Android vs iPhone -Why do androids freeze so much as compare to iOS?

Update - 2020.04.17

Why do androids freeze so much?

We usually heard that the android device will freeze a lot and iPhone device won’t freeze.

First, we talk about the hardware.

Android vs iPhone: Every apple device has its own cortex A series chipset powered by cyclone processors with the power graphics processor.
In the case of android, theirs are many processors in the market nowadays, like Snapdragon, Mediatek, Broadcom, Exynos and few other companies too. Even chipset changes the device to device. Few devices even don’t have graphics processor.

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Conclusion on hardware iOS vs android, iOS specially designed and developed for the particular series chipset and processor.while Android is open source, therefore, it is not designed and developed for particular chipset and processor.

 Major Difference Between Android vs iPhone

  1. iOS don’t have a home screen.
  2. iOS status bar empty without toggles meanwhile iOS have toggles in the notification center.
  3. iOS very less unwanted apps.
  4. Android is open source therefore In android, the flagship company customize android OS. For example, Samsung adds apps chat on messenger, Samsung hub etc. But iOS is not the free source and only accessible for iPhone device.
  5. The re’s no rom runs top of iOS. But roms like TouchWiz of Samsung, Xperia home of Sony, HTC blinkfeed of etc which runs above the android.

As we know iPhone device cannot be affordable for many people because they are costly, but android devices are available in the market for low-cost nowadays.


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