors based on 22 nm process with 2M cache and burst mode at 1.83 GHz frequency leads. Different features include Intel HD Graphics GPU , 16GB storage, microSD slot, 1GB DDR3 RAM, a 2 megapixel main camera and secondary with the same resolution. As for connectivity, the tablet provides GPS, HSPA + connectivity with download speeds of 21 Mbps and upload as much as 5.76 Mbps, plus Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi 802.11 b / g / n, and microUSB 2.0. The tablet contains an accelerometer, a Li Po 3800 mAh and 3.7 V for and bundled charger is 5V / 2A. On paper, the tablet reaches 4 hours of use or 140 hours of operation in standby. In our test, HD video playback loop with WiFi on and brightness at 50% we reached 7:00 and 20 minutes of playback . Charging is completed in 2:30.Allview Wi8G
In the settings associated to the way we touch Sleep, and seem in the Desktop settings that you understand and Windows 7, these of light, sleep and superior battery options, common laptops. I would say the battery is a pleasant surprise , especially since we were promised 4 hours of use, however in on a regular basis use, the battery goes visibly, particularly when multiple applications are running within the background.
Allview Wi8GOn the acoustical we encounter Xbox Music , and speakers, or rather speaker quantity OK, however not incredible. The bass just isn’t too good, back of the tablet vibrates, but the sound is clear and notes are heard OK. We now have no equalizer and loud sound becomes slightly distorted. Area desktop includes a sound mixer with basic options. The test decibelmetrul, I reached behind the tablet and 80.9 dBA 62.8 dBA face a huge difference, so should you place the tablet on a flat surface, you’ll lose energy seriously volume. Nonetheless, the tablet is just not far from Xiaomi I Pad , which reaches a volume of 84 dBA. For a tablet volume is OK and regardless of appearances, we offer not only a speaker and two. We now transfer to look video / display, the place we offer a 8 inch LCD IPS panel with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels and Xbox Video playback application use.
Allview Wi8G
The screen makes colors OK, brightness appears OK at first sight and quite wide viewing angles. They fall over when the brightness is at a lower level. Pixels are the type RGB Stripe and brightness measured by us is 162 LUX white , which means very low, within the top 5 among the lowest brightness measured by us.
Allview Wi8G
The reflectivity is high and Display Settings space includes choices for resolution options for text, whereas desktop mode gives options for brightness, color and size. Desktop mode too painstaking for a user’s fingers and it could be supreme to use a stylus in tandem with it. I’d say that general display screen brightness is weak, however the colours are OK, and brightness in actual life feels more like 250+ LUX than 160.
Allview Wi8G
In the room, we have available options like timer and exposure, and touch focus. The quality is poor, and the photographs are blurred. The room is rather to current a specification check, and the front camera is used for calls through Skype. This model reaches a temperature of 35.1 degrees Celsius , after 15 minutes of play Riptide GP2, which is more than good and isn’t overheating. IE browser from terminal board is fast and the virtual keyboard is comfortable, although this model supports and operating in tandem with a Bluetooth physical keyboard. I came to the benchmark , the place we compared this model specifically tablet ASUS Vivo Tab Notes 8 , as a result of related format, although that device has 2GB RAM and no one. Here are the outcomes of benchmark tests achieved:
Allview Wi8GASUS Vivotab Notes 8Transformer Book
T100 TA
iPad Air
PC GPU Bench556634
Bench PC RAM386695
PC CPU Bench32/11135/132
PC Disk Bench51/15943/114
Relative Bench133119912101
This mannequin earn about 2-three of benchmark assessments, however don’t undergo from lag, if not overdo the variety of applications open within the background. Riptide GP2 game machine runs easilyand looks good 3D graphics. The tablet runs Windows 8.1 with Office 365 staff a 12 months to package and 1TB storage within the cloud through OneDrive . As usual, Windows 8 contact expertise is based on swipe. You do swipe down to shut an app, swipe as much as present the application options, swipe sideways to switch between applications.
Allview Wi8G
You and display applications in a multitasking lateral area or make Snap dividing the display into two, half for every application. It made ​​wider with Windows 8.1 and the Start goals to bring you the Metro interface. Within the video review I presented an indication of Word and Excel, which haven’t but received a version that requires rather touch and interaction with mouse and keyboard, having painstakingly UI elements. Allview Wi8G comes with a cable USB OTG , which allows connection of a USB stick, a keyboard and mouse, when you use via wireless. In desktop mode you may install X86 applications using .exe files. Unfortunately, we hit the little storage space in order that after a few benchmarks put in Office after 2 games and I stayed with just 200 MB of free …
Allview Wi8G
Within the listing of installed applications can confirm that we aren’t a part of bloatware. Preinstalled applications include Calendar, Food & Drink from MSN Health & Fitness, Maps, Money, News, oneDrive, OneNote, Reader, Reading List, Scan, Skype, Sports, Store, Travel, Weather, Print, Paint and Notepad , among the standard of Windows.

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